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Zelda Adventure Map 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

Zelda Adventure Map – Download Zelda Adventure Map Minecraft. Looking for popular map from other game like Legend of Zelda ? Here guys this map is inspired by the game The Legend of Zelda. Five dungeons have already been released and eight dungeons are planned to be for the final map. Sound interesting right ? if you want to download and install this Zelda Adventure Map, just see my post below

Zelda Adventure Map Features

  • There are many new features, I’ll let you discover for yourself: p
  • Posted Image List of corrections / additions to V0.9:
  • New designs and enigmas in older dungeons
  • Boss have been modified, and after you have beat it too
  • New cutscenes
  • New ways in older « worlds »
  • Setting-up of the ocarina (it can only teleport you for now)
  • New items
  • Many bugs are fixed
  • Snow land is finished
  • The « dungeon » 6 is available
  • New secrets
  • New hidden rubies
  • Addition of quests
  • The City of Hyrule and the Temple of Time are available
  • 2nd area of Hyrule field is available
  • New NPCs
  • Worlds’ names are added
  • The character is now called Link
  • New musics
  • New sounds
  • Addition of jars (can be destroyed with bombs)
  • New design of the inventory and chests
  • The er of bombes is decreased
  • New designs for certains items
  • Addition of hearts quarters
  • Rubies (blue, yellow and red) are now converted in green rubies at once
  • Pictures can’t be collected

Zelda Adventure Map 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

Zelda Adventure Map Story

At the beginning of the game, you see Princess Zelda, who is captured and asks you for help. So, you’ll have to find where she’s being held and save her. Big thank and credit must go to Gary520 as developers this awesome Zelda Adventure Map 1.7.2

Download Zelda Adventure Map for Minecraft

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  1. Doesn’t work. ‘Nuff said.

  2. wheres the link?

  3. ive done billions of adventure maps including the yogscast curse of the pumpkin prince and this one is the worst it dont download dont have a link and is confusing

  4. I havent played it. because i think (personally) that it is for the Mod Adventurecraft. And forevery 1 that cant or doesnt know where the link is… LOOK UNDER THE VIDEO

  5. jake the pissed of guy

    it dosnt install on any minecrraft version,
    get a life

  6. can i have the texture pack as well

  7. Is this for the AdventureCraft mod? If so, can someone PLEASE give me the link to download it for Mac (cracked Minecraft) Thanks!

  8. the penis across the street

    well hi there

  9. Ok. first of all, where is the mod that goes with this map?

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