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Minecraft X-Ray Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

Aug 04, 2014 BY 247 Comments

X-Ray Mod - Download X Ray Mod for Minecraft. Well this is a very interesting mod, it’s a tool that makes selected blocks transparent letting you see what you want. You can use it to find needed materials, check out whats wrong with your redstone circuit and many more. X-Ray Mod gives you a decisive edge in Anarchy and PVP themed servers. Not only will you find resources far faster and more efficiently, but you will also be able to find hidden mineshafts, bases, and mob farms of other players, as well as being able to see other players and traps from a long way off. Amazing right ? if you want to install and download this X-Ray Mod, just see my post below

X-Ray Mod Features

  • Lava
  • Water
  • Coal
  • Lapus Lazuli
  • Red Stone
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Obsidian
  • Mossy Cobblestone
  • Diamonds
  • Mobs

X-Ray Mod Hot Key

  • X to toggle Xray Vision
  • C to toggle Mob Vision, C again for Night Vision
  • V to toggle Cave Vision
  • CTRL+X to choose which items to show/hide (Use up/down arrows to navigate, Enter to toggle on/off)

Minecraft X-Ray Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

X-Ray Mod Installation for Minecraft

  1. This Mod does not required Risugami’s Modloader
  2. Download the X-Ray Mod package below and extract it.
  3. Open .minecraft\bin folder.
  4. Open the “minecraft.jar” file with a archive manager program(7 zip, winrar etc).
  5. Drag the extracted files to the archive and overwrite if needed.
  6. If you didn’t already, delete the META-INF folder from the archive.

X-Ray Mod also allows the user to view caves and shafts (you must be above ground for this function), and finally, a big one: nightvision. It is so handy to mine to your hearts content on MineCraft without bringing several dozen torches useless blocks and view the good ones

Download X-Ray Mod 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4 With Fly

Download X-Ray Mod 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4

Download X-Ray Mod 1.7.2 for Minecraft 1.7.2 With Fly

Download X-Ray Mod 1.7.10 for Minecraft 1.7.10

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247 thoughts on “Minecraft X-Ray Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2”

I’ve done modloader and everything went well.

But when i do CTRL + X it doesnt show anything…

Help please!

I tried it several times and still it doesn’t work. I’ve done the mod loader and the xray mod itself, Minecraft loads fine, but doesn’t obey the commands give.(x,c,v, and Ctrl+v)

musis dat X-ray do minecraft.jar a pak ezte modloader nakonec vymazes meta-inf pak jenom zapnes MC a zmacknes X ,- C ,- V

Musis stiahnut ModLoader do MC 1.2.5 a x-ray s tadial otvor minecraft.jar pomocou 7-zip alebo Winrar (Winzip, to je jedno ) prekopíruj tam súbory z ModLoadera a potom z x-ray vymaz META-INF v minecraft.jar a pusti si MC. Jake ?achké ty lama !!!

It won’t work because 1.3.2 has bugs and 1.4.4 and 2 have lots of bug fixes. P.S. fdsfds, you dont have to be so mean to kris wuts ur problem bro?

ok what u do is u go to .minecraft and open it with Winrar and u also open the mod packet than u cop every file in there execpt … u drag it all in after u deleted meta inf and u must do all this while minecraft is closed if u get like a unlimited x ray and cant change it back to normal go to options force update login it updates and than x out of it and do the same exact prosess

You need to press “F” first, then you jump and while you’re in the air you need to press “Space”, then you fly.
I hope.

the xray works but V to toggle Cave Vision,C to toggle Mob Vision, C again for Night Vision those 3 doesnt work to me

This is the other version of xray! So you dont need modloader for this.
The normal xray with Ctrl+X function will release later! And modloader werent released yet for 1.3.1!

delete META-INF but you have to unpack the zip folder and drag all the class folders into minecraft.jar (Java file) open the jar with a zipper such as Zzip or WinRAR, then copy all the classes from xray into the jar, close and all done. been installing mods for 2 years so there too easy. :)

MC starts fine, but when i load a world there goes 2-10 secs and i get a grey screen, xray 1.0 did this before i found a better version too, any links for better versions? (or any1 who knows what i did wrong?)

No it’s not, you just need to do it the right way:

1. Make a copy of minecraft.jar
2. Add ModLoader, then X-Ray and any other mods.
3. Run McPatcher.

If you do it in this order, then everything works fine.

the first time i got a white screen but i think it i because of the texture pack pacher so i am going to retry it and see what happens without it.

I too just got a white screen but i believe it is because of the MC texture patch thing. So i am going to get rid of it and i am going to try again.

ok i fixed the problem for you! take this file

1. go to .minecraft
2. and then you need to delete EVERYTHING in the .minecraft folder
3. and then replace it with ALL of the files inside of the link
4. there are no servers and no worlds you will have to put those in yourself
5. if you have any problems ask me and i will do what i can to help


I downloaded your fix and it includes your login and password, was able to join a SMP server with your credentials. Might want to take that file down and remove your personal info!


click on your hardrive, in “my computer”, and look for a folder called “programs (x86)”, delete that folder and your game should work fine

I did everything in the instructions and deleted everything but when I restarted the minecraft I tried to turn on the xray in both the single player and multiplayer and it still didn’t work. What do I do?

*How to keep your worlds*

1. Delete everything EXCEPT your “saves” file.
2. Follow his steps, replacing this #1 with his #2.
3. if you dont want his saves, do NOT copy his “saves” file into your minecraft.

i downloaded the link and everything and minecraft runs fine, i looked in my files and i had all this x-ray downloads and stuff.. but then it wouldnt let me use any of it?:(

Battlerage66 you left your last login and sever.dat in your zip so take it down i was able to log in to your account and play in servers dont worry i didnt mess anything up just tryign to see if it was correct info so go take it donw NOW!!

Hi I have these mods running fine together …

2.modloader mp
3.minecraft forge
9.CodeChickenCore-Client 0.4.2
10.rei’s minimap
12.Randomobs 4.3
14.Ingame Texture Pack Changer
15.misa404 Texture pack
16.Sphax PureBDCraft 64x

When i install xray 1.1 the screen goes black after click login … nothing happens and minecraft crashes with no error message …

Please help or introduce a compatibility update.

You have got too many mods and there aren’t any modloader slots left so delete minecraft.jar, update minecraft, and then install the x-ray

When I press X, it shows loads of blocks that aren’t really there. For exapmle, it shows a tonned opf iron and diamonds all around me but when I dig to them they are just cobble or dirt or whatever. Why does the mod lie to me!?

Oh wow, please excuse my horrific typing in my last post! I was very tired ;)

But anyway, the mod does work! Turns out I had been trying to use it on some servers that were blocking the mod. I found some that it works on :)

I love this, but, I can not download it. the link is broken. I click it, and all I get is It starts to go to the original adfly page, and then the suffix removes itself. I even tried typing the url myself to no avail. Plz repost!!!

i can not get on to the download, i try to go to it but it only goes on to adfly and doesn’t let you go to the link.
Please fix this fast i would like this mod

For some reason, it’s just not working. I’ve done all the usual. No more meta-inf, modloader files are in the .jar file, but X-Ray isn’t working. I tried just adding the class file, and other combinations of files, but it’s not working.

I’m having the same problem as Jack above. When i hit “X” nothing seems to happen, at first. But i then noticed a piece of ore. it was brightly lit. None of the stone or dirt or anything else went invisible, but it did make the ore bright. Tried pressing C to see if that worked. got nothing from that at all.

doesnt work for me, i’ve got teh terxture pack up, i’ve got it inxtalled, so if anyone can find another one with the full bright, cave finder, and xrap, please let me know

Someone messed up. The link is to the X-Ray Texture Pack, NOT X-Ray Mod. The mod has way more than one class, and doesn’t have a texture pack. Please put a link to the correct download.

Based on the fact that I haven’t seen ONE positive review, I’ll take my business somewhere else.
Try to upload a better product.

hi, i want to know why the commands that the mod is supposed to have is not working. for some reason, the i am able to see through gravel and i can’t choose which block type i want to see through. the c command seems un responsive as well as the other commands

It just doesn’t work. I installed mod loader and put in the texture pack and when I get in game, the only difference is that gravel is see through…. The controls for the mod don’t do anything either. I don’t understand what is wrong. The 1.1 version worked but not this one. :\

to fly press f and its lik creative flying – double space to fly! works perfectly on even no flying servers cos its creative flying and its awesome!

I did everything as instructed for the install, but when I press the keys for the commands described (X for x-ray vision, etc.) nothing happens. How can I fix this?

it can be used on smp and the only cheat detection will be people seeing you looing at he ground and the walls and/or flying around like you’ve got creative, and on a server where no-one knows the creative ops you’re fine!

In 1.2.5 of x-ray mod with flying I often take fall damage when landing or falling when flying is activated, that didn’t happen in 1.2.4 version of this mod.

Update, it seems like I only looses HP when landing on singleplayer, in multiplayer I don’t take damage at all when landing.

Please fix your mod. I use it to look underground and such when building redstones to see if something is going wrong, when I did this after working for a couple hours on a contraption, all the redstone popped out of the ground as if because they thought there weren’t blocks there. I thought this was an X-Ray not actually getting rid of the blocks!

I Keep getting black screens. i’ve deleted meta inf folder, and done as much as i can..i load minecraft, click non online and it loads saving chunks for abit, then goes to black screen, i dont get to play, exactly same with live. tried many servers

I have had no problems with most of this mod. It installed fine after I updated to the latest version of Java. I have noticed the the “V” command for caves does not work, nor does the ctrl-x for changing setting. The Mob view “C” is, for some reason, mapped to the “R” key.

Two things have proven to be a pain in the ass. 1) Flying. Have to press “F” first to enable flying. Landing from high altitudes, even waiting a second before dropping the last block, is deadly. I only land in water now. The second issue is with track. If you are in x-ray mode and destroy one section of track, every section of track connected to it is also destroyed.

Other than lack of some of the advertised functions and the landing issue, this has been a great mod. BTW, I’m still running on XP 32-bit.

Update: Odes not work with Xie’s farming mod. Tried it installing this one first then Xie’s and visa versa. Black screen either way. Xie’s may be fun, but this one is damn handy.

This is awesome, but the night vision and the CTRL+X aren’t working for me also the Mob Vision doesn’t work with C but it does work with R.

It’s a great mod and i have Installed Modloader, Deleted META-INF, but when i press e to open inventory it comes up with saving chucks and that’s it. What can i do?

Great worked for me! Plus I’m on a mac. If you have a mac, do everything as follows.

1. Do ModLoader instructions.
2. Open minecraft.jar by right click minecraft.jar > open it via Archive Utility > It will create a folder named minecraft with all the stuff in it > drag all X-Ray files into the folder > Delete original minecraft.jar > rename folder minecraft.jar
3. Make sure minecraft is closed then reopen when all done.

By the way, what does the R button do? When I press everything becomes transparent but not an x-ray.

I downloaded Modloader and deleted the Meta-Inf, and did the directions as required with 7zip. Then I downloaded the mod without fly and did everything the same again with 7-zip. Does this work if I have SPC? Cause its not working when I hit X

i installed the mod, load a single payer map and all redstone, redstone torches, doors, buttons and more were deleted

- Nearly the same problem here like Maximilian (wasn’t sure because I use some other mods too). Rails, Redstone, Buttons and Ladders has disappered, some regular torches disapeared too and some other changes to ladders.
This all this appens not every time.

- All fires on Netherrack go out every time I use X-Ray vision
- CTRL-X for an configuration don’t work

this isnt working. whe i open MC i get the mojang thing and then it makes me a black screen ??? and then nothing

it works.but when I press Ctrl+C ,nothing happend.I want the X-ray show me the place of can I do that?

um excuse me kind sir or ma’am but when i tried it with mc patcher it crashed my minecraft can someone tell me what im doing wrong and how to fix it? -fluttershy

how do you get the selection to come up i have no flying and it works fine but ctrl+X doesnt work it just brings up xray b/c i type X…Help…please…thx…:)

um i got without fly and i was on this server and i was banned on a server ive been on for a long time.. bcuz i was jumping and i started to fly and then it said the ban hammer has spoken

When it says “with fly” or “without fly” does that mean you can fly in survival? If so can you turn it off?

you have to delete the META INF file BEFORE you download it. if mot, you will get a black screen. you have to save your world’s onto your desktop, delete the .Minecraft floder, then go to your minecraft on your desktop, press options, then force update, that will give you your .Minecraft folder back. if not you have to delete minecraft and reinstall. hope this helps :) good luck lol

ummm… i downloaded it right but only the “x” works for X-Ray vision. nothing else works. And i took the with flying. could anyone tell me why?????? i really need it!!.

do you have any other mods installed, this is not compatiable with REI Zan;s minimap, or the Alien Tracker mods.

other than that, tell me what you did in order, it works for me, and I have 5 other mods installed with it, including zombe’s and all is working fine

I’ve tried everything!
Only with ModLoader 1.3.1 & 2.4.1 McPatcher [Minecraft 1.3.1]
Then ONLY with ModLoader 1.3.1!
But without McPatcher 2.4.1 [MC 1.3.1] and did not attempt self ModLoader ned ó_o

I find this mod handy, and it has its uses, but i noticed that most of you are having trouble installing it correctly. SO, heres a step by step on how to install mods correctly.
1. You will need either winRAR or 7zip (or another program with the same capabilities).
2. Open your minecraft.jar with your program.
4. Open the mod file with your program.
5. drag the class files in your mod into the minecraft.jar
6. close both windows.
7. Run minecraft.

If all goes well, your mod should be successfully installed.

Be warned though, not all mods are compatible with one another, so dont go crazy, and remember to backup your minecraft.jar before attempting to mod anything.

Cannot use the hotkeys on X-Ray Mod 1.3.2 Without Fly
instead its R (for searching caves) / shafts, (X is X-ray) and C(see coordinates at upper left corner). Also no options/ GUI when pressing ctrl+x ; my LCTRL for Zooming is disabled don’t know why… my minecraft jar is clean, only mod loader is in it…

is there a version of this that does not show the coords constantly in the upper left hand corner? Find it annoying and unnecessary because people can just press f3 to see them instead :/ always a pain to find an xray mod without them

On my X ray mod i found out that these buttons work for my version
X = X ray
R = Caves
L = Light
C = Toggle on/off Coordinates

i still can’t get the Ctrl + X to work im still looking how to get it to only show certain blocks…hope this helps

I have a probleme.

I download Modloader, I open it with Winrar.
I put it in minecraft.jar and delete META-INF.
I download the xray put it in minecraft.jar (with Winrar)

Then I open minecraft i try to connect to “New World” in solo

===> Minecraft crash with a error message.

Some can help me please?

Okay so the commands are L: full bright. X: X-Ray. R: No bricks showing other than redstone traps. C: Shows cords in top left corner.

I love this mod, it works, but some of the hotkeys like CTRL+X only shows x-ray noe block menu. r is cave vision, l is light. have the keys been changed without the guide being updated? or is the block menu still in progress?

guys i did everything it said with the jar file and exc. but when i start it even in sp mode when i click enter world or whatever i stops and minecraft crashes. i have deleted meta inf folder and putted all needed files. pls help!!!!

nice work mking me not able to play in any worlds anymore.single and white screens or black ones.i just can’t go into worlds :(

hmm minecraft launches alright but when i load up a world it just stays on loading level for ages then the the program goes (not responding)
what might i be doing wrong i followed the steps
(and if its any use im on a laptop with 4 gb ram with 3.25 usable)

yes ofcourse you do, you’re using a cheat!!!! ofcourse things get easier!!!!

i have a bteetr one for you: just go watch youtube videos about minecraft???? thats even easier and you never ever die … loser

Mod is buged when you use it to cheack redstone stuff it explodes all conections in your world not online, and only x works nothing more does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X- ray never worked with forge and it still blacks screens with forge installed, I tried this version to see if they fixed that but its still broken. I only had forg and x ray installed on a new game. Then I tried just installing x ray and it worked (with a modloader). Then I installed forge the game crashed. Uninstalled the other mod loader and it still didn’t work.

This applies to minecraft with xray patch running on a mac. Not sure about other platforms. I used mcpatcher to create the modified minecraft.jar. Initially it didn’t work (black screen when running minecraft). I discovered if you do NOT include modloader in the patch, only include xray, it works fine.

Well it worked great with 1.5 today 1.5.1 came out redid all the stuff like always and it won’t work I think it needs to be updated?

I have downloaded the 1.6.1 version, but it wont work. Nothing happens when i press x in both SP and MP. I deleted META-inf and such.

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