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Too Many Items 1.8/1.8.2/1.7.10

Too Many Items Mod – Download Too Many Items Mod INVedit for Minecraft. One of the most popular mod is TMI that everyone should have it installed is Too Many Items Mod. Too Many Items Mod is developed by Marglyph, a cool guy who made Minecraft a better game. I want to make this really simple. So I probably say that Too Many Items Mod or TMI whatever what you say is a mod where player can create, delete, manage their inventory in-game. You spawn any items, blocks, or anything from other mods. So what are you waiting for ? just download and install this Too Many Items Mod for your minecraft!

Too Many Items Mod Update

Updated for latest Minecraft and a second update because saving enchanted items was broken. Your version # in game should read 2012-07-31. If it doesn’t have the “a” please redownload. How convenient to have all that right next to out inventory! The Too Many Items Mod has been a popular hit since it just came out! The Too Many Items mod adds a variety of all block possible ingame right next to our inventory! Throughout the minecraft years, people use Too Many Items for their mods too!

Too Many Items Mod Usage :

  • Press “O” on keyboard to toggle on and off
  • Shift-left-click on the item on sidebar to add unlimited stack to it
  • You can save states to bring it back later
  • If you want to use in multiplayer, you have to be op.

Too Many Items 1.8/1.8.2/1.7.10

Some people might think “OH i have Single Players Commands, I’ll can spawn them without having to find them” But tell me that you know all the blocks there is! Single Player Commands allows you to spawn block faster especially if you’re a fast typer! But the Too Many items mods shows right next to you reminding you that there is this and that blocks.

Too Many Items Mod Installations for Minecraft

  1. Download Too Many Items Mod
  2. Type %appdata% into the start menu
  3. Open .minecraft folder
  4. Open the bin folder and then Minecraft.jar
  5. Delete the META INF folder
  6. Open Too Many Items Mod zip with WINRAR or 7ZIP
  7. Drag the files into Minecraft.jar
  8. Run Minecraft, start a New World
  9. Press ‘O’ to open the Too Many Items Mod window
  10. Enjoy Too Many Items Mod!

Download Too Many Items 1.5.2

Download Too Many Items 1.6.2

Download Too Many Items 1.6.4

Download Too Many Items 1.7.2

Download Too Many Items 1.7.4

Download Too Many Items 1.7.5

Download Too Many Items 1.7.9

Download Too Many Items 1.7.10

Download Too Many Items 1.8

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  1. It wont let me drag the class files into 7zip

  2. do i download the PDF converter? thats the only download on the page!

  3. Wth? Wheres the acctual download!? All I see is 2 download buttons on this page, and when I click on the download link its just adfly download things.

  4. When I try dragging them into the jar folder it tells me that the media is write protected. What does that mean???

  5. i did like you said but it dosent work, what can i do?????? i deleted meta inf, i draged those files… do i need a mod loader?

  6. My antivirus It dont let me download why?

  7. It doesn’t work with ModLoader. I got a fresh 1.2.3 jar and installed this mod. Worked perfectly fine. Then I installed 1.2.3 ModLoader. Crashed.

  8. So it can work without modloader?

  9. idontknowmyname

    Why can’t i just click download and go to Minecraft and its done?
    Just sayin


    • cus minecraft has a script that tells it to read specific files you could put your scripts in the jar or look through all the freaking files and find out how to change the script your choice

  10. i installed it works perfectly fine.i install modloader it crashes! WHY???

  11. How come it tmi wont work when i add mods that need modloader

  12. I downloaded it (on mac) but when i click O nothing happens ?

  13. do i need modloader for this ??

  14. i dont have a .jar thing


  16. I am having the same problem. Do you have a solution yet???

  17. DITTO and my minecraft is a .rar file not a .jar

  18. Usable on mac?

  19. it wont let drag tmi into 7zip? why plzz help

  20. hello everione

  21. I dunno how to dowload mineraft mods and this really didnt help that muh 🙁 blarrrggg!

  22. what exactly does open the bin folder and then minecraft.jar cause i open the bin folder and minecraft.jar isnt a file folder so when i click on it it just says failed to load Main-class attributefrom C:/ Etc, etc ? and im not seeing a META.inf folder either to delete

  23. this doesent work i followwed the instructions to the letter

  24. YES works!!!

  25. dudes this is so easy to install im still 8 u know

  26. it isn’t working i got a black screen, after i deleted Meta-Inf

  27. i simply install it using mcpatcher 😛 (i use cracked minecraft)

  28. llolololol
    U guys are noobs
    1. Get a pc
    2. get WINRAR NOT 7SHIT (7zip)
    3. type in %appdata% In the search thing on the top of winrar
    4. Click .minecraft
    5. Go to the bathroom because you are hungry
    6. say brb
    7. once you are done say back
    8. Click bin
    9. open minecraft.jar in winrar
    10(wow noobs). Delete META-INF
    11. Drag in EVERYTHING from the Too Many Items folder into your minecraft.jar using winrar
    12. Open minecraft.
    13. Login
    14. Open your inventory in your world and press O
    15. if that doesn’t work you are a REALLY FCKING BIG N00B

  29. Wow, this mod is getting REALLY POPULAR.

  30. If you had it before, will you have your old loads back or what?

  31. I followed all the instructions and deleted Meta-Inf and when I open my invetory it saves my game and then it gives me a black screen

  32. it wont let me download the actual mod, it sends me to some random downloader site help

  33. You need to add noclipping to the mod,it would be really,REALLY useful,please think about this.

  34. why this dont work?!

  35. this work for cracked minecraft

  36. ohhh its easy its….. work

  37. work yaaaaaaaaaay its really easy

  38. i Desperatly need help. i am stuck at a computer without jdk or 7zip(any program to open the .jar file) without any privelages at all on my computer. is there any way that someone can post the link to an already modded minecraft.jar file?

  39. Windows:

    When you’ve downloaded the file, open it. Copy all the files. Search %appdata% and find minecraft.jar. Right click it, choose winrar, and open it. Paste the mod files, and finished!
    In 1.5, we don’t need to do this. So everyone might have a mod without going through this hard insallation.


    When you’ve downloaded the file, open it. Copy all the files. Open Minecraft (the real game), and click Options. It says: Game location on disk: (something). Click (something). Then you rename minecraft.jar. Name it Right click it, and open the folder. Paste the mod files in. Delete the META-INF file. Rename the folder minecraft.jar. Finished! In 1.5, we don’t need to do this. So everyone might have a mod without going through this hard insallation.

  40. i need help i have HP THERE IS NO WINWAR AND 7zipz HELP

  41. Ive got everything right, i DONT need modloader for it, and MC starts up normally then then hogs up my cpu and practicly blows up my computer (constant 100% cpu usage) HOW IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO FIX THIS?

  42. On the time bar i have and Difficulty

  43. HELP! i did everything right, but it doesn’t work!

  44. Kyle From Southpark

    WTF Everything is on Fire but nice. FUdge everything is on Fudge LOL
    I like Fudge but not really it worked nice

  45. kyle did you extract it?

  46. Minecraft is for fags

  47. I’m on a Mac, How do I install this? And whenever I download it, the file looks like a word document. not zipped or anything.


  49. I keep clicking download but it takes me to iLivid, what am I doing wrong?

  50. The toomanyitems mod is a really cool mod but its really hard to instal!

  51. btw you can always reinstall winrar after it expires.

  52. when i open minecraft in the bin folder it says it can’t.
    Why is it?

    • You have to open it with Winrar or 7zip…
      you right click on minecraft.jar, Open With > Winrar Archiver or 7zip and then click. and drag.

  53. I got blackscreen when I opened minecraft even after i deleted META.inf

    • then get rid of your bin and open minecraft so it will redownload and try again. you may need mod loader.

  54. there is no minecraft.jar, only a minecraft file and other sht.

  55. hey when i delete the meta inf it says its corrupted
    then i put the too many items mod it says corrupted too

  56. Mine_craft_agmce

    I just recieved a free gift code @
    >> <<

  57. hey guys! i know how to kindi not get you minecraft black so…
    install two mods make sure no modloarder or any ove theme
    drag them to your minecraft.jar (find in appdata .minecraft)
    delete meta-inf two mods installed have a god day!

  58. I keep trying to get it to work but when i put it in nothing changes in minecraft

  59. how to download it?

  60. Where can I download this? All download links redirect to ad or spam sites.
    Thank You,

  61. how do you download to meny items mod for 1.2.5

  62. When i open minecraft all it’s ok i make a world but when i press “o” nothing appear but when i press “e” it’s whrite “Saving Chunks”
    Whai i do
    P.S in french not good in english try to understand please.Thanks

    • NobleMinecrafter


      When i open minecraft aw it’s OK so, i make a world but when i press “o” nothing appears but when i press “e” it’s writes “Saving Chunks”
      What do i do?

  63. i really want this but im so confused of how to

  64. After I dragged the tmi files to my minecraft.jar I started my world and everything worked until I opened my inventory the acted as if it was saving and said saving chunks blacked out and for about a second what looks like a error log pops up then the whole game just blacks out. Any help please?

  65. PLEASE make it for 12w26a!!!!


    ppl meta inf dosent come up in bin OMIGOSH CAN SOBODY HELP MEH!!! I have been trying for ever and it dosent work and i have a windows 7! CAN SOMBODY HELP MEH!?!?!!?!!! OR ELSE ILL BE A FOREVER A NOOB!

  67. pro? mi nejde too many items

  68. how get to start menu??????

  69. Do I need to use the winRar??
    please reply

  70. WHERE DO I DOWNLOAD IT :((((((((((((((((((((((((

  71. I do everything it says but whaen I delete meta inf it doesnt let me play minecraft. HELP MEEEE!!!

  72. Hi. I download, extract and then copy. But when i open up minecraft it stays in “Done Loading”. Help?

  73. -.- man if you cant even install this mod rght,and you installed other mods then get a new Jar also clean put the files in it delete meta-inf,and don’t frogot that all mods doens’t work with TMI,any Q?

  74. To delete META-INF you need to make shore that you have closed minecarft first then right click it and press dlete files (im on windows)


  76. i dont have the meta inf folder

  77. It worked for me but then when i tried to turn rain off it crashed. Any ideas why it crashed?

  78. I think you have some problems with this mod. It may just be me but whenever i have this mod installed, mine craft either quits unexpectidly or it says disconnected by internal server. I have had to completely uninstall TMI to play without problems.

  79. DONT PRESS ANY DOWNLOAD BUTTONS they’re all fake!!! the download is the blue text

  80. TMI for version 1.3.1 crashes the game!!!!!! Internal server error – please fix it FAST!!!!

  81. MINECRAFT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 but when it get lag and I disconect all the time thats when it get anoying :'(

  82. Thanks bro I really needed TMI so I could make a sky island for myself 😉

  83. To_every_"o"_noobs...

    Just open inventory before pressing “o”!!!

  84. il accepte pas les versions cracké

  85. when i go to the website that you download the mod from
    it doesn’t download

  86. Minecraftonlinuxsucks

    I am on linux and the button skip add dont work.
    The counter (The 5 sec)Is not appear.Please help,i can’t install any mod.

  87. I recently downloaded this mod, comes up fine ingame, but I’m unable to select anything from the big list of items on my right, any way I can be able to select items, I’m currenty making an adventure map on single player.



  89. Nie dziala jak klikam pobierz to sa reklamy

  90. *Sigh* It won’t let me download it! It always asks me if I want to be redirected 🙁

  91. delectis lupus

    ummm… the video didn’t help…. how do u open up the folder for too many items? i could’nt install any mods cuz they don’t show that part when they make the video… i mean seriously…

  92. do this work is it some kind of damn vires

  93. Rayisnotmyname

    Then say no


  95. i try to open minecraft jar and it says could not find the main class net. minecraft.client.minecraft program will exit what do i do

  96. a man in a box

    this is my first comment posted EVER im so happy =D YEA!!!

  97. Best Mod EVER!!!!!!!!

  98. >:O IM RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! MY FIRST MOD

  100. My name in Ray too:D

  101. I don’t have a META INF folder D:

  102. Everydaygamer51

    Hey guys where is the download link if I could figure that out I might be able to figure out how to download the mod.


  104. I’m using Uubuntu, should I install first the Mod Loader?


  106. i have an a server enter the ip is is no hamachi
    is survival i have 2 place to enter download the minecraft server
    dont use hamachi

  107. Clicking Delete mode “on” then clicking item to delete doesn’t work,Help??

  108. finally,a mod that work with 1.4.2! It’s work,and is much more better than the 1.3.2 version.Thank you a lot!!!

  109. Issue: 1.4.2 Crashes Minecraft when selecting modes ingame. Switching between creative and survival and adventure crashes minecraft. I deleted META, reinstalled both minecraft and tmi, still crashes game when switching between modes. (Known issue or?)

  110. hi i downloaded tmi 1.4.2 and i deleted META.inf and i got black screen. whats happened?

  111. It wont let me open minecraft.jar with 7zip!

  112. What the heck is minecraft jar? So freaking stupid. -_- I dont have a “minecraft.jar”

  113. OMG my names not ray thats so amazing its a miracle -__-

  114. Just watch my video it shows you how to install too many items mod for minecraft 1.4.2 and it works for 7zip aswell so check it out and leave a comment thanks.

  115. how to download this mod

  116. This is my mod.Isnt it epic?

  117. i cant delete META-INF

  118. Wheres the download link??!!

  119. Minecraft crashes every time i use the bow…

  120. I got this Mod up and running, and then installed ModLoader and Forge afterwards… and it crashed completely. Now TooManyItems doesn’t work but all of my other mods do. Any way I can fix that?

  121. hey dude what is your texture pack and your skins?

  122. What’s op? I want to use for Multiplayer.

  123. Ok, whats the prblem with ray?!

    Look at my name! 😀

  124. Wait Does This Work?

  125. O M GGG

  126. I’m trying to help my son download this mod and I’ve gotten as far as opening the “bin” folder but there is no “minecraft.jar” folder to open and the only file which says “minecraft” (and is an executable jar file) will not open. So can anyone help? Thanks.

    • viktoria grindle

      Your going to have to open minecraft.jar using a program such as winrar since any other program will attempt to “run” the file, which does not work. Winrar or any other data compression tool (you may already have one on your computer) that allows you to open zip files, jar files, rar files, etc. winrar is free. then once you are inside this file, delete the folder that says META-INF. Otherwise your mod won’t work. Open the mod you’ve downloaded (using winrar) and drag all the contents of the file into the minecraft file you have open with winrar. There will be some box that pops up asking if you want to copy over files or something along those lines just hit ok. and then run minecraft an see if it works. However, I have a strong feeling that this mod has NOT been updated for 1.4.5 yet, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see anything different, you may just have to wait for the maker to properly update the mod.

  127. hi im bob and i like naked cookie monsters if u know what I’m saying *trollface*

  128. I delete META-INF and i still have black screen

  129. Is there a too many items mod for minecraft (pc version for windows 7)minecraft 1.4.5… I am trying to find info for my daughter who is really wanting this mod. Or any other mod suggestions…

  130. Every time i try to openmy invintory minecraft crashes.

  131. this dont works after i open minecraft the mc screen turns black

  132. it’s optifine!

  133. didn’t work! how to make it work? i didn’t find any META INF file.

  134. RAY IS GAY people you need to comment on mods not on ray

  135. Im Bill…not ray.

  136. every time I make a new world it spawns me right in the middle of a huge pack of wolves… why???

  137. can someone tell me how to download tmi

  138. Some minecraft player

    When I installed it, it worked fine and then a few days later it just came off!Somebody tell me how to fix this please!

    • If it just disapeared from your inventory, you might have turned it off. Try pressing ‘o’ while you are in your inventory.

  139. Sup dawgs! 😀 My name is timy :3

  140. In the 1.4.6 update, I downloaded TMI. It worked fine except for the fireworks. After I installed it, none of them worked, even the ones that I made from scratch.

  141. Giant Purple Pumkin Eater

    does this work with rei’s minimap I cant get it to work

  142. TMI IS FINALLY BETTER LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. anyone want a new skin? im sooooo bored right now and whats with this whole ray thing for god sake

  144. OK! Since I’ve wasted 5 minutes meeting 15 RAYS, I decided to skip to the bottom and attempt to get an answer to my question. My minecraft.jar file is gone. Nowhere to be found… I am an excellent reader and have been to many sites offering a download link, but I am coming up with some sort of essentials package without a minecraft.jar file… any help?


  145. i love mod of minecrafttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and tnt ddd

  146. to many rays!!!!

  147. hello can u help for installatino witch download button do i prees

  148. i make pizza

  149. Does this work? cause ive been thinkig of downloading it but i dont know if its good or bad plz tell me!

  150. Everybody use Izarc it’s free and better than winrar and 7zip

  151. how do i download it???

  152. i love the minecraft too many items mod:)

    1. Download skydaz installer. (google ‘skydaz installer TMI)
    2. Download
    3. Use
    1. Download files
    2. Download Forge
    3. place forge files in minecraft.jar
    4. Test minecraft (VITAL)
    5.After testing, place TMI files in minecraft.jar (make a backup)

  154. Is there a way to name saved states? I really want to know.

  155. I have installed tmi but I dont see it when i go into inventory,when i push “o” it still doesnt show up.

  156. When i try to execute the minecraft.jar file is says “a Java exception has occured.” what do i do?

  157. i cant open minecraft.jar no matter wat i cant find out y but everytime i click 2 open it it says a java exception has occured

  158. Awesome mod 😛

  159. i have afew other mods installed and they come with spawners and blah blah blah long story short its not displaying what the spawners spawn it just says un named spawner

  160. I’m pressing O but nothing’s happening… I installed the 1.5.1 version correctly…

  161. Once I open my bin,there is no Minecraft.jar, but when I click on the regular “minecraft” file, or “minecraft-1.3.2” file in the bin, It says “A Java exception has occured” Help?!

  162. im are the triple ray

  163. Anyone else not seeing the Minecraft jar folder? inside the bin folder? why is it not there

  164. LOL HAY = RAY = GAY = PAY

  165. There Is NO LOGIC!!!

    There is NO LOGIC whatsoever in many games! Take Club Penguin for example! Penguins taking Karate is TOTALLY normal!

  166. ok where is the download link

  167. Why cant we access downloadlink for 1.6.1

  168. Hello i need help toomany items isnt coming up

  169. lol guys this is for mod reviews not name reviews lol

  170. Guys the install txt needs to be updated ,, there is no “bin” folder or minecraft.jar , anymore

  171. good mod

  172. wtf is wrong with the mc launcher

    when i install it for 1.6.2 and i run the launcher it deletes the data of tmi and meta.inf comes back?!?! anyone got this problem as well??

  173. too many rays

  174. I’ve tried installing it 40 times… when I press “O” nothing happens. HELP!

  175. why it doesnt work to me plsss help

  176. Nothing happens i tried downloading and rebooting and reading the instructions over again i tried using 7 Zip and WinRar but it still doesn’t work. I did everything right. I deleted Meta Inf. Anyone Plz help. I really want this mod very badly. My dad tried to help me. When I press O it dosnt do anything. Anyone help???

    Just answer Already.

  177. I do not have a bin folder what shall i do !!


  179. Guys … get a life. Seriously … a little assistance would be great instead of all the bull. Some of us need assistance. Apart from now having to go the versions folder to get the .jar file, each time Minecraft is started it seems to remove toomanyitems. Help please.

  180. Minecraft.jar yok ama

  181. I gonna kill all the named rays Stinkray

  182. JustReply and help

    I Cant find my minecraft.jar folder please help!

  183. I dont have the bin folder in .minecraft

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