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Team Crafted Mod 1.6.4

Team Crafted Mod is packed with items, blocks, mobs, armor, etc. that are all somehow affiliated to the great and wonderful Team Crafted! In case if you didn’t know, Team Crafted is a group of amazing, brilliant Youtubers, posting tons of engaging Minecraft videos. This team consists of 11 youtubers, SkyDoesMinecraft, DeadloxMC, HuskyMudkiptz, MinecraftUniverse, Ssundee, Deceptibonks, ASFJerome, BajanCanadian, DeceptiBonk, BlueMonkey, and WeedLion.

Team Crafted Mod Changelogs

– Added major improvements to T.C mobs
– Added Mudkip Fin
– Added M.U’s gun
– Removed Anti Power-move block/head
– Added more sound effects to items
– Changed a few crafting recipes
– Added Jerome’s Cheese Deodorant
– Added WeedLion’s Claw
– Added BlueMonkey’s Gun
– Major improvements to DeceptiBonk’s Pencil
– Added more to Katniss bow
– Re-programmed entire Boss Squid(now “Chief Squid”)
– Added ‘effect’ animation to swords

Team Crafted Mod 1.6.4

Team Crafted Mod Weapons

1. Betty:
2. El Boost!
3. Deceptibonk’s Magic Pencil.
4. Budder
5. Banana
6. Ssundee’s Sheild
8. Budder Ink Sac
9. AntiPowerMove(WIP)
10. BlueMonkey Banana
11. WeedLion’s Claw
12. BlueMonkey’s Gun
13. MinecraftUniverse’s Hand
14. Jerome’s Parmesan Deodorant
15. The Gems(8 Items)

How to Install Team Crafted Mod

1. Install Minecraft Forge Client

2. Open Minecraft Launcher, click edit profile, then use version, and select Minecraft forge 1.6.4.

2. Drag the “” into the mods folder in your .minecraft.

4. Run Minecraft! And…REALIZE THERES NO NUMBER 3!

Credit to Olimation for makes this Team Crafted Mod

Download Team Crafted Mod 1.6.4

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