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Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod now has update to latest Minecraft 1.6.4. This is my favorite popular mod if playing minecraft, i think many fans of minecraft love this mod too. This mod is an adventure RPG mod where you prove your worth as a King, fight evil and eventually raise your own Kingdom. The mod currently includes the starting guild, where you must prove to the Guild Master that you are worthy of ruling your Kingdom, as well as several different NPC, friendly, neutral and aggressive. Ready to install and download Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod ?

Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod

TyberAlyx the developer of Tale of Kingdoms is still in development and has update to Tale of Kingdoms 1.3.0 Pre 3, but already it has proven itself to many as a fun, enjoyable Minecraft experience, you can go to his forum to support the Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod. But this version still for Minecraft 1.6.4. Some people (ARavinMadMonkey) at forums make update this mods and compatible with your latest minecraft 1.6.4, so you can download this mod and playing minecraft with this Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod. You cannot play this in an existing world, you have to start a new world.

Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod

Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod Changelogs

  • Gui added for the farmer, quest button not yet working
  • fixing kingdom is fixed
  • guild master now helps you when reficules attack guild
  • foreman are now spawning correctly (wood and cobble guy in kingdom)
  • taleofkingdoms gold (shows how much gold you have currently)
  • clicking cancel option in start menu is now possible
  • added a reset function for your save file (/taleofkingdoms resetsavefile)
  • shiftclicking in selling block now works

Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.6.4

  1. Install the latest version of Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN UPGRADING FROM 1.2.4 : Delete KingdomMod.props file. Drag your KingdomModSave.dat to your save folder along with level.dat, session.lock, data folder etc.
  4. Move the entire ZIP Folder into your “.minecraft\mods” folder.
  5. Play Minecraft!

Or you can follow steps below for Install Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod

  1. start with a fresh .minecraft that is version 1.6.4!!
  2. Delete META-INF!!!!!
  3. install Minecraft Forge
  4. Drag TaleOfKingdoms  into the mods folder
  5. test if everything works!! (else start again!)
  6. have fun

Download Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

Download Tale of Kingdoms 1.5.1 Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

Download Tale of Kingdoms 1.4.7 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

Do you know More Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod changelogs? if you do, then feel free to share by comment below to make this post complete, or maybe you want to add more about latest features and updates details to this mod, please don’t be hesitate. Ok, guys have fun until next post and see you soon like Tale of Kingdoms 1.6.4 Mod

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  1. Is this compatible with the MCA mod?

  2. dude the download link does not work


  4. I can’t give the city builder wood!

  5. I don’t get any money from creatures when I kill them :s

    • Yeah I don’t either…. Any help?

      • At 1st i didn’t either, but after i killed the fire dudes it started giveing me. And when i went away from theguild it started too. After that it started giveing me all the time.I dont know It worked to me

    • well i only had one heart left (cuz i was adventureing) i didnt get gold either so i ran to the kingdom because i knew that the guards kill mobs and one of em came and killed the skeleton and i got gold

    • Did you get a contract with the guild?
      I was confused about that at first.
      But you have to join the guild to get coins.

  6. I went up to tier 3 and then the builder did not want to take ANYTHING, please help. i have reinstalled the mod, started a new save file, i’ve basically done everything and it wont work!

  7. Is their a Tier 4?

  8. PiercePhillips

    Could you perhaps fix some of the spelling.
    For example, it’s a “sparring match” not a “sparing match”


  9. Here is my review of this mod, works just perfect with this unofficial version on minecraft 1.2.5!

  10. Why does it take so long to load :S

  11. OMG the reficouls attacked the guild! I can’t seem to b able to put all the fiee out!

    • King Hippolipigus

      right click on the guild master then he might say “there is still a bit more” and then when you want to fix the guild you right clikc then get 64 logs and he will fix completly

    • You dont need to put the fire out. Just repair the place and the fire gose POOF

  12. So does it work? Hope it does reply to me :s

  13. The download wont even start for me. when i go to the mediafire page, the download just wont start. help?

  14. holy crap! iv been waiting for 15 mins!!! and when i clicked exit, it was laggy! a lot!

  15. does it work???

  16. when i try to do multi player i cant say any word with Y in it because it opens some gui

  17. ALl you have to do is change the letter. eg change it from y to z or a letter/number you don’t use in multiplayer.

  18. i always get a black screen but i see my money and tool bar can somine help?

  19. I did everything it said but Tale of Kingdoms doesnt works

  20. mine crashed

  21. does this work with too many items and rei’s minimap mod???

    • yes it works because I’m playing with them and with some other mods too 🙂

    • I use tale of kingdoms with Mo Creatures and Rei minimap, works fine but a bit laggy if you don’t turn the number of creature spawned down in mo creature global settings.

  22. so i want to download this mod but im afiraed that i wont be able to play mulityplayer and i dont know how to get modloader can anyone help me plzzzzzzzzzzzsz i need to know

  23. Hi but i cant see to get it too work because when i get it it loads up i click start new conquest then it loads then it was Loading Please wait.. and i dont know what to do because its been doing that for 3o mins! Please help!!!

  24. minecraft player

    the give wood button doesn’t work.
    and i tried to reinstall the mod but that doesn’t work.

  25. Ya, hi, i have done everything and it won’t work! Their is no meta-inf ANYWHERE! i really want to play this but it just won’t work. please help

  26. does this mod supports SMP?

  27. when those demon guys came and invaded the guild, there were WAY too many of them to fight. and also, the killed the merchant, city builder, and inn keeper NPC’s.

    • They’re not dead because they just disappear until u kill all the bad guys and then give guild master 64 wood to repair guild and they will come back

  28. i need help ive got in a open file of modloader and the unofcial tale of kindom 1.3.0 and i play it and nothing happens plzzz answer or i will never be able to play this thing

  29. I downloaded it and it didnt do anything when i made a new game

  30. Why can’t I build anything? I talk to the builder guy, I gave him all of the wood and cobble, but when I tell him to build a tier 1 city, it says, “We must stay away from the guild, sir.” What do I do?

  31. charles palomar

    when i try to delete meta-inf it doesn’t delete! what do i do?

  32. So i Open my minecraft .jar then i draged the modloader stuff into my .jar then i draged the tales of kingdom into my .jar then my minecraft go to the mojang sighn for 1 minute then it will close

    • This! I follow the directions as it says and I get an error message saying it can’t run it.

    • You’re doing it wrong. Once you’ve got your modloader installed, you need to put the Tale of Kingdom rar into the …/.minecraft/mods/ folder. Make one if it didn’t show up on first launch with the modloader installed. You don’t extract the rar, you don’t copy it’s contents into the minecraft.jar, you just put the whole dang thing in the mod file.

  33. Is this safe to download?

  34. What button do i push?!? LOL

  35. Will not work in jungle biome just gravel walkway and some guildsmen in trees (atleast for me)!

  36. Nice mod love it 🙂

  37. Very nice mod. That is what minecraft is supposed to be like.

    – I dont know if this is a very suited place to write post bugs? but i have experienced a minor bug. whenever i had been off my computer and on, the whole inhabitation has been moved outsite the city walls. Notice it is only in the early brotherhood campaign city that you start off with..

    ( I had to try and kill the whole mess, but only the guards actually respawned so that’ll be a problem. I’d never managed to find the guild master tho, to rebuild guild ) suggestions?

  38. Is it compatible with zan’s minimap?

  39. when i start the game it just shows black screen HELP !

  40. This is so cool the best Mod of the World thanks Pls Update this more i thank you so cool

  41. All I get is a black screen with my gold at the bottom. Once I strated playing but it was so laggy.

  42. what is the seed i cant get it to work

  43. What do i do after i finish building tier 3!!!

  44. I want to know;
    Will this work with Not Enough Items and Mo’ Creatures? I use TMI a lot but I have recently got NEI.

  45. I downloaded, and when I made a new place, nothing happened. I followed the instructions perfectly. I did move it to the thing.


  47. Is this compatible with animal bikes mod?

  48. Thank u!Best mod ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  50. i cant dowload -.-

    I cant dowload xd i dowload put im not there i was in a fking snow arena and not in a kingdom close or somthing wth

  51. Herp_de_Doodle_Derp

    How frikin long does it take for it to render? “Start new conquest” sure, but been 45 freakin minutes

    • i was confused too but when its says ” loading ” you can go ahead and press ” Exit ” and it will start

  52. Hey, is it possible to use this with an already-existing world? I have a world that I put some time into and it would be awesome if you could. sorry if this has been asked before, but i couldn’t see any questions about this. Thanks!

  53. Where is the guild, i just cant find it!?!?

  54. I seem to be stuck on the “loading please wait” screen for what seems like hours now. First time i tried it it worked, but then i tried to add other mods and it didnt work, since then ive had to uninstall, reinstall and update countless times and now it dosnt seem to load at all? any help would be nice or if anyone knows what mods work with this one?

  55. King Hippolipigus

    Greetings my young adventures this MOD is very Delighting and easy to download 1. type %appdata%
    2. open .minecraft
    3. drag your mod loader into your .minecraft
    4. drag your tales of kingdoms mod into .minecraft
    5. delete Meta.Inf
    6. your done
    7. you choose your adventure…

  56. PLEASE HELP ME!!! When i made my own kingdom and the cobblestone and wood mill spawned beside it i bought workers at both now the cobblestone mill gives me cobblestone(like it is supposed to) but the wood mill ALSO gives me cobblestone. Please reply and help me with this situation. thanks.

  57. Found a pretty major bug. Sometimes when villages are generated, or you rebuild the guild, you are entirely unable to interact with blocks and npcs. If one switches to creative mode, they find that every block AND npc in the area is deemed “Bedrock” when sampled. Currently, the kingdom builder in the inn/rest area is “bedrock”

  58. I downloaded the mod correctly, but when I create a new world, there is no castle or anything, and the people just fall from the sky. Any idea what is wrong?

  59. i found a thing called magic launcher for minecraft which makes putting mods in minecraft a bit easier :b

  60. I really want this mod but it wont load! I downloaded it SO many times but it doesnt work! plz plz help i’ve been waiting to play it for 2 monthes!

  61. I downloaded it correct but whenever i open Minecraft its just a black screen.. any ideas wats wrong?

  62. I tried to install this mod both ways. The first way did nothing and the second crashed my minecraft, why wont it work?

  63. please help i spawn in a new world i wait like 5 secs then it comes up with that message and i press start conquest but it just freezes and minecraft crashes and shuts down

  64. please help i installed correctly and i made a new world waited untill the message came up then i pressed start conquest and it just froze my minecraft and minecraft then closed itself

  65. where do i get the save i need the save or do the guilds/kingdoms generate by them self???? please tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:O

  66. how do i find the kingdoms and stuf i can only find those fire guys do i need to download a save???? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. how to install:install modloader then put the tale of kingdoms zip in the “mods” folder.

  68. This mod would be so much better if you added more mobs,weapons,and towns to this mod just a suggestion 😀

  69. download map mod. you can mark a spot on your map and will make a colour at the spot you name it EG:village. look at the compass at the top left of your screen and it will show you the way. when you start mark the spot in the castle.

  70. Is there a version comparable with the latest MC update 1.3? cant seem to get it to work. Also Im using MC Patcher. Is this the best way to manage multiple mods? As in switching between Mods that you may want to play.

  71. Does this Mod works with battlegear mod?

  72. bluegracielulu

    how do u download it each time i try it wont download! v:(

  73. i downloaded everything right and my minecraft is stuck on “done loading’

  74. It wont let me download forge!

  75. Works it on Server ?????!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Is there another website for this mod that actually works?

  77. how do i install it into my minecraft HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. this mod rocks!

  79. Why is the tale of kingdoms mod so laggy? The game runs so slow.

  80. Another thing is it doesn’t allow you to sell at the blacksmith

    • RonusBloodsmith

      Left click the green block next to him, thats where you sell, but if you SHIFT key the stuff it will crash, have to drag it over.

  81. All the stuff is installed. Then when i run the game it shows me a blank screen. Help?

  82. someboooaaaddyy

    is there a server mod for this?

  83. RonusBloodsmith

    the update is VERY unstable, when you go to build your kingdom, the land does not clear. I played it in 5 differant worlds and no raficuls nor midway attack against the guild. The update still has along way to go. If you want to really experience the fun of ToK make date you Minecraft to 1.3 and play the 1.3 ToK.

  84. Every time i load up minecraft after installing forge it freezes at the loading screen. Help pls?

  85. I do install the mod right, but it says that no mod is found. What to do?

  86. i got to giving the guild master 64 wood the fix the guild then it crashed so i went back on n the kingdom was half gone n the people too so what do i do ? Help plz?

  87. hey where do u take the lost villagers specifically?

  88. i cant download it each time i try to it just take me to a shoping channel

  89. do need you find the castle or spawn you there because I can not find the castle

  90. do we have to do the instalions

  91. i cant see how many coins/gold i currently have

  92. where do u find the meta file

  93. AKDreadStoppers

    Hey is tier 4 for your kingdom is done?

  94. How do I download tale of kingdoms for 1.4.6 Do i need modloder if so were would I download that?

  95. Great mod! Can anyone tell another mod that makes us doesn’t feel alone like this?

  96. when i put it into my minecraft and do every step correctly it gets past the mojang screen goes by and then it’s just a black screen. the only mod i have that works is TMI. i am using universal minecraft forge is that the problem or am i just retarded(don’t answer that)

  97. When I exit Minecraft, all of my Reputation and money (in hand and in bank) are reset? Anyone know why?

  98. how do i insert the mod into minecraft i cant find out how to acually play it after i download it

  99. HI a quick question. iv got btw mod, does these work together?

  100. Question: I have tried 5 games and i have no attacked towns on my map. I have too many items, and using a map I have gone to the limits and no towns. I have tons of enemy camps each with their portals, but no one to rescue. what’s going on.

  101. For some reason when i installed the people are invisible. I noticed a shadow walking around and right clicked and somebody talked. Help?

  102. Dose it work with mineshafter?

  103. I would like you to make some medieval armor so say you could make a diamond crown and some kingly armor that’s more suited for a Minecraft Medieval RPG Mod.

  104. I did everything you said to do but when i did it crashed.

  105. Just wondering how to fix my screen problem…
    When I talk to people, words are cut off by the end of my screen. Can’t talk properly to Guild Master because most things are cut off. It’s not that my screen is small either :/

  106. mobs arnt spawning

  107. How do i know if it is working?

  108. CAn you please make an update so it will work on a server. many of us will apriceat ( sorry for bad English) it

  109. My people disappered in the guild int tales of kingdom mod how do i get them back. Help!!!!!!

  110. I did everything, I copied the mod to the mod folder, I copied all the Forge files and Mod Loader files to the mincraft.jar but it didn’t still worked!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. how do i download it

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