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Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod Minecraft 1.2.4

Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod – Download Tale of Kingdoms Mod for Minecraft 1.2.4. This mod is an adventure RPG mod where you prove your worth as a King, fight evil and eventually raise your own Kingdom. The mod currently includes the starting guild, where you must prove to the Guild Master that you are worthy of ruling your Kingdom, as well as several different NPC, friendly, neutral and aggressive. Above is shorts summary about our favorite Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod

Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod

TyberAlyx the developer of Tale of Kingdoms is still in development and has update to Tale of Kingdoms 1.3.0 Pre 3, but already it has proven itself to many as a fun, enjoyable Minecraft experience, you can go to his forum to support the Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod. But this version still for Minecraft 1.2.4. Some people (ARavinMadMonkey) at forums make update this mods and compatible with your latest minecraft 1.2.4, so you can download this mod and playing minecraft with this Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod. You cannot play this in an existing world, you have to start a new world.

Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod

Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod Changelogs v1.3.0 Pre 3

  • Possibly all Major Bugs and some exploits fixed
  • Prototype Excalibur
  • Fixed World Gen of outpost on current saves.
  • Added Death Penalty System. There is now a bank in the guild where you could store your gold.
  • Default is 20% of what you are holding, you can change the percentage in the props file.
  • Added Resource Outpost. If you have a save progress, hit repair entire kingdom for it to spawn. Its located at the left of the kingdom facing when facing the entrance.
  • Added Enchantments for Mage Hall. Its still random though you could expect to get the highest possible in each roll. Enchantments is payed by gold.

Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.2.4

  1. Install the latest version of ModLoader
  2. Download Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN UPGRADING FROM 1.2.3 : Delete KingdomMod.props file. Drag your KingdomModSave.dat to your save folder along with level.dat, session.lock, data folder etc.
  4. Move the entire ZIP Folder into your “.minecraft\mods” folder.
  5. Play Minecraft!

Or you can follow steps below for Install Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod

  1. Open up %appdata%
  2. Browse to .minecraft/bin
  3. Open up minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7zip.
  4. Drag and drop the Modloader files into the jar.
  5. Drag and drop the Tale of Kingdoms files into the jar.
  6. Delete the META-INF folder in the jar.
  7. Run Minecraft, enjoy!

Download Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod for Minecraft 1.2.4

Tale of Kingdoms 1.1.0 Mod v1.3.0 pre 3 (official mod forum still 1.1)

Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod (UNOFFICIAL)

We still looking for latest updates for both features and detail information about Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod, so to those of you whose already using Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod can share some tips, trick of even tutorial and please do not be hesitate, feel free to. OK minecraft, this is it, until next post on another minecraft things we need to know. See you soon guys and thank you for visiting my post about Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms 1.2.4 Mod

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    • Hey, i downloaded the mod, its going well. But the hunters and npc doesnt attack, i fought for $1500 and spend it for a hunter, but i dont want to waste my money…do anyone know how to fix the fight problem? Even when i give a npc a sword it says ‘3,2,1,attack’ but it doesnt…please help me????

  2. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD srsly though a great rpg kind of thing.

  3. How to install ?

  4. ……. what is a word that is above epic…… if u find one……. USE IT FOR THIS MOD!!!!!!

  5. This mod is the only mod that deserves the word “Epic”

  6. Site muito bom !!!!!! Tá de parabens 🙂

  7. D: how do you know if it is working i didn’t find anything T.T

  8. i installed the unofficial and works fine. but how do you get gold coins instead of selling things to the shop keeper?

  9. Its not asking me ii i want to start a conquest. help?

  10. Umm all it does is make my screen black i see the toolbar and gold coins bar but its balck an i cant do jack… Wtf happened?

    Could someone tell me if this is normal or i fucked up bad :3?

  12. Yo dawg what happens if you can’t give the builderman some wood thanks!

  13. modloader doesnt wokr at all on my computer…. if it doesnt freeze my whole computer minecraft doesnt load

  14. Does it work on mac? Or does it download into a .exe file or something? I was thinking if I did the corresponding directions on mac.

    • just did it. just download the zip file itself and copy it to the mod folder. Just remember the most important thing is to copy the zip file itself. DO NOT OPEN it.

  15. Hey ummm I was wondering if someone could help me out… whenever I kill a monster it doesn’t give me money only the little exp orbs can anyone help me please? 🙁 I’m also on the unofficial just so everyone is clear. Thanks for your time!

  16. well i think you have to go to the guild master and take a contract….

    • I dl the mob put files in minecraft.jar (i alrdy have modloadermp) make new world in the game and then i cant find anything is there an area i have to go to or a seed i have to put in?

  17. I download it copy into minecraft.jar (yes i have modloaderMP) make new world then cant find anything is there specific terrain or are i have to go or what?! someone respond plz

  18. will this mod be out for 1.2.4?

  19. i have the 1.2.3 and i worked great up til after u create ur kingdom… now the city builder wont accept any kind of wood… anyone know how to talk to the guy that unofficially made the 1.2.3???

  20. Where exactly is the guild master? Where is other villages? I need help. But it is a pretty cool mod.

  21. whenever i buy hunters they don’t attack mobs and the mobs don’t attack me so it kinda takkes the fun out of it, anyone able to help?

  22. just fucking drag everything into minecraft .jar and install modloader

  23. its taking forever to load

  24. if you have modloader mp it won’t’l only work if you have modloader witch means no modloadermp required

  25. for next update, make it less BORING to become king.

  26. guys, give a wooden sword to a guy and kill him. you get more to the kingship by it! all you have to do is to give wooden swords, then kill them and… you’re the king!

  27. i did everything it said it worked but when i waited for a while it didnt show anything what do i do?

  28. When i builded my city,all 3 tier’s i gived an axe and a pickaxe to one of the npc’s,and then we went underground and i clicked to him he made a litle shit with workbench in t and he didnt do anything he just followed me and keep saying me Mining The Stone Sir ! can ya help?
    (Sorry for my English)

  29. when will the ont w1.2.5 version come out becouse it work for me

  30. Why doesnt mine work? i downloaded and put it in the jar, but when i start the game and a new world, nothing happens. Help?


  32. What happens if the shop keeper dies? >.<

  33. How long does it take to load the guild in the beginning?

  34. Finalley a perfet mod best one i will ever get!:D

  35. hey so i downloaded the mod and ir works but one thing is missing the king i cant find the guild master wat do i do

  36. Is this compatible with 1.2.5 ??

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