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Ferullo’s Guns 1.6.4 Mod Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

Sep 30, 2013 BY Leave a Comment

Ferullo’s Guns 1.6.4 Mod – Download Ferullo’s Guns Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2. Well minecraft fans, this mod can adds a bunch of new guns to minecraft. The mod consists of Multiple Guns, ranging from pistols to MINIGUNs. Adds guns from Call of Duty like; AK47, SCAR, M16, FN-FAL and more.. Also adds snipers, zoom in

Percy Jackson Weapons and More 1.4.5 Mod Minecraft 1.4.5

Dec 13, 2012 BY Leave a Comment

Percy Jackson Weapons and More 1.4.5 Mod – Download Percy Jackson Weapons and More Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5. Well hello minecrafters! adds some things form the book series Percy Jackson! It adds weapons from some of the characters and new ores and other tools!. This mod aims to bring the world of Percy Jackson and

INVedit 1.6.4 Inventory Editor Minecraft 1.6.4

Oct 24, 2013 BY Leave a Comment

INVedit 1.6.4 Inventory Editor – Download Inventory Editor for Minecraft 1.6.4. This is guys you are waiting for, INVedit has update and working for minecraft 1.6.4. INVedit is the (more like “some kind of”) successor of NBTedit. With it you can create your own porta- wait, wrong game. You can use it to edit your