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Super Hostile Map 1.7.10/1.7.9/1.7.2

Jul 21, 2014 BY 24 Comments

Super Hostile Map – Download Super Hostile Map Series for Minecraft. Today i’ll present to you a popular maps in your latest minecraft, what maps? called Super Hostile! the main objective of this maps is to find and complete the Victory Monument. This is a structure with slots on it for blocks. To win a Super Hostile map, you must place each of the requested blocks in the appropriate slot on the Victory Monument. There are 16 colors of wool blocks to find, and also the 3 material blocks, of iron, gold, and diamond. Sound interesting right ? if you want to install and download this Super Hostile Map Series, just see my post below

Super Hostile Map

Vechs as developers this Super Hostile Map has created a lot of maps but they are all really hard! You can play maps like the sea of flames which is basically an evil survival island surrounded by lava. It has multiple dungeons you need to over come. All of Vechs maps have on thing in common, you need to collect all the wool and a few other blocks and place them in the victory monument. This signifies the end of the map and you have completed it. These maps are super long as well so don’t expect to conquer them in an hour. So enjoy Play with Super Hostile Map

Super Hostile Map 1.7.10/1.7.9/1.7.2

Super Hostile Map Rules

  • Find and complete the Victory Monument.
  • Find wool in chests scattered around the map, do NOT use dyes or spider string for wools!
  • You may craft the Iron, Gold, and Diamond blocks.
  • Use at least Easy difficulty, and never Peaceful.
  • Do not leave the boundaries of the map and go into normally generated Minecraft terrain.
  • Survive in any way you can think of. (Yes, you can mine, craft, and place blocks.)
  • You may use spider string wool and sheep wool to craft beds and other items, but not for the Victory Monument.
  • I hate you, die in a fire.

Download Super Hostile Maps for Minecraft

Super Hostile 00 Hazardous Environment
Super Hostile 01 Sea of Flame II
Super Hostile 02 The Endless Deep
Super Hostile 03 Infernal Sky II
Super Hostile 04 The Kaizo Caverns
Super Hostile 05 The Black Desert
Super Hostile 06 Canopy Carnage
Super Hostile 07 Legendary
Super Hostile 08 Nightmare Realm
Super Hostile 09 Sunburn Islands

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24 thoughts on “Super Hostile Map 1.7.10/1.7.9/1.7.2”

Just saying that the maps are amazing vechs but i noticed on one of them sea of flames there wasn’t very much of a challenge

btw you have to unzip the map after the download, as in click on the file you downloaded and take the map out of it. from there you go to start/all programs/accesories/Run/type in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves/ and then put the map in saves, or start/type in Run/type in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves and put the map in.

It doesn’t work for the training map (Hazardous Environment). I placed the right folder in the saves and the map doesn’t appear when I load MC. Any tips?

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