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Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack – Download Steel feathers Enchanted Texture Pack Minecraft. This pack named is meant to be a fusion of both Victorian elegance and fairytale mystery, taking inspiration from sources as diverse as Lord of the Rings and Beauty and the Beast. The developer of the pack says he has also attempted to make the pack look good for buildings and has offered a wide variety of things you can choose from so if you dont like a certain block you can customise it!. Sound interesting right ? if you want to download and install this Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack just see my post below

So what i like in this pack ? I really like things like the glowstone, cobblestone, and stone brick. The use of vines on the mossy cobble was an inspired choice and the foliage makes for excellent decorations

SteelFeathers Enchanted Resource Pack Changelogs

  • Added Brewing stand base
  • Added 1.5.2 items and GUI textures
  • White stones are now available
  • End portal textures
  • New enchantment tables
  • Pigs
  • Spider
  • Cage Spider
  • Crafting screen
  • Container screen
  • Buttons
  • Alt Cobble/Mossy cobble
  • Alt iron block
  • A few more items
  • A new derpy paintings
  • Much more…

Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

Big Thank and credit to steelfeathers as developers this awesome Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack and has compatible with the latest versions of minecraft 1.5.2. I hope you can enjoy playing this texture pack.

Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack Installations for Minecraft

  1. Download SteelFeathers Enchanted Pack
  2. Download MCPatcher HD
  3. Put the texture pack in the correct folder
  4. Open MCPatcher
  5. Click Patch
  6. Play Minecraft

The post of this Resource Pack is not complete, and do so please complete this post by your comment. Share your thought and experience using this texture pack, or maybe you want to add for more details and features to, please do not be hesitate and thank you for visiting my post about texture pack Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack

Download Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack

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  1. bin ich mal gespannt

  2. i think it looks very epic id be happy to use it if all of the things wer changed not only half of em :/

  3. … some of the items seem to be only partially finished. For instance: fire is just the word “FIRE” in red text. Pumpkins are half lava. The nether is all water…

  4. You need to patch the pack with MCPatcher before it will look right!

  5. Hey why is the armor defaulat?

  6. this is cool

  7. lol u need mcpatcher

  8. love the texture pack too bad not everything is changed

  9. i like it im going to use it

  10. Help plz :/
    Our server runs Steelfeathers now that 1.5 came out its not updating HELP!

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