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SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack HD Minecraft 1.7.2

SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack – Download Glimmar’s SteamPunk HD Texture Pack Minecraft 1.7.2. A popular texture pack has update again and compatible with latest minecraft 1.7.2, Glimmar’s SteamPunk 1.7.2 HD Texture Pack is a stylistic Steampunk texture pack very reminiscent of Victorian architecture, fantastical machines, levers, gears, switches and general overall awesomeness. The attention to detail and dedication to a true steampunk style is closely emulated in this high-quality pack. Want to install and download SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack just see my post below

SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack HD

It is HD, include 128×128, 64×64 and 32×32, but at 32 x 32, you won’t be weeping too many tears because things look utterly alien. Instead you’ll be polishing the aforementioned monocle and having erudite discussions with cows. Life has never been so sweet. Credit to Glimmar for this wonderful 32×32 SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack HD. Big thank and credit to Glimmar as developer this awesome texture pack.

SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack Changelogs v6.1

  • 16 new random CTM standard foliage textures.
  • 4 randomised CTM jungle foliage textures.
  • 7 new random CTM rose red bushes.
  • 7 new random CTM rose yellow bushes.
  • 11 new random CTM fern plants.
  • 5 new random CTM poisonous mushrooms.
  • includes changes since the last update
  • For pics, see the previous v5 Changelog, this update just includes a number of fixes and the addition of the 64x water, lava, portal and fire version of the pack.
  • Fixed the issue with ‘zombie8’ and ‘zombie9′ not displaying correctly in game. I had already fixed this before uploading version 3.7 on Sunday, but went and uploaded an earlier edited pack by mistake. Sorry ’bout that!
  • The 64x version should correctly display animated terrain blocks when using Optifine. All my animated blocks have been upscaled to 64x to match the upscaled resolution of the terrain.png file.
  • Both 32x and 64x versions of the pack have had the ‘fast’ version of the jungle tree leaf texture edited for greater depth, with a darker background to the leaves, not of concern to those of you who play with ‘fancy’ graphics on.
  • Both 32x and 64x versions have had the alternate ‘green’ world folder updated with some extra instructions and a no ‘lava’ drip particles.png file to remove the odd red drips from the green acid lava.
  • The ‘readme’ document has been edited to reflect the current pack and Minecraft version number. I forgot to change it previously.

Minecraft SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack

Glimmar’s SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack Installations for Minecraft 1.7.2

  1. Download and patch MCPatcher HD fix
  2. Then download the Steampunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack
  3. Drag it into start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>texturepack
  4. Play!

Download SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.2

Glimmar’s SteamPunk HD 32×32
Glimmar’s SteamPunk HD 64×64
Glimmar’s SteamPunk HD 128×128

Last paragraph at the end of post, given to you for share for experiences using this SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack, tips, trick or even tutorial might be great, or you might be want to add for latest features and update SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack details, please feel free. That’s it, see you on next post with another texture pack category and thank you for visiting my post about SteamPunk 1.7.2 Texture Pack

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  1. This needs way more views. The texture pack is great and you guys are still keeping it updated, good job!

  2. By FAR my favorite texture pack of all time! GREAT WORK GLIMMAR!!!

  3. i first found out about this texture pack through watching a video and have been hooked ever since keep it up guys!

  4. how i download from rapidshare?

  5. I like this texture pack but last time I used it the rain forest, iron golems,redstone lamps, decorative stone, and the different wood planks didn’t have a actual texture this IS my favorite texture pack it was my first texture pack which I spent hours trying to download because I didn’t know hoe now a experienced minecrafter I want to relive this

  6. The link for the 128×128 doesn’t direct me to the 128×128, just to some extras :,(

  7. What do I click to download?

  8. So, is anyone else troubled by a burning fire in the corner of every block ? It’s kinda ruining the whole experience T.T

  9. hey glimmer can i use your pack in my remix it only uses a few stuff like the candles ok a 1/4 of it

  10. loooooooooooooooks sweet as :p


  11. Can´t get the texture pack to work at all sadly, I use the latest MC patcher and I select the texture pack but when I launch the game all I see is the defoult texture?

    – Any clue to where I noobed it up and did something wrong?

    • ButterflySeeker

      Just open MCpatcher, and click the “Patch” button. Then open Minecraft and go to “Texture Packs,” select the pack you want, and Viola! you’ve got your new texture.

  12. Schangtaellyit

    Well, this is pretty…


  13. DiamondPickaxe!

    This is a “awesome!” texture pack…sadly… my internet was too slow to download it… (1 hour left)

  14. The absolute best texture pack ever. My boys and I love it. It makes our city the coolest place ever to build and hang out in MineCraft.

  15. I’m a little disappointed really. I was told this was for 1.6.1 but when I went through the files I found a note that said this was for 1.5 only.

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