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Soul Shards Mod 1.6.4

Soul Shards Mod allows you to create a Soul Shard that absorbs the souls of monsters you kill to be inserted into a Soul Cage later. This Soul Cage is a special block that can spawn the type of mob your Soul Shard contains. This mod’s cages can spawn monsters you can’t normally get with vanilla spawners.

Short instructions are simple. You break vanilla spawners you find in the world to get “Crystalized Soul Essence” look up uses for this item in NEI.

You get the shards by killing mobs with the shadow blade (you require Crystalized Soul Essence in your inventory to get a shard).

The shards are permenant, but you need a CSE for every cage you build.

Right click a cage with your shard to set it’s type. Cages can be powered off by providing a redstone signal.

Soul Shards Mod 1.6.4

Soul Shards Mod Changelogs

– Fixed a crash bug involving harvesting the cage after unloading the chunk and reloading it
– Fixed a crash bug involving explosions
– Removed soul shard debug recipe
– Cages now remember the type they were when harvested. You can’t change them once typed
– Removed blank soul shard from creative to prevent bug reports that aren’t actual bugs
– Slaved for hours over ridiculous problems that ended up being solved by adding 1 line of code
– Fixed build system
– Fixed version
– Fixed missing
– Properly naming jar
– Fixed soul cage hardness
– Fixed redstone signal not working on soul cage

How to Install Soul Shards Mod

  1. Back up your saves!
  2. Download Minecraft Forge client- Thanks Forge team.
  3. Download this Soul Shards Mod
  4. Find your Minecraft mods folder (usually C:/Users/”user”/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods)
  5. Copy the downloaded zip file into that folder.
  6. Enjoy

Credit to ShadwDrgn for makes this Soul Shards Mod

Download Soul Shards Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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