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SkyBlock Survival Map 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

SkyBlock Survival Map – Download SkyBlock Map for Minecraft. Well guys! one of most popular map “SkyBlock” have been update and working fine with minecraft. You will gain this rank from staying on our server for a long period of time you will also earn this rank from joining our teamspeak and helping us get too know you better!Being this rank will receive something such as more protections in the wild or maybe a protected lot in our city! Want to download and install this Map ? see my post below

SkyBlock Survival Map Info

At this SkyBlock Survival Map If you are this rank you will get to create your own shop and sell and buy items from other users!! This rank will help you make money to buy a protected lot in our city!! Make sure you make some sort of ceiling to protect the item. If it’s a sapling, or a seed make sure there is also room for it to grow. You will lose the item if you do not do so

SkyBlock Survival Map 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

SkyBlock Survival Map Rules

  • No hacked clients!
  • No disrespect to any mods or admins!
  • Respect all players!
  • No griefing a town or village!
  • Stealing and griefing(griefing to a certain extent!) in the wild is aloud!
  • No harassment or racism in anyway!
  • No excessive language please!
  • Griefing other worlds such as skyblock or any adventure map we have will
  • result in a instant ban!

How to Install SkyBlock Survival Map

  1. Download SkyBlockSurvival Map
  2. Open the zipped file
  3. Locate your .minecraft folder and open it
  4. Open saves file
  5. Drag the map into the saves file
  6. Play and Enjoy!

Download Here SkyBlock Survival Map for Minecraft

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  1. Aww…..The download isn’t working 🙁

  2. GOD DAMMIT the link to mediafire is not working it says “unexpected error 303”

  3. “Oops! An unexpected error (369) has occurred.”
    pleeeeaaasssee other LINK!!!

  4. this is awesome

  5. the island gets smaller each version of minecraft

  6. when i click download it brings me to download.exe.
    is that the level?

  7. Interesting… I go into .minecraft and there’s nothing in there… what do I do then? I don’t even know how it got empty.

  8. Lol, of you have Minecraft, go on this NEW server:

  9. I dont understand…I download, copy and unzip this file to the .minecraft/saves but if I start the game there isnt this map and I cant play it… whats wrong?

    • Hi there the answer to your question is there is two folders in the folder you download and you have to extract the right file out (macosx, or just skyblock 2.1(WIndows version)) hope this helped

  10. what the hell is up with this retarded adfly?? i just wanna download the map!!

  11. Affs eu abaixei e falou que tem uma ameaçade detequitada esta em (Portugues)

  12. why they no challenges (im the real Bruno mars truthful)

  13. is this a mod im confused

  14. Captainsparkelez

    Skyblock is a fun yet challenging map. Thumbs up!

  15. i tried playing a downloaded map but it didnt show up for me to play can anybody help?

  16. I tryed this map befor and it wasent how it is in the picture now,
    theres a older version of skyblock that in the chest there was even more food!

  17. why you no work >_

    Ok so i started up a skyblock world but all thats in the chest is a bucket of lava and one block of ice!

  18. it did not work for me D:

  19. Can anyone give the link of mediafire for 1.3.1 please?

  20. skyblock is cool because it is a challange

  21. How do I set the server up so everyone gets their own island? Thank you for you help.

    • You would need to copy and place the island aound but idk how you would get them to spawn on one island by thwmselves

  22. WTF? I can’t unzip it

  23. I cant find the .minecraft folder, how do i get it?

    • open the start menu click run type in %appdata%

      or you can find it by opening minecraft clicking the options button and clicking the blue text


    • ME TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. my thing is glitching on maps when i put it in my saves it doesent apear on the bottom it apears some where else

  26. I downloaded it… and have been playing it for a while, (an hour) but I just started to make my farms and I can’t find a second ice block, just the first one that was in the chest. also, I found the 10 obsidian, what am I supposed to light the portal with? I don’t have any flint or steel. Is there another chest I just haven’t found?

    • how can you get skyblock?can you tell me how?give the steps for it please?

    • Simple: make sure the bottom obsidian (one of them) is directly next to lava. If it was built somewhere else, the lava must move, since the obsidian can’t. Eventually (sooner or later) the portal will light and SPOILER ALERT you get a glowstone 3*3*3 with a chest containing SPOILER ALERT the other block of ice a birch sapling and some other materials that I don’t remember (I haven’t played SkyBlock in a VERY long time). Hope this helped!

  27. bloody adds every where

  28. ?Sky block need no survival ad!

  29. I have a friend who has pirated minecraft in minecraft it takes?

  30. YES LINK WORKS FOR ME BUT HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET TO SKYBLOCK IN THE FOLDER?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!!??!?!!?!?!

  31. how can you download this map pls tell me i cant download it enterfactory always apear

  32. when i go into the save i dont spawn on the island…. and i keep falling then dieing then falling then dieing etc. can someone please give me the co-ordinates to the island? plz?

  33. i cant get it were do u get it from!

  34. were do u get it from!

  35. Why cant it just have the seed. On my computer alot of downloads don’t work.

  36. what seed too

  37. Turned me on

  38. which download is it, there is 4

  39. So….I have started to play skyblocks and find only 1 island of sand!
    When I’ve arrived this island, something will break down! And I’ve no Sand!!!
    And the worst …. there are no other island more! -.-
    How do I get Iron or Diamonds??? From Sand or Dirt???!!!
    Stupid Map! sry!

  40. get on there everything was fine. finally got to sand place and because there was no solid block underneath i broke one block and the island was gone and i lost everything i’m not too pleased.


  42. i don’t want t use jZIP to download skyblock

  43. The chalanges are :………. ??????

  44. It‘s the real serveral

  45. I managed to download it, extract it, moved it into saves, went into game and there is no “Skyblock” game in my single player. Help, please.

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