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ADALINE Mod 1.7.2

Apr 10, 2014 • BY Leave a comment

ADALINE Mod is an adventure/rpg type of mod. With the addition of powerful items, warriors that fight by your side and the elusive dark matter, you can take on new enemies and bosses. Warriors: Warriors are soldiers that are tameable if given gold. They will follow you around and defend you. If you toss armor

Scouter Mod 1.7.2

Apr 09, 2014 • BY Leave a comment

Scouter Mod allows you to track or scout any mobs in the world. It will also allow you to lock on to mobs and or blocks from various distances. You can create lockons for multiple mobs or blocks so you can find them from anywhere in the world. How to Install Scouter Mod Download the

Enemy Soldiers Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

Apr 09, 2014 • BY Leave a comment

Enemy Soldiers Mod is a mod for Minecraft 1.6.4. the creator created this mod specifically for personal use playing single player with the Infamy Modern Warfare modpack through the FTB Launcher. However, this mod could be used with any combination of mods you would like. The mod adds three new mobs to Minecraft: The enemy

Metaworlds Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

Apr 08, 2014 • BY Leave a comment

Metaworlds Mod Fly working worlds, zeppelines, aircrafts and essentially lets you create full minecraft worlds within the normal worlds which can have arbitrary relative positioning and rotation (yaw) and which can be moved in realtime.So this could be used to create zeppelines or flying islands or alike. Sound interesting right ? if you want to

Drive cars in Minecraft with JavalCars Mod 1.7.2

Apr 08, 2014 • BY Leave a comment

JavalCars Mod is a minecraft mod that allows players to drive around there world with speed in cars!? It has : – Super Awesome Cars (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, White and RAINBOW) – Realistic Fuel (To insert fuel and power the car, you must shift + right click with coal or coal blocks in

Dynamic Elevators Mod 1.7.2

Apr 07, 2014 • BY Leave a comment

Dynamic Elevators Mod adds an easy to build, redstone free option for your vertical travel needs. Simply place an elevator block and it will automatically detect all of the possible floors it can travel to. Add multiple elevator blocks next to each other to make bigger elevators. Right click the elevator to bring up a