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SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3 Minecraft 1.2.3

SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3 – Download SDK Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.2.3. Well finally my favorite mods have been update and working fine with latest minecraft 1.2.3. SDK’s Gun Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds a few of the modern weapons in Minecraft. Of those weapons includes the M4, the MP5, the AK-47, and the Desert Eagle. Although those four guns pretty much seal the deal if you’re deciding to get the mod or not, SDK’s Gun Mod adds more than just those four. Wow sound interesting right? want to download and install SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3 ? see my post below

SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3 Changelogs

  • Fat barrel recipe changed again, three on the top row, three on the bottom.
  • Forge support removed.
  • Headshots!!!
  • Fixed item rendering on ATV (somewhat).
  • Fixed spawning near mooshroom islands.
  • Fixed plaque/grappling hook rope lighting.
  • Guns now break glass panes.
  • Buckets of oil no longer make breaking sound when fully used.

SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3 Contents

  • Guns and ammo: AK47, MP5, sniper rifle, new gun, shotgun, flamethrower, desert eagle, rocket launcher, laser-guided rocket launcher, SG552, Gatling gun
  • Grenades: explosive, stun, smoke, sticky (explosive)
  • The ATV
  • Flammable oil
  • Jet pack
  • Lighter block (Lights on fire when powered)
  • Nuke (5x the power of TNT)
  • Automated sentries
  • Cannon block (Right click with TNT to fill, power to fire)

Minecraft SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3

Big thank and credit must go to ScottyDoesKnow for makes this awesome SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3, we really enjoy playing minecraft with your mods, and we hope you can make another popular mods in the future

SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3 Installations for Minecraft 1.2.3


  1. Back up your saves and bin folders.
  2. Windows: delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar (in %appdata%\.minecraft\bin)
  3. Mac: delete the files inside the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar (in %appdata%\.minecraft\bin)
  4. Install ModLoader
  5. Install ModLoaderMP
  6. Copy everything inside the minecraft folder (in the zip file) into minecraft.jar (in %appdata%\.minecraft\bin)
  7. Copy everything inside the resources folder (in the zip file) into the resources folder (in %appdata%\.minecraft)
  8. Ignore, it’s just for TFC’s Mod Manager
  9. Windows: Copy the mod_*.properties files (in the zip file) into the .minecraft folder (%appdata%\.minecraft)
  10. Mac: Copy the mod_*.properties files (in the zip file) into the bin folder (%appdata%\.minecraft\bin)


  1. Back up your world and jar.
  2. Download a fresh minecraft_server.jar from
  3. Install ModLoaderMP Server
  4. Copy everything inside the minecraft_server folder (in the zip file) into minecraft_server.jar
  5. Copy the mod_*.properties files (in the zip file) into the same directory as your minecraft_server.jar
  6. The jar and exe are both standalone servers. Don’t mod the jar and then run the exe!

Download SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3 for Minecraft 1.2.3

Download SDK’s Mods 1.2.3

So Minecrafters!, as always we need your comment to complete this SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3 post. You might be want to add for complete details and features or want to share tips, trick or even tutorial about this SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3. Then feel free to share and do not hesitate to. Ok guys, until next post on another mod, have fun and thank you for visiting my post about SDK’s Gun Mod 1.2.3

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  1. Ok say done everything you said and i just get a black screen any answers?????????????? BTW could you post like a video or something

  2. Is this mod compatible with Mo’ creatures?

  3. it is compatible with mo creatures dude

  4. it doesnt work i followed the instructions and it just force quits my MC when i start it up

  5. how grapple hook work?

  6. hey i got blackscreen to and i did everything right i got everything and yet these mods still dont work 🙁

  7. kingdomoblivion

    everthing right noblack screen but just not there. works with tmi?

  8. i have do the “force update” to repair minecaft

  9. ummm, i did what you said, delete meta inf and all that and it just got stuck on “MOJANG”

  10. if u follow the instruction it works but u have to get them exact

  11. Whenever i install ModloaderMP my game will crash. Is it really necessary?
    PLZ help me i want this mod!

  12. Is there 1 for bukkit? I am making a bukkit server and i want a gun mod or plugin for it if any1 knows a good 1 please reply and leave a link

  13. too bad this looks like a good mod only if there was a installer download

  14. guys you need to have audio mod for this to work

  15. trigger happy dudw

    is their compatibility issues with sdk guns and minecolony? because they crash when their together

  16. ok could you explain a little bit more on how to get it for multiplayer?
    cause i just dont get it?

  17. When i try to download it, it takes me to the MediaFIre Home page after clicking skip ad from adfly. This has been happening to man other mods i try to download

  18. I´m also geting the mediafire home page. how do you fix it?

  19. Where do we download modloadermp server for 1.2.3?

  20. Where is the minecraft_server folder of step 4 to prepare your server?
    pls help!

  21. I downloaded the mod and everything, game runs fine. But when i craft the object, it doesn’t register (It doesn’t exist in my game). Some one please help.

  22. wait step 9 does that mean does it mean minecraft jar or bin? (i have windows)

  23. how do i craft the guns plz reply

  24. i downloaded it now idk how to upload it can anyone help so i can use any mod

  25. Ok i really like this mod and i try to get it but the problem is I followed all the instructions but I either get a modloader error screen ok it just crashed at the mojang sign Please help!

  26. The file dosent exist at me i need some help

  27. does it work for minecraft, modloader, and modloadermp all at 1.2.5?

  28. Doing step by step (ModLoader + ModLoader MP + SDK Guns). No chance – black screen only. I can repair the MC by Force Update. Any help? Maybe an installer would be best option that will just patch the minecraft to use SDK mods.

  29. ooohh du en bo

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