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RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 Minecraft 1.5.2

RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 – Download RotaryCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2. Hello minecrafters! this mod is “industrial-style” mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, and so on, called RotaryCraft. Why? The power transmission. Engines generate rotational power – torque and speed – and it is transmitted by shafts, gearboxes, and the like to eventually reach the machines. For example, a hot machine will cool according to the laws of heat convection; shafts can handle torques up to what is allowed by their shear strength (using the distortion energy method), and so on. Interesting right ? if you want to download and install this RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2, just see my post below

RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 Engines

  • DC (Redstone)
  • Steam (Water + heat)
  • Gasoline (Ethanol)
  • AC (Redstone Clock)
  • Performance (Ethanol+Additives+Coolant)
  • Microturbine (Jet Fuel)
  • Gas Turbine (Jet Fuel)

RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 Shafts/Gears/Etc :

  • Shaft – transmits power
  • Gearboxes – adjust torque/speed ratio; require lubricant
  • Bevel gears – redirection
  • Clutch – gated shaft
  • Dynamometer – outputs the value of transmitted power, speed, and torque
  • Shaft Junction – merge/split shafts and their power
  • Flywheels – store energy
  • Worm gear – get a huge increase in torque, at the cost of a lot of speed (more as the speed goes up)
  • CVT – programmable gearbox

RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 Minecraft 1.5.2

Big thank and credit must go to Reika as developers this awesome RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2. We really appreciate and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, i hope you can make another popular mods in the future like RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2.

RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 Installations for Minecraft 1.5.2

  1. Requires DragonAPI
  2. DragonAPI: Simply add the .zip to the /mods folder.
  3. RotaryCraft: Add the to the /mods folder, and the contents of “Add to sound3” to /resources/sound3. See the readme for details.
  4. RotaryCraft and DragonAPI do work with MagicLauncher – simply add both as External Mods.

Download RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

Download DragonAPI

Ok, minecrafters is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 changelogs, latest details and features update. You can share by comment below to complete this RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2 post. Thank you for visiting and see you soon on another minecraft mod post category or update from RotaryCraft Mod 1.5.2

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