Pseudocraft Resource Pack 1.8.8/1.8/1.7.10

By | Aug 20, 2015

Pseudocraft Resource Pack is a minecraft Resource Pack that will make the Minecraft world much smoother. It is a simple texture with resolution of 16×16, but you won’t believe your eyes how beautiful your world can become. With the help of either OptiFine or MC Patcher, the Resource Pack will bring realism to the world in high performance. Sound interesting right ? ready to install this Pseudocraft Resource Pack ?

Pseudocraft Resource Pack Features

  • The Resource Pack will make the Minecraft world look much smoother and this Resource Pack will do so lag-free.
  • The resolution of the Resource Pack is 32×32.

Pseudocraft Resource Pack 1.8.8/1.8/1.7.10

Pseudocraft Resource Pack Changelogs

  • Some ctm/anim fixes
  • New “Fast” leaves
  • New cake
  • Some new epic stuff

Many thank and credit must go to ThePseudopes as developer this Pseudocraft Resource Pack. We really enjoy playing your minecraft and i hope you can make another popular texture pack in the future like Pseudocraft Resource Pack

Pseudocraft Resource Pack Installation

  1. Download Pseudocraft Resource Pack
  2. Install OptiFine or MC Patcher.
  3. Open the “run” search bar and type “%appdata%”.
  4. Open the .minecraft folder.
  5. Open the resourcepacks folder.
  6. Move the downloaded file into the folder.
  7. Enjoy your new Resource Pack!

Last paragraph at the end of post, given to you for share for experiences using this Pseudocraft Resource Pack, tips, trick or even tutorial might be great, or you might be want to add for latest features and update details, please feel free. That’s it, see you on next post with another texture pack category and thank you for visiting my post about Pseudocraft Resource Pack

Download Pseudocraft Resource Pack 1.7.2

Download Pseudocraft Resource Pack 1.7.10

Download Pseudocraft Resource Pack 1.8

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