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Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 Mod Minecraft 1.0.0

Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 Mod Minecraft 1.0.0 Download. Mo’ Creatures mod is a mod that adds several new animals in Minecraft. There are friendly mobs, such as deer and horses, hostile mobs, such as ogres and wraiths, and mods that you can tame, such as cats and sharks! This Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 mod is very well built, and you can tell because of the numerous new mobs it added. Below is a full list of new mobs the Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 mod added.

Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 Mobs :

  • Kittens (You can tame these and make them your house pet)
  • Mice (Runs away from everything, but you can pick it up if you’re able to)
  • Rats (They spawn in dark areas and attack you)
  • Deer (They run away form anything bigger than a chicken)
  • BigCats (Lions, Tigers, and Bobcats. They are very aggressive. You can, however, tame them if you find a cub)
  • Fish (All are friendly except the piranhas)
  • Dolphins (Can be tamed and bred)
  • Sharks (Aggressive, but you can get tamed ones by getting shark eggs, which are acquired through killing sharks)
  • Werewolves (Humans in Daytime, werewolves by night. These are very hard to kill without gold tools)
  • Bear (Only aggressive when provoked)
  • Polar Bear (These guys will attack you on the spot!)
  • Wolves (Spawns and attacks at night only)
  • Wraith (Ghosts that fly towards you and attacks)
  • Flame Wraith (Ghosts that fly towards you and attacks, but also sets you on fire)
  • Ogre (Aggressive mob that destroys blocks too. Don’t let him near your home)
  • Fire Ogre (Just like the ogre, but also sets stuff on fire)
  • Cave Ogre (Only spawns underground, and has a bigger range of damage. It drops diamonds however)
  • Ducks (Just like chickens)
  • Boars (Aggressive pigs that attack almost everything smaller that it, including you)
  • Bunnies (Can be tamed by picking up. If you leave it with another bunny, it will breed. Beware, as they actually multiply in numbers!)
  • Birds (Can be tamed by throwing seeds at them)
  • Foxes (Only attack smaller mobs)
  • Horses (Can be tamed. Once tamed, they won’t despawn and you can ride them)

MO’ Creatures 1.0.0 was developed by DrZhark, this mod will adds more creatures (animals) to your Minecraft, I think we must say thank to DrZhark for his Mo’ Creatures Mod.

Minecraft Mod Mo' Creatures 1.0.0

Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 Installations :

  1. Download and Install GUI API, AudioMod, and ModLoader
  2. Before you start, backup your minecraft.jar
  3. Browse to .minecraft folder
  4. Copy file into your .minecraft folder
  5. Unzip the Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 file inside the folder
  6. Play

Download MO’ Creatures 1.0.0 Mod

Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 Video

We still looking for Mo’ Creatures 1.0.0 mod latest features and other details list updates, could you helps us complete this post by comment about, or you want to share experiences using this MO’ Creatures 1.0.0 mod. Some trick and tips maybe, then feel free to give notice. Ok, guys until next post, we have you enjoyed this MO’ Creatures 1.0.0.

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  6. Well…the GUI-api and modloader and all worked, but when i put the mo’creatures in my .minecraft folder it crashed…?

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  13. Sorry guys but… WTF this damned kitty wont eat my fish? There are about 200 cooked and uncooked fish around it. I went back and it’s still here walking but he don’t eat any fish D:

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