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Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2 – Top Best Seeds in Minecraft 1.6.2

Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2 – Top Seeds in Minecraft 1.6.2 has officially been released by Notch and the Mojang Team at Minecon! We will try to update and find many best seeds for Minecraft 1.6.2 as many seeds for older versions will longer work due to changes in the world generation algorithm. World generation has been changed as part of the update therefore seeds will not create the same worlds. Below we will share any found Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2 for you.

Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2 : 7407028261324894234

This seed creates a giant hollowed out mountain at (x=25, z=275) and was discovered by the legendary seed-finder aminom. Eventually you’ll come across a huge room filled with 3 lava flows, 2 lava pools, a ton of obsidian, and 5 water flows. If you manage to make it past all of the lava, there’s a vein of 5 diamonds in the back and 2 gold.

Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2 : infq

This is a normal survival island seed except for the fact that there is a large collection of mushroom islands to the left of the spawn point. There are two shallow surface caves on the far side of the mushroom island. One has a bunch of coal, the other has ten blocks of iron.

Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2 : -6870994393286760631

This seed generates some epic mountains, lava flows and waterfalls around the area at (x=-250, z=150). The seed was discovered by fortyonered on reddit.

Top Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2

Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2 : walruswalruswalrus

The seed walruswalruswalrus spawns you inside a Blacksmith’s house with some diamond and iron in the chest. The entire village is even sunken into a ravine. There’s diamond down there, go to the bottom of the ravine and you’ll find a cave system, dig a staircase down from the biggest entrance going west and you’ll find diamond around y-12 to y-15

Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2 : Dovahkiin

actually it works in 1.1! u should spawn in a snow region. turn right and you’ll see it, but its incredibly small, just 2 houses + the curch or whatever it is

coordinates in 1.1:

x: 134
z: 162

seed (in numbers): 2053184661

Feel free to post any awesome seeds you have already found for 1.6.2 in the comments below. So what your best Minecraft Seeds 1.6.2

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  1. ive found a cool seed 😀 Bomberman

  2. i used the seed Dovahkiin, but i came at some water and a lavafall.

  3. For the DOvahkiin, U turn left not rigt there will be a snowy biome. go thru it to the desert. THEN u turn right. go through the grass and there it is

  4. i need flatland with trees. any ideas? im using minecraft 1.1.0

  5. here guys i’ve found a list of EPIC seeds for minecraft 1.1 but im sorry ill look for some flatland seeds here in a moment but here you go.






    Dead Mau5








    Cow Killing Montage



    Lauren rock’s




  6. Minecraft234561

    Hey just wanna let you guys kno if u end up spawning in an npc village try find a blacksmiths house or a house that keeps lava and furnaces, because u will likely to find a chest with tiems inside it like walruswalruswalrus

  7. yo BRAINS! only spawns in a world thats 99.9999 % water

  8. Come on i have the best seeds

    1. Statue!

    2. Supercalifragilisticespicalidotious
    (no Spaces Required)

  9. gimmeabreak

  10. try abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    nice survival island with a massive crack in it

  11. Guys, on a superflat world type, type in Hill. or hill, not sure which one. Believe it or not, I got something pretty weird.

  12. I found a new diamond location x-217 z 91 y 12 its in a dark hidden ravine

  13. try seed -1234567890. it spawns you right to the canyon that cross with another canyon and i cave systems. u will find many iron and coal ores.

  14. walrus walrus walrus did work and the village is pretty cool

  15. try:
    you spawn in a cool forest 😀

  16. Brazilian_Soldier

    In the minecraft 1.2.5
    Use the seed: Minecraft

    You will spawn in a massive forest

  17. randomness pie flavored pie

    heres a seed i found : bronies i forgot how it looked though

  18. Here’s a neat seed with lots of overhangs, caves, cliffs and what not: 3603095938012526450

    x: 216
    y: 108
    f: 0

  19. heres a seed:YOUR VASE GOT DEBIT once u spawn dig directly down

  20. Try the seed number Diamonds
    That will spawn you into an island at the middle of nowhere.

  21. You don't care

    There’s “gimmeabreak” which spawns you in a vilage!

  22. Type in:
    1. 888
    2. worstseedever
    3. Hot tamale, hot hot tamale!

    These seeds will spawn you on a map in areas near an open mob spawner.

  23. how to download skyblock? if i try there just come a thing where i can download videos

  24. WTF MAN! i tryed the walrus thing and wtf i spawned in a snow biome not a blacksmith’s house LIAR!

    • Mabe you spelled walrus rong and you have to type it 3 times for example ( walruswalruswalrus ) and you will spawn in a small building turn around and there will be a chest

  25. Check out this tight ass seed: iamgester: you will spawn in a big ass village

  26. Check out a cool seed I made when I made minecraft it works on 1.1 and is called h-pattern it is a small servival island map. you will really like it.

  27. The best seed I’ve ever found is called “Emma”. There is a giant abandoned mine in the extreme hills nearby, plus lots of diamonds and emeralds–some within just a few blocks of each other. Be careful, though, there are a LOT of cave spider spawners in there, too.

  28. My current seed is:


    starts you next to a village, lots of animals nearby. forest within sight. not a bad start.

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