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Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 – Best Seeds in Minecraft 1.0.0

Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 – Top Seeds in Minecraft 1.0..0 Minecraft 1.0.0 has officially been released by Notch and the Mojang Team at Minecon! We will try to update and find many best seeds for Minecraft 1.0.0 as many seeds for older versions will longer work due to changes in the world generation algorithm. World generation has been changed as part of the update therefore seeds will not create the same worlds. Below we will share any Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 for you.

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Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 4060541895539438491

This seed seems to spawn on top of a tree (I’ve tested it twice), with plentiful trees nearby for easy and immediately accessible crafting. There’s a cave at x 161 z 231 with a good amount of stone and coal, a large lake where I’ve seen a dozen squid spawn at a time at x 200 z 306, and at x 162 z 328 there’s a 1 x 1 hole leading down to a plentiful harvest of iron.

Top Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0

Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 -64255448125451689

This seed spawns you in a hilly environment with regular and Birch trees in abundance. There are multiple lakes in the area, and both s swamp and desert nearby. But the best part? Wolves. Literally everywhere. I’ve come across approximately 30 wolves nearby. The only downside is that other friendly mobs (pigs, sheep etc.) don’t seem to be spawning much, but if you’re looking for wolves then this is definitely the seed for you.

Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 Dovahkiin

Yes, as you can see this minecraft seeds 1.0.0 is Skyrim themed, named after the main character of the game. This seed spawns you in a small patch of forest. The best and main part of the seed is that it spawns you next to a DOUBLE or what even seems to be TRIPLE mob village! It’s great and filled with tons of resources: all the free wheat, free housing, nearby lake, your in a desert area, spawn in a forest also, and other things I haven’t yet explored.

at x= 130.51 z= 146.36 there is a npc dude traped in a house

Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 -542211319613762911

At this minecraft seeds 1.0.0 a huge (and tricky(ive got lost about 20 times)) mountain/mine system, a lot of iron an coal, a desert with a NPC Village.. as far as i have seen this map is this the most awesome map ive ever had! Whatch out for the dungeon’s in the mine system!
But the best of this map is the beautiful moutains! EPIC!!

Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0 8438012003887984958

x: -269
y: 64

Fantastic seed. Spawn on small island near lots of other little islands. On the island you spawn on, there’s a small cave and a big cave FULL of coal. I found 54 coal and 10 iron ore on the first day. On the next island there’s a village full of loads of supplies. I’d highly recommend this seed.

Feel free to post any awesome seeds you have already found for 1.0.0 in the comments below. So what your best Minecraft Seeds 1.0.0

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  1. gimmeabreak gets you to spawn in an npv village

  2. I tried Dovahkiin and dovahkiin, but the first didn’t do anything and the second made it a flooded world, with no above-water ground.

  3. Epic Sause

    that is THE KING of seeds for 1.0.0 you spawn at a mountain climb it and you are at a place with LOTS of wolves and LOTS of trees and its also a smal cave there with a zombie spawner (the chest contains 2 cocoa beans some gunpowder some wheat and so on) and you can see lots of coal there and also a couple of iron…
    if you take where the iron was… and go over that little jump and down on the other side if you make a stairway going the way the iron was you will end up in a cave with lots of everything…

    • even diamonds? 😀

      • a cool minecraft seed is legit no caps i spawns you ina snow biome with loads of wolves and rifts found 2 full sets of diamond tools and the nether is plentiul for glowstone and as such.

  4. hoo now that seed:ocean??

  5. when I tryed the Dovahkiin seed, i tryed Dovahkiin, The capitol D. Then i tryed the dovahkiin, both of them didnt work!

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