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Minecraft 1.6.4 Seed – Best Seeds for Minecraft 1.6.4

Minecraft 1.6.4 Seed – Top Seeds in Minecraft 1.6.4 has officially been released by Notch and the Mojang Team at Minecon! We will try to update and find many best seeds for Minecraft 1.6.2 as many seeds for older versions will longer work due to changes in the world generation algorithm. World generation has been changed as part of the update therefore seeds will not create the same worlds. Below we will share any found Minecraft 1.6.2 Seed for you.

Minecraft 1.6.4 Seed Collections

– Seed: 102190558
Next to you is a small lake and a very huge cave system!

– Seed: 585510232
Jungle – next to a swamp biome with a river. Like a real jungle should be.

Top Minecraft 1.6.2 Seed 392800909

Minecraft 1.6.2 Seed 392800909

– Seed: 392800909
A Jungle on an island next to an ocean.

– Seed: -635452982
You will spawn in a huge Jungle Biome on mountains.

– Seed: 5268937697753857180
You will spawn in a Jungle Biome next to a small cave.

– Seed: 226225226
A Jungle Biome with some small lakes and a Lava Pool at:
x: 44
y: 60
z: 290

– Seed: 344433254479166627

– Seed: 3237040
Survival island with one tree.

– Seed: 2669465340990119478
Survival island with one tree.

– Seed: -304344653
You will spawn on a small island next to a mineshaft with a lot of resources.
Around you is a huge ocean.

– Seed: -8322033071193256519
You will spawn in a Snow Biome, in front of you is a huge ocean with some islands.

– Seed: -3480537152128979447
A huge ocean with some small islands.

– Seed: 4004343562316784145

– Seed: 151094178055772267

Top Minecraft 1.6.4 Seed -170118625

Minecraft 1.6.4 Seed -170118625

– Seed: -170118625
A very strange and awesome village on mountains and in a lake o.ô

– Seed: -1024150119 (Please read Update Log #5!)
A village next to a jungle biome, there is also a chest with 10 iron and 8 bread.

– Seed: 172719883
The village is behind you 🙂

– Seed: 601694053
In front of you is a lava and a water pool, turn right and you will see the village.
(Also unter the village is a huge cave system and next to the village a jungle biome)
*In the village is a chest with an iron sword, gold, armor and more!

– Seed: -1353645614
The village and a cave are behind you.

– Seed: 5066902233205943468
Turn right and you will see the village.

– Seed: 8479290640606243798
Very nice plains, a river and the village at:
x: -220
y: 65
z: 150

Minecraft 1.6.4 Seed Installations for Minecraft 1.6.4

You don’t download Minecraft 1.6.4 Seed, you put the seed into the world generator, coping it out exactly. Just for the occasion, Notch have created a seed. The seed: Minecraft. Make sure you are on a super-flat world. When you spawn, turn around

Feel free to post any awesome seeds you have already found for 1.6.2 in the comments below. So what your best Minecraft 1.6.2 Seed

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  1. this is awesome

  2. Seed 170118625 put me in a tundra biome with big mountains…

  3. Seed: “The Worst Seed For Villages Ever” with spaces and capitals on superflat, and right in front of you, there is a village. Beside that village, there is another village with 2 forges (I think, it might the the other one).

  4. zenstrongtiger

    what is that seed for 2 villages

  5. on default seed:4: then turn right fly if you reach an island or island made with dirt turn left and fly strait

  6. i found the chest in seed 601694053
    its in a small house with founaces

  7. Enter To the seed category: (seed) . And you are in a Giant World with a village in a mountain behind you…… and further you will see a jungle biome….

  8. The seed Minecraft isn’t THAT special its just a big village

  9. ikr why not a spawner or a stronghold

  10. ikr the best seed would be this : spawn next to a village,spawner,mineshaft and stronghold good luck finding 1

  11. just type gimmeavillage (no spaces) them the village is in front of u!

  12. OMG!!!! when i did the -170118625 seed I FOUND A SAND VILLAGE IT WAS ALL MADE OUT OF SAND!!! what do u call a sand village? it is um.. very differnt for me, and i am a exprienced minecraft player!

    • You probably have 1.3.2

    • yeah got that too, i think its called a sandstone villlage. The mountains in the background are boss, and there’s A “RARE” DESERT TEMPLE RIGHT NEXT TO IT!

    • i got that aswell, and for some reason the enderdragon spawned if i waited long enough, im not bullshiting, why did this happen? its minecraft 1.4.7

  13. minecraft girl legit

    what seed makes the world flat for ipad???

  14. this seed 172719883 put me in somekind of strangeworld (in 1.3.2)

  15. ty(master of minecraft)

    boobies will put you in a map with some diamond obsitian and two houses in it when you spawn if you look around a little you should fond a gap in the trees and there is a lake over the lake there is a sand bank and then alittle further off the houses.

  16. try the seed WTF220

  17. Anybody try idontcare ?
    Best seed EVER.


  18. does anyone have any sugestions on which seed i should use? there r just 2 many options! help me out ppplllleeeaaassseee!!!

  19. i got a cool seed here it is TMM is the seed when u spawn there will be a village near u and a wolf pack somewhere behind u nice crafting with u

  20. -170118625

    found a buried desert temple

    a weird floating sand/grass mixture

    village is a desert one

    temple behind village

  21. -12 is very fantastic

  22. the seed big island is awesome if u look u can find a huge cave complexe
    and thers a lot o small caves……………………ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Lol the -170118625 also haz a desert village plus desert temple

  24. r3d5t0n3

    That is a “zero” not an “oh”.

    Spawn near the borders of a plains, swamp and desert biomes. NPC village not far away (look for sand cliff and it is to the right on the edge of a swamp).

    Pleanty of ores near spawn and animals. Cows a little further away. Abandoned mine not far away and have found witches hut and dungeons within one or two days travel.

  25. hey doods thanks for da codes i will use with pleasure mmmm..



    • also if you build the nether portal in the right place you spawn right next to the nether fortress and the nether fortress is a huge one also when you find the stronghold its intact nothing is really destroyed

  27. These seeds are stupid. A bunch of them made the world get cut off and just have darkness and then when I tried to get it to load I fell down into nothing like 20 minutes before “fell out of world” And another seed made my Minecraft crash and I had to delete everything on my computer that had to do anything with Minecraft and then my computer crashed. If you’re going to post a seed and tell other people to use it, make sure nothing bad is going to happen.

  28. yousirhavecrossedtheline spawns you between a desert biome and a plains biome, and in the surrounding area there is a swamp, a forest, a jungle, an exposed moss dungeon, a witch hut and plenty of large caves.

  29. i was trying out the village with the mountain and lake that is shown when out of nowhere the enderdragon apeard O_O i am not shitting you, im seriously confused, is this part of this seed? it said it was strange, i was checking out one of the houses when i saw the enderdragon health bar apeard on my screen. this isnt me trying to look interesting or trolling or bullshiting or whatever. i dont do that, and this just fucking happend! in all honesty it was cool but i liked that world, it loaded the same every time i did the seed after that and the enderdragon found me each time, coming from the same direction and everything. why????!!!!!

  30. i cant find the village

  31. try the seed dessert

  32. i really want to join minecraft seed

  33. Thanks for This Seed Generator (172719883). Everytime I create my own world. I can’t find a Single Village…

  34. try an ednless snow biome on default land or try a seed that has a village and a temple out of sand and a vilage hosue is going in part of the temple

  35. seed 172719883 is with herobrine

    • dude herobrine was removed AGES ago so that is impossible btw bobnudiepants is my minecraft username, not to be rude.

  36. lake village doesnt work any tips?

  37. N00B
    medium sized forest island with a ravine. Walk forwards from spawn and follow the coast 🙂 My favourite seed EVER!!
    N00B with ‘zero’, not ‘oh’!!

    strange seed… floating stronghold portal room just off the coast of an island at (x=-530, z=820). Look around from the portal room, there’s a village right there too! Plus a triple ravine at (x=-399, z=-688)!

  38. Hank_Williams_Sr

    Thank you a lot for this list of seeds. I found it very useful =D

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