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Minecraft Forge API 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

Minecraft Forge – Download Minecraft Forge Installer API for Minecraft. Do you looking this mod ? yes MCForge now has update and now working fine with your latest Minecraft. Minecraft Forge is API providing extra modding capabilities. These capabilities have been added to provide support for the different mods using the Forge, some mods required this MCForge for install them. So this is a very important mod for us, we have put a installations and download link for latest Minecraft Forge. So i hope you can enjoy my post

Minecraft Forge Features

  • Infinite terrain and sprite indexes
  • Support two-pass rendering
  • Custom redstone connection direction
  • Override block replacement/deletion
  • Secondary properties for block (isNormal, isReplaceable, isAir, isBurning)
  • Allow an item to have the first callback on a mouse click
  • Custom explosion resistances by block and direction
  • Custom filled buckets
  • Custom armors
  • Modification of list of mineable objects
  • Advanced configuration files

Minecraft Forge API 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4

Big thank and credit must go to SpaceToad as developers this important mod for us called Minecraft Forge. We really say thank and enjoy playing minecraft with your mods, i hope you can always make update like minecraft

Minecraft Forge Installations for Minecraft

  1. Download Minecraft Forge Installer
  2. Open your minecraft.jar
  3. Drag the mod loader files over
  4. Delete META INF
  5. Drag over forge files
  6. Enjoy your Minecraft Forge

Download Minecraft Forge 1.9

Download Minecraft Forge 1.10.2

Download Minecraft Forge API 1.11.2

For Windows users, you just have to run install.cmd. If you’re on linux, you need to copy files and apply patch manually for now, let me know if you got any trouble there. A for linux users too is on the way, but in the meantime, let me know if you have any setup problems.

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  1. Doesn’t work, I got a black screen. I have other mods and they worked perfectly. When I installed this I got a black screen

  2. HELLO it conflict with MODLOADER AND MODLOADERMP make it work

  3. plz plz …
    can u upload the files to other site
    becuase it is not workin(blocked) in my country

    plz plz guys

    • Hey, for everyone with this problem: Try TOR or Hidemyass (google them). Tor is a tool to tunnel out of the censored web of your country, Hidemyass does the same but without installing any software onto your PC. Might be a bit slow but better than not having access at all 😉

  4. doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mod doesn’t work, crashes my minecraft. I need it for some of my other mods but IT CONFLICTS WITH THE MOST ELEMENTARY MOD OF ALL, MODLOADER!!!!! How can you conflict with a mod required for it to be installed, it doesn’t make any sense!!!

  6. yea i installed portal gun mod thus modloader,modloadermp,audiomod and forg client 46 and when I load a map it freezes on saving chunks the goes to a black screen pls help.


  8. This mod is always conflicting with Modloader and Modloader MP! I need forge AND modloader to run most of the mods I’d like to use. What’s the deal?

  9. This mod conflicts with Modloader and Modloader MP:
    [Modloader 1.2.3]

    [ModLoader MP 1.2.3]

    Breaks Minecraft.



  11. I downloaded it and all i got was a text document!!!! plz help

  12. im too is only getting a txt document that only has credits.. where are the files???

  13. Hey, I figured out the problem! The ‘net’ folder has to be dragged in seperately, so drag in the .class files from the outside, THEN the .class files from inside the ‘net’ folder!

    • false… i tried that and still got the black screen and or crashed minecraft…:/

      • Actually he just forgot to mention that you drop take the files from the net>minecraft>client folder from the forge links and drop them in the net>minecraft>client folder in the .jar. I worked for me.

  14. ConcernedCrafter

    I think the link is off? I dont remember going to that site for past versions of forge,Or I might be crazy, but i dont remember seeing coding last time I installed it. :l

  15. Guess what people? I followed the instructions and got zero errors!! Make sure you have up to date downloads of Modloader and Forge. ALWAYS START WITH A FRESH INSTALL FOR DEPENDANCY MODS! Follow instructions.

    Base dependancies that most people use:

    1. Install Modloader and Forge together.
    2. Close all widows, login to Minecraft (all the way in)
    Close minecraft.
    3. Install Audiomod then repeat step 2.
    4. Install GUIAPI then repeat step 2.
    5. Install Spawnergui then repeat step 2.

    ….now you can install all lesser mods, but back up your files and install them one at a time. Hope this helps!

    Don’t hate the game, hate the player…

  16. Try forge first?

  17. dude it doesnt work plz tell me why

  18. It won’t load the page. It keeps timing out. Whats wrong?

  19. you can no longer download from either link.

  20. do you know why?

  21. i have problem whit install mcforge but not a black screen is a “UPDATING MINECRATF” DONE LOADING”

    and not happens nothing no crash no brack no lag not happens please i need help

    • Sami have the same problem here

    • I’m getting to the same point. I tried dragging in the modloader files first, and I tried dragging over the forge files first, and neither works. Strangely, I was able to get to that same exact point, even after I forgot to delete the Meta file… Help on this point would be greatly appreciated

  22. Hey don’t work for me.I deleted’s becose it conflicts whit modloader..I dont understand,why?

  23. ok, when i click install.cmd

    it cant find the path it was given.. what now?

  24. i think the problem is in modloader, or mcpatcher(i use this to install mods) because i tried using an older version of the forge and it’s still in conflict

  25. Where do I install forge for the server?

  26. Well, I installed Modloader, Optifine and such all and then Forge, Worked fine on the first time nothing freeze or anything. 😀

  27. can someone PLEASE Teach Me Step by step
    Its stuck in
    Updating Minecraft
    Done Loading
    (———————- )

  28. When i start a new map it freezes can anyone help?

  29. link sends me to a weird page that im pretty sure isnt the mod download….please help

  30. i keep eting stoped by the done loading screen. it just stays there i need this for every one of m mods please help!

  31. doesn’t work!!!

  32. Insert name here:______

    works just fine for me

  33. gray headedlol

    wont take me to the site

  34. hi , ive just updated to the new 1.3 minecraft and downloaded the new 1.3 modloader , followed the instructions but when starting up minecraft i get a black screen , is this something to do with minecraft 1.3

    p.s i have tried with and with out forge 1.3 but with forge i just get the done loading screen, also i have deleted meta inf too

    • i have the same problem. i can install modloader and it works just fine but when i try to install forge it goes to the done loading screen and just sits there.

    • I am having the same problem. I have updated to the new Minecraft 1.3 and then downloaded the new 1.3 modloader and Minecraft forge and installed them in the correct order. When I log into Minecraft after doing this I get the Downloading Minecraft screen that will not fully download. It would be great if someone could help me out with this.

      • this version of forge is back from march i did not know the makers of forge were telepathic. forge has not updated yet and it appears they are using this opportunity to do a major rewrite of the code.

  35. Will this work on macs?

  36. MotherFuckerJones

    I fix the problem with black screen instaling the optfine after forge and modloader in order:
    2ºMinecraft Forge

    I hope it work with you guys
    sorry the horrible english, its because I’m br.

  37. i got a error report for ya… but its too [censored] long to fit in the comments… DAMN

  38. just downlload mc pather easy!

  39. A java thing pops up saying that “FML is setting up your minecraft environment” and never goes past 0%
    I think it’s this that is causing the problem, though it may be the extrabiomes mod…

  40. I came here by a link to minecraft forge 1.4.2 so i have one question, WHERE THE **** IS MCFORGE 1.4.2!?!?!

  41. have i can download this mod

  42. Can this be run on a server?

  43. Can’t download forge, asks for username and password. WHAT DO I DO??????

  44. Why does it say i need to download modloader o run mineforge?????

  45. Huh? The download link led me to a website named jenkins and i need a password? help?

  46. I can’t even download. all i get is jenkins. please help

  47. What the hell is this jenkins thing? it happened to me aswell

  48. Cant even download cause of this stupid jenkins thing, can someone post a link to the actual download?

  49. whats the jenkins thing some onegive me a password for it

  50. When I click the download buttons, it leads me to a website called Jenkins and i need to sign in or something. HELP?

  51. Do we NEED this for getting the pixelmon mod?

  52. This is annoying. All I am trying to do is install this, and I have tried everything in the replies, but nothing is working. It either works for two seconds then shows a black screen, or it is stuck on the “Done Loading” screen. I delete META-INF and download the right files. I just need some help!

  53. I dont understand how to download any mods at all, so….. modloader?

  54. how do i get any mod to work

  55. Damn stuck on done loading…

  56. How do you open minecraft.jar? When I double click it I get an error. Is it suppossed to be an executable jar file? please help.

  57. get ‘7zip’ – its an unzipping program

  58. CaptainSparklez

    Guys, I tried this mod in my “Lets play series” of modded survival. If you guys dont have Win-RAR orn 7-zip you cant use it, that is probobly why some of you are getting black screens or it isnt working, or you are just not reading the instructions correctly.

  59. Which forge do i get?
    Because i have no idea

  60. otay i’m really confused because idk what to do and i have read the comments up above but i still don’t know what to do can someone please help, maybe give me a link to a video showing how to download this because i’m a visual learner thanks

  61. if you get MCpatcher add forge to it patch it in and then your done

  62. where do you download it

  63. No se… en mi opinion es muy complicado descargar todo esto! todo eso del forge, ect! nesecito ayuda todo resumido de como instalar esto! tengo wndows y un minecrft 1.5.2

    Ayuda porfavor!

  64. Let me get this straight… you need modloader mp installed BEFORE installing Minecraft Forge???

  65. okey.. well i got a fatel error in my minecraft? can anyone help

  66. I dont have a minecraft jar. Or a bin. Help?

  67. I go to install forge and I get an error saying that 2 files did not download


    Any idea what is happening here?

    And yes i did download the latest forge to install.

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