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Minecraft 1.0.0 – Download Minecraft 1.0.0 Jar

Minecraft 1.0.0 – Download Minecraft 1.0.0 Jar. Are you fans of Minecraft? yes this game here after nearly two years development this game, It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. After nearly two years of development Minecraft 1.0.0 has officially been released. We have witnessed this ground breaking game transform from a buggy, simple indie game into a wildly popular game with over 4 million purchases, all before the official release.

Download Minecraft 1.0.0

Of course after release full version Minecraft 1.0.0 adds most of the features that were introduced in the pre-releases and release candidate with some bug fixes. The complete list of changes from Minecraft Beta 1.8.1 to Minecraft 1.0.0 are

Minecraft 1.0.0 Changelogs :

  • Tools make a noise and have a drop animation when depleted or broken.
  • Many sound effects have changed.
  • Bows now have durability. They cannot be be enchanted yet.
  • New passive mob – the Villager – who inhabits villages.
  • Redstone ore mine time much shorter.
  • Redstone dust graphics changed.
  • A ‘Quit’ button has been added.
  • There is now a particle toggle option under Video Settings.
  • Stairs now drop stairs when broken.
  • All explosions now have a different sound.
  • New Mobs: Enderdragon, Mooshroom, Blaze, Magma Cube. Unique ‘player made’ mob: Snow Golem.
  • Animal breeding, including baby versions of pigs, cows and chickens.
  • New dimension and ‘endgame’ scenario added called The End.
  • New structures for the Nether dimension called the Nether Fortresses.
  • New Nether crop – Netherwart. Can only be grown in the Nether.
  • New Nether materials, including Nether brick and Nether fence.
  • More advanced experience collection and usage system, including enchanting of items for tool enhancements.
  • Complete potion making system added, including Brewing Stand block, glass bottles and the ability to brew potions
    from a variety of in game substances and materials.
  • Drinking a bucket of Milk will cure the player of poison effect.
  • Throwing eggs will now spawn a Chick.
  • Return of Ferns.
  • 9 New records of music produced by C418, possibly found in Stronghold chests.
  • New sound effects for eating and drinking.
  • Sun and Moon are square.

Minecraft 1.0.0 Jar

Download Minecraft 1.0.0 jar

Minecraft 1.0.0, i think Mojang still development this game, so will many changes in the future. Hope this Minecraft 1.0.0 have some little bugs, so we can play enjoy this game. Now that we are past the release candidates and pre-release versions mods will soon be made for 1.0.0 Of course, the game is still not finished so there are many more updates on the way. Enjoy playing new Minecraft 1.0.0

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