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Minecraft 1.7.4 ModLoader 1.7.4 Mod

ModLoader 1.7.4 – Download Minecraft ModLoader 1.7.4 Mod. When installing a mods to Minecraft you have to deal with main system’s files, or command lines. That’s all the hard part and can make you run away. With ModLoader 1.7.2, you will life would be much more easier. Just copy and paste the mod in specific all you’re done. Let’s ModLoader 1.7.4 do the difficult tasks for you.

The Adventure Update is here and with that there’s a new version of ModLoader 1.7.4 available. So if you’ve been having trouble installing mods after updating to Minecraft 1.7.4. For those of you who are still in the dark about ModLoader 1.7.4 – it’s a piece of software required for nearly all of the Minecraft mods available. DO NOT SKIP THIS! Modding alters minecraft.jar and may cause SMP not to work with this mod installed. Mods can add new content and it is a bad idea to load old worlds that you played in before you installed this mod. We are not responsible for any accidental damage to your Minecraft copy or computer.

Minecraft ModLoader 1.7.4

ModLoader 1.7.4 Installation


1. Open %appdata% folder by go to Start Menu -> Run and type in %appdata%
2. Go to .minecraft/bin
3. Open minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7Zip
4. Drag and drop your files into the opened minecraft.jar
5. Delete META-INF folder
6. That’s all you have to do

Install ModLoader 1.7.4 on Mac

1. Press Control+Spacebar to open spotlight and type in “Terminal”
– Open
– Type in following commands line-by-line (after each line press enter)
– cd ~
– mkdir mctmp
– cd mctmp
– jar xf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
2. Back to Finder, Do Not close your Terminal and you will find mctmp folder located in your root directory
3. Drag all the files into mctmp folder
4. Back to Terminal app and type in again the following commands
– jar uf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./
– cd ..
– rm -rf mctmp

Below is download link for Modloader, so guys enjoy your mod!


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or by clicking link below :



So guys enjoy this ModLoader 1.7.4


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  1. Didn’t work, got error screen. have yet to find a modloader working for 1.0.0

  2. I get an error” Minecraft has crashed” and some other discription of the error. I have installed many mods before and this just won’t work. I did force update to start fresh but got the same error please help!

    • thats beacouse you didn’t delete the META-INF folder….

      • I have the same problem, but i can’t find the META-INF folder

        • right-click the minecraft.jar file and move your cursor towards 7-Zip and click Open Archive. then right-click META-INF and press delete on your keyboard

          • Mine crashed without the META-INF.

          • Ok… I know wat is goin on… The modloader dosent work for 1.2.4… For some reason it dosent work… Just wait a week or less and it should be fixed… I hope this answers your problems

          • I deleted META-INF from my Minecraft.jar and I got the same error on 1.2.5

        • go to .minecraft bin minecraft.jar open that with 7zip or winrar then ul see the META-INF

      • but iam on xp and (with meta-inf = error screen)
        (without meta-inf = black screen)
        so what to do?

        • you need to delet meta inf if you get black screen then start with a fresh minecraft jar.. black screen means there is something conflicting so just start fresh and make sure you are using the correct version of modloader for the version of minecraft you have

  3. Why does it say it’s for windows,why?

  4. It doen’t work

  5. I did everything u said and nothing happened

  6. Brandon Bigornia

    i also did this my minecraft crashed and i had to re download the game several times i opened it with 7zip i dont know why its not working help me

  7. Aaah, what a 'Disturbed Soul'

    Umm.. I do what you said, and I got a black screen on my minecraft launcher, and I deleted the META-INF folder ‘As you SAID’

  8. i did the mac installation. when i did the last coding, it deleted the file. whyyy

  9. not work .. black screen..
    deleted MET-INF

  10. mod loader is still being tested and it’s bugged right now they where trying to make it as fast as they can and it’s normal to have a bug anyway mod loader doesn’t work 😛

  11. To Fix The Error For Modloader All You Have To Do Is Make A Copy Of Your Java In The Program Files (32 bit) or Program Files (x86) (64 bit) And Paste It Into The Opposite Folder. Lets Say You Run 64 Bit, If You Do You Look Into Your Program Files (x86) Folder And Copy The Java And Paste It Into The Program Files Folder.To Find These Files: Start>Computer>TI106232W0C>Program Files (x86)
    This Goes With 32 Bit Too! This Might Not Work For Some People So Don’t Complain To Me. You Could Also Try A Different Modloader Provider. I Reccommend Risugami!

  12. ITS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i deleted META_INF but still not working!!!

  13. Doesn’t work with toomanyItems mod, can’t use creative mode when i have this mod

  14. This Mod does not work.

    I deleted the entire game folder, started with a complete fresh copy of minecraft (legal registered version)

    I opened minecraft.jar with winrar
    I delete meta_inf
    I open with winrar
    I drag in the files from into minecraft.jar and allow it to overwrite files.
    I start minecraft
    I go into game fine.

    I install using the same method toomanyitems which works just fine without modloader. But once I install ModLoader the game crashes after I install any other mod. If your going to make it work with any mod then make it work with the most popular mod available.

    Until there is a proper working version or one that works with the games MOD folder for a simple install that works. AVOID THIS DOWNLOAD.

  15. I don’t know what is wrong. for some of you it is too late but this one is terrible . Today for me It is March 11 2012 and i updated minecraft again, but i’m not sure

  16. ………complicated for an eleven year old

  17. ummmm wich files do i drag?

  18. I use the unarchiver for making Minecraft.jar into a folder.Then just drag the files and delete META-INF. P.S. I’m 11 and got it in about 10 minutes.

  19. guys this mod does work it has worked for me soo it will work for u

    • Ohh, you are the god of the mods!Can you help me? i do:

      -Put all the ModLoader 1.2.5 int the Minecraft Jar
      -Delete META-INF
      -Run the game

      Then appears <>

      I done everything, start with a fresh unmodded minecrsft [FAIL]
      And even other things.

      Operational System Info

      Windows XP Professional
      I do not know if my computer is 64 or 32 bits



  20. god damn it minecraft brings up error screen and yes i deleted META-inf i have downloaded modloader before so i know what I’m doing >:'(

  21. 1.2.4 Needs updated Modloader to go with it.

    “(still 1.2.3, when this modloader update to 1.2.4 we will put download link asap)”

    Read before bitchin’.

  22. I have a soultion to the crashin problom. Go to the minecraft. folder and delete the mods folder. Than download evreything you need! Hope this helped!

  23. hey everyone, LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!! dont alter you minecraft .jar, its too complex… get the program “mycraft” extract it, drag all the mods (including modloader, you still need that) into the mod folder, and play! its super simple, it takes about 20 econds and it always works!

  24. Guys, PS just use MINECRAFT 1.2.3 Yes, if you backup the 1.2.3 file, you can use the mods LATER.
    If this mod won’t work get a fresh 1.2.3 file then download risugami modloader 1.2.3 , then get your mods.

    Maybe you guys just defeated a kid.
    🙂 😛

  25. my minecraft crashes every time i try to use the modloader i deleted
    meta-inf but it still dosen’t work please help. i’m nothing without mods

  26. Guys, it’s not working because you have other mods installed, wich you installed BEFORE modloader! You have to install modloader first!

  27. Why do my minecraft ALWAYS crash when i install modloader?!?!

  28. It worked but now when I start up Minecraft and login it goes to the MONJANG screen and then the Minecraft window CLOSES

  29. Hopefully someone can help me but I did the modloader process on my mac and copied and pasted the files from the modloader folder to the mctmp folder, using the terminal etc. But how exactly do i install my mod?

  30. can someone just link a preinstalled jar file with mod loader in it…. would make everything so much easier…

  31. my screen is just black anyone got ideas

  32. cant somebody make a video please. plus im on google chrome :/ thanks

  33. good one it will crash…

  34. i have another mod loader but it is not working,cuz before instaal it i forgot to delete META-INF,my works without it 🙂

  35. Guys It worked for me. Move MODLOADER files to minecraft.jar,then delete META-INF, then download the mods you want! It worked for the Diamond Guns Mod 1.2.4

  36. This may help some it fixed my problem, its funny I new it had to be something simple, its not that difficult to delete a meta directory and copy a few files over so why wouldn’t it work. I tried dozens of times, it was I was installing it right every time and every time


    It all this messages why did no one ever mention that !!!!!!!

    • You are a freakin’ genius!!! I have been tearing my hair out trying to make this stupid mod work, and you have supplied me with the answer!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for stating that the browser version doesn’t work. I would never have figured it out otherwise

  37. Thanks is you give Modloader to I 🙂

  38. Can mods in older versions work in 1.2.5?

  39. For those of you who is having problems even though you did exactly what the guide said (even deleted the META-INF folder):

    The modloader uses the directory …\.minecraft\mods
    Try deleting the contents of this directory and launch the game. Worked for me.

  40. On the mac tutorial, when it says ‘Drag all the files into mctmp folder’ which files does it mean?

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  41. Hey, I installed my ModLoader. But then I went to Minecraft to test it, it was on the Mojang opening screen and then it suddenly for a brief moment gave me this weird image of… well it was text I couldn’t read it because a millisecond later minecraft closed down! I tried to launch it another two times but it keeps stuffing up!

  42. i dont know what the hell is going on, but im not sure if the mod is bugged or if its just me cuz i deleted the meta-inf folder and it still didnt work, so i deleted the mod folder and it worked fine, but without the modloader and the clay soldier mod (i was going to download it) i know that u need to put any .jar files into the bins folder and not into the minecraft.jar file. and it still wont work

  43. lol just so you know, the process for mac is pretty much the same for windows, don’t know why you’re doing all that complicated shit

    1. go to ~/library/application support/minecraft/bin
    2. open minecraft.jar with the unarchiver or built in archive utility
    3. rename “minecraft” folder to “minecraft.jar”
    4. drag and drop your files into minecraft.jar
    5. delete meta-inf folder
    6. six steps, just like the pc version


  45. roblox VS minecraft

    well 1.2.5 is new and i got this, too bad i have to redownload minecraft 1.2.5 and i did

  46. Hey i downloaded the mod, then i entered a world and it crashed?
    but why i even tried a new world…


    i put in modloader liek this:
    open with winrar
    then i put the files in by pasting
    then i deleted META-INF
    and closed and ran minecraft
    it went and goes to the mojang logo
    and it then crashes for 0.5 of a sec and closes
    i caught a glipse of it needs to close

  48. i did everything the 1.2.5 minecolony said but it still blackscreens because the bin folder i downloaded cannot handle mods or being without metainf

  49. What about Linux? I got Ubunto 12 running

  50. How do you even install 7zip and run it? I downloaded it and when I looked at the open with it wasn’t there…

  51. I open the minecraft bin and this on windows 7 and dont understand what it means by minecraftjar the only thing in it that has a j is jinput


  52. I did everything right but when you open the game the game lag

  53. it works fine and plus winrar is the best

  54. Omg this wont work it just comes up with stuiped Livid Download 🙁 Gota find another working download 🙁


  56. It says connection failed

  57. You know what ? I’m just thinking about WHY DO WE NEED TO INSTALL MODLOADER BY OURSELVES?!!!??
    I mean… We ALWAYS need it!! Why couldn’t Mojang just include it in the game?? They developped it, they could see THEMSELVES their game crashing, but they would find a solution!!
    Still trying to join them, help me guys!!

  58. snowboardgirl91

    I have a Mac Air and the mac installation is so confusing! and my dad and older brother aren’t much help. why do mods need a modloader anyway?

  59. It won’t work when i do it it just goes black

  60. It won’t even download!

  61. its not working!

  62. I have the solution to the problem of modloader!

  63. I did all the mac commands,and yet it still didn’t work. Help

  64. I downloaded the latest modloader for 1.2.5, installed it, booted Minecraft and it crashed, can somebody please tell me what i’m doing wrong?!?!?!?

  65. how come once ive deleted the META-INF folderit still crashes i did every thing it told me to but it still crashes…. plz help any suggestions

  66. i keep trying to download the modloader but i keep downloading ilivid. am i doing something wrong? where am i meant to click? help!

  67. ddrreeaammyy112233

    wait wait wait drag and drop on a opened minecraft.jar?
    weres that file guys?

  68. do u have to extract the files

  69. Bit Defender has detected malware on this site. I have tried 3 different download links for the modloader, all come up the same. Does anyone have a CLEAN download link?

    • bitdefender sux

      Bit Defender SUX get yourself MicrosoftSecurity Essentials, and superanti spyware CUS ITS NOT MALWARE AT THIS SITE

  70. Modloader+Camera mod=SUPERCRAFT!

  71. i like minecraft

  72. this may sound silly how do you use it to add mods
    ive installed it but how do i use it

  73. I did all the things u r saying. But i unistalled minecraft in mac, deleting the folder in applications support. now i install it again n when i do the things u say to install again modloader, minecraft goes to blackscreen. i can fix that problem? Thank u n sorry for my english.

  74. I deleted the meta-ing folder, and installed MC modloader 1.3.1
    I am using this ON minecraft 1.3.1, and i am still getting the black screen.
    If i try THIS EXACT SAME PROCESS for minecraft 1.2.5, it works.
    no idea why i am getting black screen. please help

  75. Each time I place the files into my .jar and close then open my Minecraft it Black screens, I doubt I’ve done anything wrong. Help?


    anyway i like winrar and jzip best .___.

  78. do i have to un zip the file or i put it in the zip format?

  79. After I installed Modloader, I launched minecraft and it was black. Then it flashed error screeb for about 0.1 seconds and then closed! I don’t what’s wrong. I deleted META-INF, so can anyone please help.

  80. it works yay! 1.3.1

  81. Hey.. so, I can’t drag and drop files from the Modloader folder into the minecraft.jar folder inside the bin… total confused.

  82. Nik the Anonymous

    Ok…i got confused when you need to copy the files into .minecraft/bin Can someone give me advice?

    • If you have WinRAR 7Zip or Jzip Go into bin and open Minecraft.jar
      (Not Minecraft-1.3.1.jar) and when you open it just drag the files in.

      But beware. I havn’t used it yet cuz iidk if its actually working…

  83. umm where is the download i can’t find it

  84. angrybird32495

    how the hell do i get past the ad in the download link???!!!???!!!???!!!

  85. i tried using this to run spawner gui, but minecraft says “internal server error, disconnected by server” (even if i have my internet connection turned off.) if i restart minecraft a couple times, it says it crashed. the error is named server tick loop. has anyone without spawner gui had this problem? i need to know if it’s modloader or spawner gui that messes up minecraft.

  86. To all you guys, modloader do not work for 1.3.1 or 1.2.5. I think they are working on it, but it will proberly take some time :/

  87. I Clicked Download and got ILivid download,and it doesnt say “Skip Add”
    Wth Do i do to download this?

    • You don’t download ILivid, its just a stupid ad. When you click download, it should say in the top right corner ‘Wait 5 seconds’ or something like that. Click ‘SKIP AD’ after 5 seconds, and then you should be brought to the download page.

  88. I approve.

  89. I press ctrl+space and nothing happens. I can’t get any farther.


    WHY? all of the modloader download links takes me to a page that my computer says has malware or a virus. plz help i need modloader

  91. I dnt have minecrat.jar?


  93. Walk1ngD3adMan

    I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I have the latest versions of Minecraft, ModLoader, and Java and I’ve followed the directions exactly. Every time I try and install the mod, Minecraft crashes. I don’t have WinRAR because I have to pay for it. I use 7zip instead. Can someone please help?

  94. sorry. thought i was on claysoldiers site…

  95. I tried all the steps for mac, now how do i install my mod?

  96. i installed it right, have modloader, am not getting blackscreens, but when i install the mod, it doesnt count as installed, i did it right, i searched googly for it, i did everything i could, it wont work for me (p.s. i am on a 32bit windows 7 pc and use winrar)

  97. ok guys suck get over the arguement with winrar and 7ZIP

  98. he every one, how did you all download this modloader. witch link is it?

  99. DontThinkAboutReplying


  100. bad boys bad boys...

    Hey, it’s Kai Jonlemoy here I need help, I get a black screen…

  101. You need to delete the META-INF folder.

  102. The link to Download is broken
    Please fix!

  103. ZiomZiomCreeper

    7Zip is better than WinRAR. I tested this.

  104. you guys are fighting which program is better when they both do the same thing…. =.= now can someone help me, ive downloaded it and have gone through the steps time after time.. but every time i try to transfer the modloader files from the zip to minecraft.jar and start the game i get a screen that says ive crashed.. can anyone tell me what ive done wrong before i drop kick my computer out the window

  105. it wont let me delete meta-inf

  106. i like cheese!!

  107. UR ALL WRONG!!!! winace is da best coz it can open both winrar and 7zip folders

  108. your all a bunch of stupid noobs 7zip sucks balls and its such a pain in the ass not to mention its designed for win vista and higher.. and for those that say winrar is not free yes it is do to a bug in the program after the trial expires you can still use it for free.. enough said winrar is the best and if you disagree well too dam bad because your probably just a noob and I wasn’t asking for your input any choke on it

  109. Why are people wasting time arguing about WinRAR and 7zip? Modding is basically Java programming, so use the Java programming tools that come with the JDK (Java Development Kit). Specifically the “jar” program which (you guessed it) is a program that allows you to (among other things) add and remove class files from a JAR file.

  110. When i download this it says it is Mod loader 1.3.1…

    is this loader out of date???

    plz help or direct me to an up to date one.

  111. When I tried to use this with Magic Launcher, I hit the”Test” button, and MC just CRASHED! I tried this multiple times, and it STILL CRASHED!

  112. There is no need for this it isnt a challenge

  113. does it work when you drag it into minecraft.jar with winzip 16.5?

  114. ummm…. having trouble finding download just keeps givin me ilvid help?!?!

  115. press client not server

  116. Does modloader works with forge?

  117. who needs any of those when you have MCpatcher *just my opinion*

  118. Did not work- error message- the file doesn’t exist-minecraft,jar
    I cant get any freaking mods now!!

  119. Everytime i try to download Winrar it always says “Cannot create file” Or something like that. What do i do!?

  120. I know it says “bad idea to load worlds from before this installation” but the only reason im getting this mod is to USE on my worlds..duh? So, can I install it and safely play or not?? Someone reply pl0x. 😛

  121. How do i install it if u call me a retard i hope herobrine says wake up in ur dreams

  122. Old Man Jenkins

    When it says drag files into mctmp what files are u talking about?

  123. There’s no Minecraft.jar in my .Minecraft/bin

  124. it didnt work im only 11 could you plz simplify it

  125. Well, i cant do modloader to any other minecraft game, just 1.3.2!
    If you dont have this problem, then what the fuck?!

  126. where do you download it for windows 7?

  127. Okaaaaayyyyyyyyyy……
    look you guys have some idiotic “black out” problem so your minecraft crashes!
    But look at mine it works but when i press E it says “modloader off” how to on it?

  128. I hate all of you.

  129. thers’s so many links which one do I click :/

  130. For mac “drag all files in” Meaning minecraft files or EVERY file? Please resond ASAP

  131. Every time I try to download ModLoader to my Mac, a Windows-only application, iLividSetup.exe, is downloaded instead. Since it is Windows-only, it is useless to me. How can I download ModLoader to a Mac? The fact that there are Mac installation instructions tells me that I could use ModLoader if only I could download it in the first place…. 🙁

  132. I downloaded it, dragged the modloaderfiles in to minecraft.jar but there is no mods folder. oh i also deleted the META INF folder

  133. Do you need to extract the files?

  134. does not work on my mac air

  135. i just cant figure this crap out!

  136. hey i downloaded it and did not work what the heck

  137. estrella tang sher qi

    I <3 TO PLAY MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Hey guys, where the hell is my minecraft.jar? It isnt in my bin, so I tried to just create a new folder and name it “minecraft.jar” but then it says that there’s already a folder named that. Help?

    P.S: If it helps, I’m on a PC.

    • type minecraft.jar in the run/ start button and “R” then type in minecraft.jar but you’ll need WINRAR or 7ZIP to open it i’m pretty sure it’s a .RAR file if tht helps!?

    • Cristian A. Cuellar

      dude you see in your bin its says minecraft open that up with winrar amd look up where is called then it would say minecraft.jar

  139. I’ve used modloader for a long time, and every time minecraft gets an update, I quickly come here to get the latest modloader update. This update however doesn’t seem to work with 1.4.4. I install using the instructions given, the same way as always, and right after I get the mojang logo, the screen turns black and nothing happens.

    Please help. Thanks.

  140. i’ve got the zeppelin mod for minecraft 1.4.2 lol

    • it’s the coolest mod ever but mabye there are some better ones but this on is still pretty cool! GO ZEPPELIN MOD!!! lol

  141. ?! When I try to connect to a server it says “Internal server error”

  142. Where is the real download? Which download is it? There is too many ads here i don’t know which one to choose…

  143. i use both and i like winrar better

  144. i did what it told me but i got a black screen how do i fix this?

  145. World edit CUI is a load of crap, when you install it, nothing happens. It doesnt work. Whoever made this is an idiot, they didnt even test it before putting it on the website.

  146. I couldn’t get it to download

  147. Doesnt do anything. maby i did it wrong?

  148. I don’t have the file minecraft.jar. What should I do? – Thanks

  149. on my mac when i type (rm META-INF/MOJANG_C.*) in terminal it says no such file or directory

  150. I did just what it said but i dont have the mod window in minecraft please help me out

  151. Mah winrar aint working!

  152. i cant delete the Meta thing i use a PC

    • What? just go to %appdata% and open the bin folder.
      then right click open 1.4.6 with winrar and delete the folder labeled META-INF

  153. pooh

  154. Awesome Winrar versus 7zip War =D

    Im gonna join Winrars side!

    YOU SHALL DIE 7ZIP! *stabs creator with knife and shoots his evil guards*

    *I turn around just in time to dodge a nearby bullet* “WOAH!” *I shout* *I pull my machine gun out and fire and spray randomly round the room*
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  156. Doesn’t work on linux.

  157. get magic launcher its much esier

  158. ohhhh my god carrots and cabbage this is like Auschwitz [german concentration camp] 🙁

  159. Does minecraft launcher works with mcpatcher in my computer? (desktop or whatever u wanna call it) Pls Answer tnx.

  160. -_-‘ i use this modloader for building a fort not for noobish ways.

  161. didnt work the screeen went black when i logged into minecraft

  162. winRAR, JZip, 7Zip PEAzip… Which one…. Just get linux its free and it has .rar, .zip, .jar archive opening… tar.* files the lot…

    • Winrar is also free. after 30 days it opens a thing telling you to buy but you can just ignore it and keep using it.

  163. It doesn’t work on Mac!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. i cant find anything to download mods i wish they would just put up a icon on the minecraft home screen (the one thats got multiplayer and stuff) and then a list of mods comes up and you click twice on the mod and youve got it.

  165. im about to kill myself because of comments

  166. chop off some balls

  167. me, my self and I

    mi minecraft is crashing when it is making the world what could it be???

  168. TheMiNeCrAfTPeRsOn

    So does this work with 1.4.6 Minecraft?

  169. HELP!I download it[the zip] and put them in the minecraft.jar I did not delete the metea-inf my verion is 1.4.6 when I go in to my minecraft I have a black screen anyway I have linux/ubuntu

    • That’s exactly why. You didn’t delete META-INF. Delete it or your problem will never be solved EVER.

    • Jesus Christ.

      Open your Meta-Inf folder and delete Manifest.MF “ONLY”!!!!
      Leave the ones which say Mojang and then you should NOT get a black screen.

  170. You guys don’t need winrar! you just change the file name to and it will work!

  171. JEEEEZ PEOPLE CALM DOWN!!!!! They’re just programs that do the exact same thing. They both get the job done and thats all that matters

  172. I’m Batman

  173. Guys if you are getting a black screen do this.
    Delete your “minecraft.jar” then start Minecraft to download a new one.
    Now install your mod again but this time instead of deleting the folder
    “Meta-inf” open it and then delete “Manifest.MF” this will solve your problem with black screens after installing mods. It helped me and I found out about it my self.

  174. i do my correctly and minecraft works and evey thing but it doesnt work

  175. Nun-ya Buisness

    I have tried to use this on 1.4.6 and it just comes up with an error EVERY time. I have force-updated and even just opened it with that single mod and it still doesn’t work. Yes I have deleted the META-INF

  176. all of the comments are about Winrar -vs- 7zip

    i use a mac… The unarchiver FTW! lol

    btw I need help with something wth is a root directory (im sorry for being technologically stupid :P)

  177. Is modloader compatible with forge? I was seeing to install forge with modloader and a compatibility error came up with my mcpatcher. I’m not sure if this is mcpatcher, or the truth.

    I’m on a mac, and, therefore, have, usually, exceptions when it comes to available mods. This might just be forge and my computer. I would appreciate some feedback.

    Thank you very much

  178. I have a Mac so… I can’t say which one is better ( WinRar or 7Zip ) Plus who dafuq cares?! THEY

  179. This is complete hell, I’ve been trying to install a mod for my kid for about a month, when I install this particular Modloader I get the black screen, and yes I did follow the instructions and read volumes on how to do this, and yes we tried it on three different computers, what a nightmare, why isn’t Modloader just built in to Minecraft, duh?

  180. Thanks 🙂

  181. i copied the thing on my mincraft jar and i delete META IF folder but they didi`nt work help please

  182. Very Nice ! ^^

  183. Easy, You also may it Magic Minecraft is working it easy MODS, They’re work, You anymore blackscreen is when get delete META-inf You did not yet an any it also it don’t get Delete META-inf, It working.
    Please take send your didn’t work see your window.
    Window Name:
    On Verison:
    What’s your black screen?:
    Window Name: Vista
    On Verison: ANY
    What’s your black screen?: No
    Don’t get cheat copying exmaple!

  184. please work this time!!! D:

  185. How do i download Minecraft 1.4.7 ModLoader?? do i click the “download Now” button at the top? well…i tried that but it downloads something called Mplayer, is that “minecraft Mod Loader?? what do i do?

  186. It keeps coming up with “Done Loading” what do i do

  187. I prefer Winrar its free and usful to minecraft too!!! 😀

  188. Alla Fine Sul Terminale Mi Esce Scritto “Command Not Found”!

  189. hangi butonla indircez :S

  190. WTH! someone got direct link. instead of this attention whore.

  191. so I liked it, and I still see no downoad link.
    Why the hell can’t you just post the link for us non social people? D:
    instead of making me go and make a facebook just so see a link.

    • ‘Cause that’s how they make money; the more you click on links the better for them. They don’t want you to find it easy. They are greedy.

  192. What is the link for ModLoader , I liked it and it’s not appearing!

  193. cant even download it, no matter wich download button i push i juts get sendt to this bullshitt site asking for my phone number, remove those add, then i’ll consider downloading this

  194. whats the link :s

  195. Okay, if anyone is reading this who owns a Mac and who can help me out–the directions for Mac users above have left me confused. Step 3 says to “Drag all the files into mctmp folder.” But it doesn’t say WHAT files. There’s already a lot of stuff in the mctmp folder–a bunch of java class files, specifically. Do I need to move anything else in? Are these the files I need to move in, and did it somehow get done automatically? Help!

  196. There is no Minecraft.jar in my bin folder. How do I place modloader?

  197. What do you think you are doing trying to get likes and votes?I don’t have a twitter account or facebook or anything and I can’t get any mods that need mod loader!!

  198. Where the hell is the link? They all send me to this weird ‘play’ website…

  199. WTF, I tweeted but the link doesnt show up. Why can’t I just download this file without the dumb ‘like’ requirement?

  200. ?EpicGamer998?

    You are all Noobs unrar is the Best

  201. 7Zip doofuses its free 😛

  202. the modloader sounds cool

  203. Im on a mac and i have no clue what files it means on the 4th step, can someone halp?

  204. I have no minecraft.jar! WHY?!


  206. im the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. Win rar is the best, period.

  208. i cant find the download link. pls help

  209. where is the download button?

  210. I cant find the download either

  211. Ya i cant find the stupid thing either

  212. can you please give thor mod please i don’t have a mod or a modlader so please i’m beging you

  213. Listen here. I’m glad the Winrar and 7-Zip thing is off. But just in case it happens again:
    Winrar and 7-Zip do the same thing. There is no point in, well, having a point in which is best. Winrar says something about paying for it, but you can still use it. 7-Zip doesn’t which is fine but makes it no better than Winrar. They both almost have the same rating. No one cares which one is best. I use both each day. Stop arguing about it.

  214. The 1.5 update(redstone) has been released but u get a black screen even if u already deleted the meta-inf. plz help

  215. 7zip is the best are you all stupid???

  216. I need help i have installed modloader and all i get when i start minecraft is a black screen

    PLZ help


  218. Shupupaboutboth7zopandwinrar

    Guys For god sake stfu about both winrar/7zip, there both ok, all there used for is files(and other things),not for arguing about them like kids.

  219. 3264125384637857823

    I can’t get the files into my Minecraft.jar file.

  220. I can’t see the download links, where are they?


  222. All it did is made minecraft run slower

  223. Got me to a stupid Adfly(tm)page and didn’t download. What’s going on about that!?

  224. LOOL
    Winrar is the best
    Than ZIP!

  225. Louise the GIRL

    Hi im Louise the GIRL um i need to tell you’s somethin i cannot i say cannot install i cannot get it it gets me to do other stuff like install evrything to wreck my computer >:0 i nedd help someone plz reply if they can help me get it plz 🙂

    Thx fromm Louise the GIRL

  226. STAhP rguing ppl u r just dooing nothing but blab about 7zip or winrar or Jzip

  227. coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  228. HELP! I have downloaded modloader. I have put modloader 1.5.2zip into .minecraft.jar. I trying to extract this file with WinRAR, but it won’t let me. Do I have to unzip to use in minecraft.jar, I would assume so, or does it open itself.

  229. its in wrong langwige

  230. slenderdragon12

    How Do You Get The Mod Folder

  231. dosnt work i have to sit with normal minecraft 🙁

  232. lol cool poop you

  233. bubba_nguyen156


  234. Hey um I’m trying to download this after the 1.6.1 update and in my .minecraft file there is no bin? What should I do for this problem?

  235. The mincraft folder under Mac does not have a dictionary named “bin” and no “minecraft.jar”.
    So i can’t reassemble the modded version for minecraft.

  236. There is no “bin” folder anymore update your site

  237. 1.6.2 does not have a bin folder. I tried installing it in the versions folder but it didn’t work. This guide does not work for 1.6.2.

  238. Hi
    I am at my wits end with trying to install Minecraft mods on my Mac.
    Modloader, magiclauncher any mod you can think of just does not work for me. I have spammed the MC forums that I know about and have people on servers laughing at me because I cant get it to work.
    Ive followed the instructions above (And I admit I am blindly copying text i have no idea what it means) and it all seams fine until the line of
    – rm META-INF/MOJANG_C.*
    where I just get an error message returned. I continued anyway and it completes with no effect.

    Please help.

  239. kingroblox6530

    UHH *BIN* FOLDER IS THE PROBLEM!1! SAME HERE I have no bin folder ( ._.)

  240. Andrew Leverence

    If my screen goes blank after setting everything up, what did i do wrong?

  241. jsou v 1,6,2 kone

  242. Why do these downloadpages contain all these fucking ad links?? Where the hell is the download link I am looking for??

  243. Mac commands do not work within the terminal. This instruction for Mac was clearly written a while ago and the author does not have a Mac or experience or utilising one on a lamens or technical basis.

    Looking at the alternative to Modloader, I suggest other Mac users do the same.

  244. this is a a cool plase

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