Mine Little Pony Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

By | Aug 30, 2014

Mine Little Pony Mod – Download Mine Little Pony Mod for Minecraft. Well guys, this mod was update again and now working fine with your latest minecraft. This mod adds new player models and textures that make players look like ponies, in the style of the TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”. So amazing, i recommended this Mine Little Pony Mod to be installed at your minecraft. Enjoy!

Mine Little Pony Mod

This Mine Little Pony Mod Fixed skins so they don’t have beards. Once the mod is installed, you and all other players will look like ponies in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Players who aren’t using a special pony skin will look like one of the background ponies from the show (as the default player skins are not fully compatible with this mod). Added animations for bows. Pony skins are backwards-compatible with the original player model, so they look fine to any player who doesn’t have the mod installed (those players just won’t see the pony models).

You can be an earth pony, a pegasus, a unicorn or an alicorn. So guys! if you want to install and download this Mine Little Pony Mod, we have put download and install tutorial at end of this post. Big thank and credit must go to Verdana as creator this awesome Mine Little Pony Mod.

Mine Little Pony Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

Mine Little Pony Mod Updates

  • Compatibility with newest Minecraft. Massive refactoring. Lots of new compatibility stuff. New pony armour.
  • Advanced skins!
  • Updated pony models
  • Super-compatible install!
  • So many new ponies!
  • Works with Minecraft 1.7 and 1.8

Mine Little Pony Mod Installations for Minecraft

Back up your original minecraft.jar before you install this mod! Otherwise you won’t be able to remove this mod without re-installing Minecraft.

You need to download and install LiteLoader to use Mine Little Pony.

  1. Download the LiteLoader installer here
  2. Optionally, if you need to use Forge mods too, you must install Minecraft Forge first, before installing LiteLoader. Then chain LiteLoader to Forge when given the option in the LiteLoader installer. Don’t select that option if you don’t want to use Forge.
  3. If you need to make lots of different other mods and loaders work together, I strongly recommend you read this.
  4. Once you have LiteLoader (and any other mods and loaders) installed, download the Mine Little Pony mod.
  5. Place the Mine Little Pony litemod file you downloaded into your Minecraft mods folder.
  6. You must select the “LiteLoader” profile when launching Minecraft.

Before leaving this post, we invite you to share about mod especially for latest Mine Little Pony Mod updates features and any other details about. You whose already using this Mine Little Pony Mod, then you can feel free to give comment about tips, trick or better glass comparison. Until next post guys, have fun with this popular Mine Little Pony Mod

Download Mine Little Pony Mod 1.6.4

Download Mine Little Pony Mod 1.7.2

Download Mine Little Pony Mod 1.7.10

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91 thoughts on “Mine Little Pony Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

    1. gunhammer5000

      you are not alone. brohoof my good man, brohoof.

        1. devon

          you change your skin the exact same as any other, go to minecraft.net, go to your profile, upload a skin

          1. Noobly_woo

            How do you make a specific pony skin? Like so the little icon on the ponys hip doesnt fail?

          2. VampirissLilly

            How do I download it? This 1.5 link wont let me click it ;A;

      1. KingKai12

        So am I! My friend who made me a brony said I should get this mod. I always wanted it. AND THEN IT DOESN’T WORK!. No matter what I try it wont work so I’m very sad now.

        1. Mecuon

          Actually, It doesn’t work because of the 1.3.1 update. If you updated Minecraft to 1.3.1, Then you offically CANNOT use this mod. I’m very sorry.

          1. bendit211

            I have magic launcher its very good

          2. Billy Bob Joe

            i have magic launcher but when i add the mod and madloader it says no mods found it it doesn’t work whats wrong! and what are the nessary files?

      2. evilArch3r

        HELP! someone please make a 1.4.2 installer, my mac won’t work and i can’t install it! And i can’t download the unarchiver right now, so i am stuck
        PLEASE HELP!
        /) brohoof

  1. Aldebaran

    I must be doing it wrong. Minecraft loads up just fine, but when I click Single Player, it goes to a black screen. Help?

      1. FangFang668

        It happens to me too and I dont have meta inf in my folder/

    1. zcjwarp

      ok what you need to do is install mcpatcher and it should work, if you did this with mc patcher and its a black screen then use 8bit to do it the crapy way :( thats what im guessing i cant even get it to work on Mcpatcher so im trying to fix :/

    1. Cameron

      Me too i dont know how to change the skins but i will find how on the interwebs :3

    2. FangFang668

      First you must find out what you look like, go into the mobs folder and drag the pony skins out into a new folder. Then, look for the pony you are and change it.

      1. tralalaa

        but how to change it? I saw mine then what do I do?

      1. Hanna

        You probably found out by now, but a Brony is a person that loves the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

      2. Saywhat

        A brony is a fan of MLP I guess but sometimes they just call them bronies as boys and pegasisters for girls

  2. SmileyPandaBear

    Lovely Mod, Just Made a video on it providing the link to this page

  3. lolliepop

    what extually is it suppose to do i don’t see any differance

  4. lilpopo392

    i tried to do it, but minecraft crashes when i try to open my inventory

  5. MasterTofu

    Just one quisten why can i only be 1! Pony -.- and no outhere ponys…

    1. battlepanda12

      go on a multiplayer server… everyone is ponies!!!

      1. Saywhat

        DURP. You said everyone LET ME CORRECT YOU, Everypony*

  6. ribbitrabbit20


  7. Hanna

    Haha, two Pinkie Pie’s in the picture. That’s totally Pinkie!

  8. conor

    every time i clicke to open my inventory or go into third person it shuts down

  9. NOonmrhacker

    i wanna help where i find the village i wanna the link anyoneknow the link typ it plzz

  10. Katfan27

    I use this mod to play on a very dedicated Mlp and brony server!
    One of the best out there!

    1. crime00

      All Bronies and PegaSisters I found out why its crashing try downloading Minecraft Forge, its like a modloader except it will open it normally. ps. when you have forge put My little pony rar/zip and folder in mods if not have it or something make a new folder called mods in .minecraft then when you want to

      Folder is required
      Zip/Rar is required

      It might work but might not show your character if pony. Hope it helps

      Look for me on servers im crime00

    1. KingKai12

      Find Vinyl Scratch’s picture in all of the pngs, then delete all of them but that one.

  11. RainbowToast

    ermz…. I do everything it says to do but it doesnt work 😛 Any help? (Wait…. I dont use Modloader is that the problem?)

    1. Zephyr_Strife

      well, I use MAgic launcher to have the mods installed easier… but I’m having the same problem, I even have modloader installed to it and it’s still not working, we’re in the same boat friend.

  12. rihanna

    who wants tickets 2 my next concert and having a chance 2 meet me?

  13. djcpmgp

    nice i downloaded this gonna check it outo LIKEABAWS style

  14. Brian

    Yeah, I did this exactly how it said but when I open up any server or world My screen is COMPLETELY black. I even deleted the META-INF file. Someone help me!

  15. Irma

    How do i change the pony character to something else without buying it?

  16. Mrdrprofesser

    TOO MANY download buttons D:< which one is the right one that wont give me a fake walmart gift card?!?!? heeelp meeee i am a brony in need D:

  17. Mrdrprofesser

    There is too many adds and download buttons Which one wont give me a “free” walmart gift card? help me S: i am a brony in need :3

  18. Calico197

    I tried to download and I followed the steps of the video but when I tried to download it and log in to minecraft my minecraft crashed! someone please tell me what to do. You can recommend a video for minecraft 1.2.5 on a mac.

  19. Brony12423

    I don’t know how to fly as a pegasus! (alicorn)Can you, or is it just decoration?

  20. Spiky Wykie

    Any pony know a good MLP modded server?please,send me an email to [email protected]

  21. Brony

    Sorry if I must say, I use a Twilight Sparkle skin and both my horn and my flank are black. Is there any way you could fix this, if it is a problem with the mod?

  22. xboxgamer969

    same here, Mod works perfectly fine but the skins are kinda messed up :/
    any way to fix the skin problem, please let us know.

  23. mr_glibb

    how do i change eg. ground pony==>alicorn? and how do i fly?

  24. Superagent66

    I have Magic Launcher and I really need HELP! It says No mods found, but so does my Mutant Creatures and that works. I need help or a link for a Magic Launcher specific Download!
    Thank you in advance.

  25. Candy8358

    How come my pony is ugly can u change it to a awesome pony?

  26. mrzain

    hello im a brony i love my little pony i watch the last ep and i saw evrey pony chang her cutie mark not all or more i am a brony trust me

  27. mrzain

    hello im a brony i love my little pony i watch the last ep and i saw evrey pony chang her cutie mark not all or more i am a brony trust me. that is true please

  28. Raer

    Where’s the download link? :/ Either its not working or.. not there. Or im just stupid. And can’t see it.

  29. kaitlyn

    I want to download, but my internet explorer wont work, and google chrome doesn’t help! how can I download?

  30. Rayann

    Brony For Life I Can’t Wait To Play It Looks So Much Fun 😀


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