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MCPatcher HD Fix 1.7.9/1.7.2

Apr 19, 2014 BY 128 Comments

MCPatcher HD Fix  – Download MCPatcher HD fix for Minecraft 1.7.9/1.7.2. Well hello guys, after Minecraft 1.7.9 has been released some many mods and texture packs or resource packs has been update too for your latest minecraft. MCPatcher HD Fix uses the largest and scales everything up to that size. This means that a 32x terrain.png and 32x items.png will be scaled to 128x if used in a pack with a 128x custom water texture. So guys you must download this MCPatcher for installing any texture pack in your minecraft

MCPatcher HD Fix Creator

Thank to Kahr for makes this awesome MCPatcher HD Fix tools, MCPatcher is a bytecode-level patcher for Minecraft. The main use right now is changing the hard-coded texture sizes, but it is eventually intended to apply arbitrary patches.

MCPATCHER HD Fix 1.7.8/1.7.2

MCPatcher HD Fix Installation

  1. Download MCPatcher HD Fix (for Windows) or .jar (for other platforms such as Mac)
  2. Launch the MCPatcher and you should see something like this
  3. Then click “Patch” button, you don’t have to select any texture packs yet.
  4. Start the game then go to Mods and Texture Packs
  5. Click open texture pack, if nothing appear then you manually browse to texturepacks folder in Mincraft directory.
  6. Copy all texture packs that you have downloaded in there.
  7. Enjoy switching in to different feels.

Download MCPatcher HD Fix 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

Download MCPatcher HD Fix 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4

Download MCPatcher HD Fix 1.7.2 for Minecraft 1.7.2

Download MCPatcher HD Fix 1.7.8 for Minecraft 1.7.8

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128 thoughts on “MCPatcher HD Fix 1.7.9/1.7.2”


is is fatts mcgee, and my gumpling tree stands tall and free, until frang dirpree stole my children three. He also took my front door, now my gumpling tree is quite floppy and poor

Does anyone have a new bug with the inventory with this installed? where you can’t pick up anything or hit anyone in pvp or hit mobs. I am just wondering if its a new 1.4.6 bug or maybe its McPatcher?

just take the zip file and right click then select open. it should work. if not then get someone who isnt an idioT XD

AGHHHH It keeps saying I cant patch it because of my Jar then even when I clear my mods and stuff IT STILL ISNT WORKING!!!

When you enter the Patcher, put the mod’s zip file and the modloader zip file in the same place. Click add mod, find the files from there, and select them. Do this for both zip files. The patcher may have other fixes you may like, so just choose any. When you are done selecting, click patch and everything is done. Hope this tip helped…

This latest MCPatcher isn’t working for me. I can’t use texture packs that have a resolution higher than 16×16. If I use… say a 32×32 texture pack, Minecraft crashes. Help?

i have a question, if i press the patch button and i have a texture pack does that patch the texture pack according to the version of minecraft?

click on the one that says Download MCPatcher HD Fix 1.3.2 for Minecraft 1.3.2 or the one that says Download MCPatcher HD Fix 1.2.5 for Minecraft 1.2.5

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Why does can’t I click the box HD Textures when my jar has already mods? I tried patching the original jar first then install the mods but I just get a black screen after the Mojang screen.

I downloaded the MC Patcher and now minecraft won’t work. I log in and then it just comes up with a black screen. What do I do? I deleted the MC Patcher but it still won’t work.

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Clearly I’m having the same trouble a lot of other people are having, though the flaming on this board doesn’t inspire me with confidence. At any rate, when I try to use the patcher, I get an error message that tells me I have an old version of minecraft (I don’t…I have 1.4.7, which seems to be the newest version). It also gives me instructions on what to do. Basically, I need to delete the minecraft.jar and mincraft.1.4.7.jar, then “re-download the game using the launcher.” I assume this means the FTB launcher I’ve been using. When I do this, the only option I have to launch the game, and the .jar files are reloaded. The game starts up, and it has my texture pack (Wolfcraft 4.3 Vanilla) still installed. Everything remains the same…there are still graphics like the torches that say I need an HD Patcher.

I tried to go back to the default texture, and load Wolfcraft into the patcher…I hit patch. When I went back into minecraft, it tries to load, but it doesn’t even get to the Mojang screen…it’s just black. But it doesn’t freeze. I can turn it off without waiting for it to think about things.

Clearly I’m doing something wrong, or I don’t have the right pieces working together. Since I’m using FTB do I need to load every associated mod into the patcher? Would I need to do this after I delete the .jar files and before I try to launch it? It’s very frustrating…I just want stuff to work.

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