Little Blocks Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

By | Apr 6, 2014

Little Blocks Mod – Download Little Blocks Mod for Minecraft. Well guys! this is my favorite mod and now working fine with your latest minecraft. This Mod basically allows you to build on small scales, one normal block is 512 mini blocks (8x8x8). Basically if not for anything else it’d seriously decrease size of redstone circutry (yes, redstone still works under certain conditions). There are a couple of cases of large redstone circutry that, with this mod, fit on one block. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install Little Blocks Mod ? just see my post below

Little Blocks Mod

Little Blocks Mod, you can make blocks that are 1/512 of a block (8 in each dimension). Do not use water, beds or crops in little blocks. There isn’t really a more little block that you can hold in your hands but you have a block of little blocks. This block is crafted with one dirt (We weren’t really inspired) and when you place this block you can put other block on it and these block will be condensed as 1/512 of a block.

Minecraft Little Blocks Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

Many thank and credit must go to VengeurK as developer this awesome Little Blocks Mod. We really appreciate your mod and i hope you can make another popular mods in the future.

Little Blocks Mod Installations for Minecraft

Required : slimvoid library

  1. Install Minecraft forge : If you don’t have installed Forge yet, drop all files from the archive to your minecraft.jar or minecraft_server.jar.
  2. For the client, delete META-INF folder.
  3. Put mods archives to the mods folder ( and
  4. Enjoy

This Little Blocks Mod should almost be compatible with every mod that uses Minecraft Forge. It was made using both and without modifying any Class. So guys if you want to install and download this mod, just follow link above including install tutorial for Minecraft Little Blocks Mod

Download Little Blocks Mod 1.6.4

Download Little Blocks Mod 1.7.2

Download Slime Void Library

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67 thoughts on “Little Blocks Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

  1. Peter Hudson

    When you load this mod as per your instructions you get a message saying the net folder already exists in MInecraft.jar and do you want to overwrite it. What should the answer be? If I say yes it will overwrite Minecraft Client which I think would be a BAD! thing. I am running Minecraft 1.1.0 on an iMac.

    1. VickyJ

      same problem. have you figured it out? I tried placing the little blocks folder inside the net but it crashed

      1. ElgrEENo1997

        i cant seem to find the actuall mod block for Little Blocks mod anywhere in the inventory in the creative section at all.

        Please help me find it. :) thankyou 😀

        1. joaopada

          Dude, i think there isn’t the block in the creative section, u need to craft it: one block of dirt into the crafting table(recipe is shapeless)

          1. Morzie

            place a crafting table and make one then continue from there

          2. yort

            plz link a craft guide dudes and dudetts

    2. Isaac whitehead

      I’ve installed the mod just fine its just when I’m playing a certain little block may not appear when I place it and after a while it will save and crash… help?

    3. JONMARK

      I instaled the mod. I found the little blocks in NEI, I place it down, I get the smaller block selector, but when I place a block down it is invisable. How do I fix this

    4. Znander

      If it says that rename your to and then install it if that wont work just rename your now to again

  2. Douglas

    I just have downloaded the mod and installed i, i search some videos and i see that i can stay small.. but i don’t know how to make it
    sorry if my english is bad

    1. Chris

      Oh, I see what you mean. That is the Gulliver Mod (Shrink Mod) and the Little Blocks Mod combined. They ARE compatible though seeing as other people could play with both installed. Hope this helped you. Just a quick recap, they are two SEPARATE mods.

  3. Chandler

    I got the “little blocks block” but I don’t know what to do from there how do i get the little blocks?

    1. Mitchelltrt

      if you have the “little blocks block” in your hand, place it down. It will not take any space, but your blocks will be small when placed on it.

    2. sherif

      place any block in that little blocks block and it will become small

      1. Sawy586

        I put dirt in crafting and nothing came up! I have all the files in “mods” under minecraft.bin but putting dirt in crafting doesn’t help.

        If it matters I’m on Creative Mode.

        1. Sawy586

          Wait never mind I redownloaded it to make sure I had all the files in the right places and now Minecraft just crashes…

  4. El Fra

    En algunos Videos el personaje se hacia pequeño… como hacen eso?

  5. AK

    I cannot get it to work. I have modloader but when I put the .zip into the mod folder and open minecraft it crashes.

  6. AiR

    ^ tried many times installing following steps verbatim, but the game crashes every time. *sigh*

  7. Matt

    For some reason redstone is refusing to work on my little blocks. When I place redstone next to each other they are destroyed. Any help?

  8. José

    my game is crashing,i install modloader,amd i copy all files to minecraft.jar, but,when i start the game,it’s crash. I have tried put only the files not puting in any folder,i tried put the only the files class and the folder “little block” in net/minecraft. ihave do everything,help me please

  9. sherif

    when I place a redstone repeater and put power next to it it dosen’t go

    1. walikai

      please someone tell me if and when this mod will be available for 1.2.3. it currently crashes after the mojang screen.. I was really looking forward to this mod..

  10. flarespeed

    if you quit to title then come back you can destroy individual little blocks. i just chanced upon this after i messed up on my tiny house, rage quit, and then logged back on to start over again.

  11. TreekittyofDeath

    Whoever made this mod needs to update it for 1.2.4. I was working on a pixel art and the update came out and now I cant finish it. PLEASE Update.

  12. Folley


  13. joey

    ya Folley update update update plz 1.2.5 i will be happy =D =D =D if updated tomarow k

  14. dan


  15. Tomik

    Prosim povedzte mi ako sa mozem zmensit lebo vo viacerich videach som videl ako sa zmensuju.Prosiiiiim.

    1. wdcook4

      You have to have the GULLIVER mod with the LITTLE BLOCKS MOD to shrink you MUST have the Gulliver mod WITH the Little Blocks Mod!

  16. Voda

    Mod is dead, its not working whit mod loader (crashes the game) anymore and has not for a while now. without it does not seem to work either

  17. channy

    how do you shrink. i found out a guy could shrink and go in the house made of little blocks. i want to do that but how???

  18. durich_

    i’ve already tried instaling this mod many times but every time i open minecraft the game crashes. i’ve alredy done every thing right i’ve deleted my .minecraft and created a new one so there were no mods instaed, i’ve downloaded the mod and mod loader and deleted meta-inf but it still doesn’t work

    1. keno

      HEY EVERYONE, If you dont install modloaderMP the game will crash with just modloader, so install then try again.

  19. MATT

    how is just downloading and installing modloader and modloadermp get u the mod

  20. Sidion

    I have found a bug in the mod, if you place a restone wire in the center of an edge of a little block, then place a redstone wire on the regular block ‘connecting’ them will cause the game to crash. [minecraft 1.2.5 creative single player]

  21. lilsheep

    when i download and install this mod my minecraft crashes, almost any other mod works but when i install this one minecraft crashes, please help.

  22. Rach

    Hey iv just downloaded the mob and done everything, BUTTTTTT i cant find the little block block i dont know if its due to my texture pack (im using the one Yogscast are using for the Tekkit videos) but i cant find it :/ help?! x

    1. heavyd

      it isnt on creative selection you have to craft it urself or get it through

  23. heavyd

    i have littleblocks and everything is working but is there a way u can only break 1 small block instead of having to break all the blocls on the little blocks block?

  24. Golempuncher

    when i build a redstone clockwork it doesnt works!Help!
    sorry when my english is bad

  25. PieMa5ter11

    When is the update to 1.3.2 coming out? I’m a frequent Minecraft player and I use this mod a lot. Can someone please update?!

  26. BOOMzombie456

    do u need minecraft forge coz it makes my game lagout completely!

    If anybody replies call me Boom.

  27. issacwv

    how do you get it without it trying to change your pc

  28. J

    Hi there,
    Really great mod, i hope to integrate this into MC together with Redpower (which didn’t update recently)

    But as I found out there’s some problem if I install this Mod together with buildcraft.
    “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 150 is already occupied by buildcraft.factory.BlockMiningWell@5787f270 when adding littleblocks.blocks.BlockLittleBlocks@1e3dc3f5”

    I used:
    and Magic Launcher to assemble everything.

    See full Stack-trace from MC of error here:

    Thanks for any help and cheers


    my works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes i play it because i play other games but i still like it

  30. Dinjoralo

    I can’t seem to use this. Loading the game with Modloader and Forge? Good. Loading the game with Modloader, Forge, and this in the mods folder? Black screen. Help?

  31. Helicious

    How do i remove the small cursor selection? once i placed little blocks on a block and cursor selection was smaller i cant get ridd of it att all, how to get ridd of the small selection on that blockarea so i can place an original block?

    1. Helicious

      I found it out. You need to be in Survival-mode and hit the block and the “little blocks block” destroys and u pick it up.

  32. creepercrafter111

    when i place the littleblock block (the invisible one) i cant place any small blocks inside it

  33. Trolly

    When I downloaded it, I put it in my magiclauncher. Every time I start up my magic launcher now it crashes. I need help.


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