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Last Days Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

Last Days Resource Pack – Download Last Days Texture Pack for Minecraft. This pack has started by Doku (creator of the ever popular RPG pack). Doku began this pack with the essential land-scape defining textures (Dirt, Grass, Stone, water, trees, etc) but did not have time to do much more before discontinuing the pack. The concept he had, and the work he finished was to good to let die. Using Doku’s visual and conceptual foundation History continued the pack, expanded it, and improved it. Sound interesting right ? if you want to install this Last Days Resource Pack, just see my post below

Last Days Resource Pack Features

  • A custom recorded sound track.
  • A full written lore
  • Snow biome overhaul
  • Lots and lots of alternate textures

Last Days Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

Big thank and credit must go to Doku as started this amazing pack, then History for continuing develops this Resource Pack. We really enjoy playing minecraft with your Resource Pack.

Last Days Resource Pack Installations

  1. Download MCPatcher HD if you have not already. Run The patcher. It does not require you to choose a pack and is fairly simple to use.
  2. Download the Resource Pack
  3. Place LAST DAYS.Zip in the your Resource Pack folder.
  4. Open your game and select LAST DAYS From Mods and Resource Packs..
  5. Run Minecraft

Download Last Days Sound Pack

Download Last Days Resource Pack

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  1. sweet texture pack a must get

  2. can’t download

  3. cant download

  4. “A full written lore”
    Where can I find the lore on this texture pack?
    I’m very interested.


  6. Some screenshots would have been nice.

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can download it… it keeps sendin me ilivid and bear shear!

  8. nommy nommy cakes

    it is amazing, SO original and just so cool. A bit on the gloomy side and COMPLETELY different from the ‘ Yay toast ‘ texture pack which is like a spazy fun time texture pack. so in conclusion it and yay toast are cool

  9. For some reason when i do the last days pack and switch to it in the texture packs option and do EVERYTHING it is the same as normal MC

  10. Cool pack!

    • Affirmative!
      BTW, Would these textures be cool to the zipline mod?:
      Rope: Cables
      Rope with arrow: Grappling hook
      Ropebridge: Broken, scary bridge
      Clothsheet: Bloodstained and dirty
      or Clothsheet: ruggy, with wool texture
      Handlebar: zipwheel
      Leather rug: ?

  11. idk if this is just me but is there some sort of error with the torches? cause they are the bulbs but still have fire on them :S and was there a change with end stone? besides that, awesome pack

    • Yea, the endstone looks freakin’ weird. It’s probly from some post apocalyptic game I havent played or something. 😛

  12. nice and cool texture pack bros

  13. I like this its really cool looking

  14. This looks like fallout new vagas

  15. give me the link to last days texture

  16. Nice texture pack i love it with this animated blocks !!!!!
    xD =P

  17. Download 1.5 not possible.
    Please set the file for public acces on mediafire!


  18. It says the file is private!! 🙁

  19. It is on private -.-

  20. I love this pack, but the download page on Mediafire is set to private and I can’t download it. Is that gonna be changed any time soon?

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