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Jolicraft Resource Pack 1.9.4/1.8/1.7.10

Jolicraft Resource Pack – Download Jolicraft Resource Pack for Minecraft. Hello minecrafters! One of my favorite Resource Pack has been update again and working fine at latest minecraft, At this update Jolicraft has Added new custom colours. Redid the creative mode inventory slider. I thought that all of you should know that the Jolicraft Resource Pack has come to Latest Minecraft version. Jolicraft is a very unique Resource Pack that looks really cool and makes everything look even better. The Resource Pack now is compatible with the Aether mod and all of the Aether gui elements.

Jolicraft Resource Pack Changelogs

  • Added new custom colours
  • Redid the creative mode inventory slider.
  • Added a few random zombie skins
  • Updated items to include new egg textures
  • Updated gui to include language button
  • Added alt mobs to randommobs
  • Added missing particles (enchanted hit, potion effects), changed wolf ‘love

Jolicraft Resource Pack Features

  • The complete package, changes almost every visual in Minecraft
  • Custom swirly smoke/explosion animation
  • “Andre the Wanderer” character skin included
  • All terrain items
  • GUI & hud
  • Moody custom clouds
  • All Passive mobs
  • All No-So-Passive mobs
  • Boat, cart, sign, sun, moon, bed, pumpkinblur, biomes, et cetera, etc, and more!

Jolicraft Resource Pack 1.9.4/1.8/1.7.10

Thank to andrejolicoeur as developers this fantastic Resource Pack. This also makes the creatures a lot more frightening with the Ghasts as a giant flying eye ball! This Resource Pack is certainly really well done and brightens the Minecraft universe entirely. It is a 16×16 Resource Pack.

Jolicraft Resource Pack Installations for Minecraft

  1. Download Jolicraft Resource Pack
  2. Download and install MCPatcher
  3. Find where the file has downloaded too
  4. Locate your roaming folder
  5. Open .Minecraft folder
  6. Open the Resource Pack folder
  7. Drag the pack into the Resource Pack folder
  8. Enjoy Jolicraft Resource Pack

Download Jolicraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

Download Sunny Jolicraft

Download Spooky Jolicraft

Download Snowy Jolicraft

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