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Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 – Download Gulliver the Resizing Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5. Well hello minecrafters! what you can does with this mod ? From the outside, it looks just like plain vanilla Minecraft. There are no new blocks or items, just two Potions. Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 can add Redstone Dust to extend the effect duration, and/or turn them into Splash Potions with Gunpowder and you can throw them at mobs and many more!. Also, in Singleplayer mode (not Multiplayer), you can adjust the player’s size by pressing the ‘R’ key to double the current size and the ‘F’ key to halve the current size. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 ? just see my post below

Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 Tips

  • Be sure to back up your worlds before trying this mod, this includes worlds using old versions of Gulliver.
  • When installing Gulliver, always start with a fresh copy of your minecraft.jar – it may not work if there are old Gulliver files in there.
  • You’ll encounter problems if you save a world while resized, remove Gulliver, then reload the world – everything
    will be normal sized, and the player could end up embedded in the ground or floating in midair.
  • Gulliver may use ModLoader now, but it’s an “internal” mod, not “external”. The class files from the zip must be
    installed into minecraft.jar – don’t just put the zip file in the “mods” folder! Either nothing will happen when you try to resize, or else Minecraft will crash!
  • MCPatcher and Magic Launcher don’t work so well together. Choose one or the other when installing Gulliver

Minecraft Gulliver Mod 1.5.2

So lets say thank and credit must go to UncleMion for makes this awesome Gulliver Mod 1.5.2. We really appreciate your mod and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, i hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Gulliver Mod 1.5.2.

Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 Installations for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5


  1. Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 now requires ModLoader
  2. You can install Gulliver either by running Magic Launcher and adding ModLoader 1.5.2
  3. to copy the contents of the ModLoader zip file and gulliver zip file into your minecraft.jar
  4. then delete the META-INF folder that’s inside minecraft.jar.
  5. Play and Run your Minecraft as normal.


Install by copying the class files from the gulliver_server zip into the minecraft_server.jar.
Players will need to have Gulliver 0.7.1 installed on their Minecraft client, otherwise they won’t be able to connect (it gives a “Bad Packet 171 error”.)

Download Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2 – Client

Download Gulliver Mod 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2 – Server

Download Gulliver Mod 1.5.1 for Minecraft 1.5.1 – Client

Download Gulliver Mod 1.5.1 for Minecraft 1.5.1 – Server

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We believe that many of you are already using this Gulliver Mod 1.5.2, for this we need help about this Mod latest features and updates details by comment below, or you might want to add any information about Gulliver Mod 1.5.2. Please feel free sharing such as tips,trick or even tutorial and do not be hesitate to. Ok guys, see you on next post on another minecraft mod like Gulliver Mod 1.5.2

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  18. Lightning_Claws

    It Wont work for me Minecraft keeps crashing I really wanted this mod 🙁

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