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GLSL Shader Mod 1.7.5/1.7.2/1.6.4

Mar 06, 2014 BY 56 Comments

GLSL Shader Mod – Download GLSL Shader Mod for Minecraft. Well minecrafters! looking for this mod that available and work fine with your latest minecraft ? So here for you guys the GLSL Shader Mod. This mod is simply sets up custom GLSL shaders for rendering in a flexible deferred shading pipeline. By default, the shaders implement a depth-of-field effect that focuses on whatever you’re looking at, as well as waving grass. So amazing mod can be download and read the installations about GLSL Shader Mod

GLSL Shader Mod

The new version of the GLSL Shader mod does not yet include anti-aliasing options. However, you can use it to get clean MSAA anti-aliasing without artifacts by forcefully enabling MSAA in your graphics card’s control panel, then marking the texture coordinates as “centroid” in the shaders (by changing “varying vec4 texcoord” to “centroid varying vec4 texcoord” wherever you see it). Lets say thank to daxnitro as developer this awesome GLSL Shader Mod, this is very impressive mods.

Minecraft GLSL Shader Mod 1.7.5/1.7.2/1.6.4

GLSL Shader Mod Installations for Minecraft

Manual installation in minecraft.jar

1. Make a backup of original minecraft.jar. (You may want it later.)
2. Open minecraft.jar in WinRAR or 7-Zip or similar program.
3. Delete META-INF in minecraft.jar.
4. If you use Forge, copy files from Forge universal zip into minecraft.jar
5. Copy files from OptiFine zip into minecraft.jar.
6. Copy files from ShadersMod zip into minecraft.jar
7. Copy *.fsh *.vsh files into minecraft.jar/shaders (or leave it empty and copy *.fsh *.vsh into .minecraft/shaders folder instead)
8. Finished. Run minecraft.

Installation for use with Magic Launcher

1. Open Magic Launcher.
2. Click Setup button.
3. Select or create configuration you want to use.
4. If you use Forge, add Forge universal zip.
5. Add OptiFine zip (below Forge universal if used together).
6. Add ShadersMod zip below OptiFine.
7. Add shaders zip file (which has *.fsh *.vsh in shaders folder inside zip)
8. OK

Notes for minecraft 1.6.x
- Use Mojang’s Minecraft Launcher to run Minecraft 1.6.x. Then close it.
- Install Minecraft Forge or FML with its installer.
- Use Mojang’s Minecraft Launcher.
Select “Forge” or “FML” in profile box at lower left corner of launcher window.
Click Play.
You should see “Mods” button in title screen below “Multiplayer” button.
Check whether everything is alright and close.
- Put ShadersModCore-….jar in %appdata%\.minecraft\mods folder.
Make sure its file extension is “.jar”, not “.zip” nor “”.
- If you want to install OptiFine, put OptiFine_….jar in the same mods folder.
- If you want to install other FML mods or Forge mods, put them in the same mods folder.
- Use Mojang’s Minecraft Launcher to run Minecraft 1.6.2 with profile Forge.
- Open Option menu, Shaders… button. Click open shaderpacks folder.
- Put some shaderpacks in the folder.
- In Shaders screen click shaderpack name.

Download GLSL Shader Mod 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4 (only windows)

Download GLSL Shader Mod 1.6.4 (Everyone Else)

Download GLSL Shader Mod Collections

Download GLSL Shader Mod 1.7.2

Download GLSL Shader Mod 1.7.5

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56 thoughts on “GLSL Shader Mod 1.7.5/1.7.2/1.6.4”

I installed it and it looks no different than the original Minecraft. I think I have to get the Optifine Mod to make it work.

assuming you are on windows:
1.take a screen shot (hold Alt+press Prnt Scrn key at top of keyboard)
2.go to paint Edit
4.Click paste the picture it just added to the window as whatever you want it to be me the picture at
7.i’ll help you with your problem

i dont have a meta-inf file in the minecraft.jar folder but i get a black screen before mojang screen! someone please help me!!!!!

Hey i installed optifine (and deleted the META-INF folder) and was i supost to run the .EXE or did i have to drag all of it into the .jar? Please help!

You need to take all the files and drag them into minecraft.jar thats in bin :)when u done that just close it and run minecraft :P. But if u already got some mods backup your minecraft. If u wanna know how u just make a folder named something and copy and paste ur .minecraft into it dont drago but copy. Hope this helped you.

wen i installed this mod there was something that installed it automaticly. so i used that to install the mod. wen i played minecraft everything was blue and i couldnt see a thing. plz tell me how to fix this!

i got every thing working but one thing, the breaking animation, is it supposed to be different? it’s like green red and all black sometimes, plz help!

I just installed it and some things are weird like signs and maybe other blocks arent there and my player is “invisible” or just plain black. What did I do wrong?

??? i used the installer everithing like waving grass wrorked BUT THE SHADOWS NOT !!! how to fix

when i try to run the installer i get this message:

Error: Unable to access jarfile
C:\Users\Your name\AppData\Local\Temp\7zO89E311F5\nitrous.jar

Please HELP!!!!!

I know that you’re telling people to email you screenshots and helping them resolve their issues. But is there any way you could post a solid solution here for everyone to see? Mine just black screens every time. Nothing to screenshot.

Same problem I think with me. If I move around in creative mode I can hear rain, and also open up my inventory, though I cannot see blocks, or see the sun/moon.
I use a Laptop:
Windows 7
Intel core i7-2630QM CPU at 2.00GHz
8Gb ram
64 bit operating system
2Gb NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

I keep trying to use the installer but everytime my game become gray and weird, I can’t see my player’s hand. What am I doing wrong

I try to download it and a page that says “Problem Loading Page” comes up when i click the download link. Can someone please put a different link in a reply to my comment. I would love to have this mod. please and thank you!

This is the only method I’ve found to get previous versions of GLSL and SEUS to work with 1.4.5. Thank you very much! It works great.

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