Furniture Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.8.2

By | Jan 21, 2015

Furniture Mod – Download Furniture Mod for Minecraft. With this mod you can adds furniture to your game. It adds chairs, tables, couches, fridges, freezers, store-able cabinets, shut-able curtains, carpet, coffee tables, and toggle blinds. You can store items in the fridge and cabinet, open and close blinds and curtains, sit on chairs/couchers and freeze stuff in the freezer. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this Furniture Mod ? see my post below

Furniture Mod Features

  • Fridge
  • Cabinet
  • Chair
  • Couch
  • Table
  • Curtains
  • Blinds

Furniture Mod Update

  • Fixed cabinet drop.
  • Fixed couch texture crossover.
  • Open and Close-able Blinds/Curtains!
  • New furniture: Coffee Table
  • Bottom fridge is now freezer! Use cooling pack to freeze water!
  • Bug fixes.
  • Fixed Spelling. Cabnet to Cabinet
  • Fixed Curtain and Blind drops
  • 3 new pieces of furniture.
  • More couches.
  • You can now store stuff in fridge and cabnet.
  • Initial Release

Furniture Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.8.2

Big thank and credit must go to Mr_Crayfish for makes this awesome Furniture Mod, we really appreciate your mods and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod. I hope you can make another popular mods in the future.

Furniture Mod Installations for Minecraft

  1. Download ModLoader
  2. or Install Minecraft Forge
  3. Optional : install Furniture API
  4. Download Furniture Mod
  5. Place contents of zip files into your minecraft.jar or mods folder.
  6. Enjoy your Mod
  7. Play Minecraft

Download Furniture Mod 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4

Download Furniture Mod 1.7.2 for Minecraft 1.7.2

Download Furniture Mod 1.7.10 for Minecraft 1.7.10

Download Furniture Mod 1.8 for Minecraft 1.8

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89 thoughts on “Furniture Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.8.2

  1. Minecr4ftdude

    this looks like a cool mod but dose it work 4 mac

  2. Alex

    All mods work on mac as long as they arent .exe
    (Source): I own a mac

  3. Jaden1291

    Yes! awesome mod because I can do a house with it!

    1. Minecraftgal

      Hey does anyone know if it works w/ clay soldiers mod? i Get 2 the mojang screen then minecraft just crashes wht am i doin wrong?!!!

      1. Jldude1

        Its Because They Colide With Each Other And You Can Only Have One Of THose Mods

        1. conortank

          No you can have both i have 24 mods installed including CSM and Furniture 1.4.6 Mod. it works fine if you use forge

      2. Emma

        I have the same problem. For me it is that I can not have modloader …

      3. thomas

        use idresolver that will make it work with clay soilders

      4. Maya

        Sometimes the clay mod is the problem you might need to download a new clay soldiers or it could be the Crayfish mod Because sometimes he clay mod does not work for some laptops

          1. Replyer

            You need to download modloader mp too

          2. Josipac

            Still doesn’t work, it still crashes..

          3. romanaa

            in minecraft.jar delete the META-INF folder and youre done

    1. minecraftkid89

      its because this is acutally jammy furniture mod the the one that has to have modloader mp this needs forge

    1. Yazan

      Uhmm go to Appdata/Roaming/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar open it with WINRAR and delete a file called “META-INF”

      1. bullet409

        i deleted the meta-inf file and put in the mod loader and the new mod but its giving me the black screen

      2. Ninjawasp 16-Bit

        Why Winrar? Winrar is the shittyer version of 7-Zip! (7-Zip is free, Winrar is not

  4. Rebisco_crackers

    Yeah me too got Blackscreen pls help becuase i like this mod

  5. Random Person

    I wish the curtains and blinds would cover more than just a block

  6. tank113

    is this compatible with PowerCraft and DoggyTalents and TMI and SPC?

  7. Wirycross

    Freezer does not work… The fridge just dissapears.

  8. Gundaron

    der mod hat ein textur bug
    die t├╝ren vom k├╝hlschrank benutzen die textur von den neuen beumemen
    sollheissen das holz hat nu die textur der einen t├╝r und das sadgut die der anderen
    denke ma das das zuabst├╝rtzen f├╝ren kann

  9. princessofthecrystals

    i will try to download it but my brother wont help me what is the zip files!!!!!!???????

    1. Helper

      To download a mod, you need to put the contents of the mod folder into your minecraft.jar. the zip files are the contents in the folder. Hope I helped! i remember when i wanted mods but my brother wouldnt install them either

  10. k4lady

    you should make it for multiplayer, I really like this mod but it’s a shame that you can’t play multiplayer with it :c

        1. DK

          Can u tell me how to install? I’m really bad with mods. For multiplayer I mean.

  11. wes

    it just crashes my minecraft!!!
    i downloaded it with mcpatcher but when i open, it crashes.
    i dosabled all my mods exept this mod and modloader!


  12. Girlcraft

    What happens to your items when there’s an update? Do you lose everything that’s stored inside the cabinets, fridge, …?

  13. Mexanik

    I found a bug with sofa – when I sit down, the time changes to evening (I use TooManyItems). Also it doesn’t work with Industrial Craft 2. I think both problems can be solved by simple changing IDs and other numbers. Could you please do something?

      1. Kiro0613

        For me whenever i place it it is one block above where I place it and when I sit in it it ti turns to evening too.

  14. Michael Chun

    It doesn’t work with TMI and SPC, sadly. I tried to download but it just crashed my minecraft:( Hope they make it compatible with those two mods..

    1. creeperkiller

      Ya me to I had SPC and it crashed my minecraft.

  15. Tyler

    Hi i really need some DESPARITE HELP i cant download mods nomader what i do! i got too many items but thats it. nothing, and i mean NOTHING else will EVER WORK if someone can help me, i will love them forever. I use a macentosh, i think {lol} and im on 1.2.5. i use MCpatcher, but i dont think it really works that well, or its just me, but toomany items works fine on it :\. Im not a Comp or MAC pro, so if u do help me, make it simple plz! PLZ SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!! [REMEMBER IM ON A MAC 1.2.5 I USE MCPATCHER] THX BYE!

  16. Dougy

    does this work with computercraft, industrialcraft, buildcraft, redpower.

    1. a.keith02

      I can confirm this works with Buildcraft, though I have no idea as to the other three.

  17. Person

    I have modloader installed, I deleated the META.INF, i ran minecraft be4 i installed this mod, it worked fine, but when I ran it after i installed the mod, it crashed! PLEASWE HELP!!!

  18. human

    I installed it and I deleted the META-INF but it isn’t working, its like i didn’t install it or something. What did I do wrong. The only other mod I have installed is the Single Player Commands mod. Could that be why?

  19. cloud

    ok go to %appdata% then oprn up ur minecraft.jar with winrar or whatever you use install modloader and modloader MP then delete META -INF then run minecraft after you did that exit minecraft then put the zip file for the mod in the ”mods” folder in ur .minecraft folder then done! you can now run minecraft. if this dosnt help email me at [email protected] or skype me cloud8656

  20. Tiger

    It’s not compatible with railcraft
    It is compatible with the clay soldiers mod.

    (Source: I tested by disabling mods)

  21. Z

    This is not working on my computer i have mod loader and have deleted meta-inf but i still get a black screen );

  22. zams

    help i have dowload modloader but its not showing the mods map

  23. Ruya

    Not compatible with the Twilight Forest mod.~ But nice mod ­čśÇ

  24. bill

    i do what the instalation instructions tell me to do to install the furniture mod but when i try to craft something from the mod it doesnt work. does anybody know why?

  25. alexander bizyayev

    i dont know how to get a mod can someone please help me because regular minecraft is boring and a mod would help and getting a mod is confusing to me

  26. wefwq

    My minecraft didn’t crased but it feels like this mod didn’t on my minecraft… i can’t make anything this mod adds.

  27. damnit

    why does adfly have 2 b down today at this hour D:<?

      1. tmarr19

        same thing but it used to work in 1.2.5 but i kept crashing because too much mods then my modloader wont work till 1.3.1 then 1.4.5 now the same thing as 1.2.5 agaon till another update of minecraft well that was stupid D:

  28. shane

    I have downloaded modloader and I had deleted my META INF,but when I downloaded the furniture mod,I tried crafting some materials into furniture and nothing happens.

  29. winniehearts

    nothing is working for me i have modloader 1.4.5 minecraft updated to 1.4.6 today i need a lot of help!!!!!

  30. jcatey

    i cant get it to work i got the mod loader and furniture mod on my .mincraft jar folder but i cant create any furniture in it

    1. daft8612

      Neither can I. I’ve tried it in both the jar, and the .minecraft/mods folder, it wont let me create anything……

      What gives.

  31. SkythekidRS

    Its Epic. If I met u i wouldve given u butter XD!

  32. grace

    i cant get mine up and im sure i downloaded all this is my forst time plz help im so excited but not right now ;(

  33. M

    I installed modloader, then installed this mod (for 1.5.2) per the instructions here. Minecraft still runs just fine, but there are no new items to be used in my inventory. If I look at minecraft.jar I see the added things like bedsidecabinet.png so I know it copied, but still no items to use. Any hints?

  34. meh

    how do you make a .minecraft/jar aswell as download the dang mod!

  35. gorjan

    if you whant to play whit furnite mod in minecraft dont backup your minecraft

  36. Lucia

    Hi my name is Lucia,
    How do you download this mine craft of furniture? I want it so bad


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