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Escape the PuzzleMaster Map 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

Escape the PuzzleMaster Map – Download Escape the Puzzle Master Map for Minecraft. Well guys the popular maps has been update to Escape the PuzzleMaster and now available with latest minecraft. You’ve been kidnapped by the Puzzlemaster! The Evil Puzzlemaster sends you through a multitude of tests and puzzles.Will you solve the puzzles and defeat the Puzzlemaster? Or will you die trying?

Escape the PuzzleMaster Map

This map took me around 2 hours to complete. However, I spent alot of time looking for those elusive gold bars, and if I had just breezed through, it likely would have taken less. This map managed to hold my attention quite nicely, with clever signs and wonderful archetecture. Sound interesting right ? If you want to download this Escape the PuzzleMaster Map, just see installations below and download link

Escape the PuzzleMaster Map 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

Escape the PuzzleMaster Map Installations for Minecraft

  1. Download Escape the Puzzle Master map.
  2. Extract the map from the .zip.
  3. Locate your .minecraft folder by typing %appdata% into your search bar.
  4. Put the map in the saves folder.
  5. Start up Minecraft and Play!

Now, minecrafters here we are at the end of this post about Escape the PuzzleMaster Map. Is there anything else should we know about this map? You guys, whose already playing on this map can share for your experiences, tips, trick or tutorial perhaps by comment below to complete the post. Until next time with another minecraft map post category. Thank you for visiting and have fun guys with this Map

Download Escape the PuzzleMaster Map for Minecraft

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  1. do i have to play in multiplayer or singleplayer

  2. Nice puzzle, Lots of new elements used.
    I got 64+35 Gold bars 😀

  3. Epic Puzzle 64+32 bars 😀

  4. Really nice puzzle.

    I played it with 2 of my friends. One of then screwed up and we lost all the gold ^^!

  5. I got 64 + 37 Gold Bars 😛

  6. 🙂 64+40 Golda Bars Yeah 😀

  7. awesome puzzle! i got 64+39 gold would have gotten 64+44 but lost 5 in the big lava room at the start

  8. What is total gold bars, i got 64+44 🙂

  9. i found 64+40 gould

  10. Thanks for the map, its so cool!

  11. i found 64+44 but i lost 5 in lava room, so i should have 66+49 🙁

  12. My amount of gold I got was a stack of 64 gold and a stack of 38 gold, equaling to 102 gold, but then I didn’t land in the water at the end and died…:)

  13. The download is iMesh… :/

  14. I got 64+58 :DDDDDDD NYAN CAT APROVES!

  15. WTF?! how to download it the skip add buton dont works just takes me to the site and not to the file -.-

  16. its just sending me to a blank screen when i download it what do i do

  17. Guys, if it gives you an error when you click on the skip ad button, you drag the skip ad button to the URL bar.

    But i have my own problems. Ive unzipped the file and put it into the saves folder, but it still doesnt work. What do i do?

  18. when i start the map every time it stay that minecraft has crasch


  19. Idk what’s wrong but the map isn’t loading in my minecraft D:
    Dragged save file, it shows up in the main area, then it’s just a black screen when I try to open it.

  20. ahhh minecraft

    What minecraft version is this for? I have 1.2.3, when i tried to open it, it crashed. :/

  21. Ive got 101 gold

  22. i got 64+31 nice map btw

  23. I got 64 + 38 xD

  24. 64+31 =D
    And nice map =)

  25. A few comments before this, people were having trouble with loading the map, try looking in the map folder,
    then search for the real map folder.

  26. Loved this map it was really fun! 😀
    gold collected: 64+33

  27. i am stuck at the top room see the lapiz lazuli but where do i put the lever?

  28. Where is the download button

  29. i downloaded it and opened the zip folder and put the folder that was there into my .minecraft saves folder but when i launch minecraft and go to single player it doesnt show up help?

  30. i found 88 golden ignots
    is this the record?

  31. Minecraft crashes when I try to open it! HELP!

  32. 34+36 😀

  33. I got 106 gold!!!!!!!!! suckers i win yeahhh!!!!

  34. very nice puzzle waiting for part 2 i got 64+34 ignots

  35. i love this map when be part 2, i got 98 points

  36. I got 13 and 64 pieces of gold!!!

  37. the jump at the end is impossible! i barely made it with a speed potion

    • it is possible i did it without a speed potion or cheats maybe your a noob at long jumps LOL no offence

  38. i got 64+44 gold ingots 🙂

  39. i got 64+64 gold ingots

  40. 64+25!! AWESOME MAP

  41. I got 64+38

  42. I got 9 stacks of 64 gold, with hacks XD just kidding, haven’t played yet.

  43. Xanderphyction

    i got 100 bars… would have been 105 but i lost some in the lava…

  44. I got 64+39 lost 5 in the lava room on t he last jump!!


  45. why dont downloading to me wtf!?

  46. Awsome One of the best maps i played
    Score: 77 Gold Ingots.

  47. nice map 😀
    i got 64+14 gold bars
    but it was a bit too easy ;)’

  48. I played single plyer had lots of fun!! Got 64 and 44 gold ingots for a total of 108. No mods cheating or hacking was used



    64+38 Gold bars

    64+38 Gold bars

  51. what is the seeds name?

  52. i found 87 sticks of butter (butter is actualy gold)

  53. I have 1.4.5 and it says converting, but crashes every time 🙁

  54. i have 1.4.5 aswell and mine says converting for ages and just crashes afterwards does anyone knoe why this is? if u do please tell manamana and i would be alot happier 😀

  55. InBetweenHonor

    I just beat it and it is awesome!
    I got 103 (64+39) gold from the whole game!
    The end of the game sort of felt like Portal when you had to fight GLaDOS.

  56. InBetweenHonor

    What is that texture pack in the picture?
    Also my score was 64+39.

  57. its too hard

  58. Hiya, first time trying to put a map on , I can find it in the game but it just sits on converting world, any tips anyone please 🙂

  59. An easier way to install it download map and texture installer and drop the .zip file into the screen and it installs it for you

  60. I earned 118 gold!!!!

  61. but it may have been around 110-150 I know I got them all though I searched every spot

  62. I got 1023 gold ingots Sucks? is this the real recorded?

  63. It says

    Loading world
    Converting World

    and it keeps going for ever and im shore i downloaded it properly

    any suggestions ?

    • same thing.. i have a mac, installed it properly, and it wont come out of ” loading/ converting world”.. i left it there to do its thing for over an hour and still nothing.. does ANYONE know whats going on?

  64. my mincraft crashes when I open the map

  65. Day 46, still converting world.

    • InBetweenHonor

      I would suggest getting something like MCNostalgia and going back to an old update before the Anvil world update.

  66. It takes forever it always says converting world can you fix it please 🙂

  67. Ummmm, why the hell is it converting??? use the proper format

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