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Dragon Mounts Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8

Dragon Mounts Mod – Download Dragon Mounts Mod for Minecraft. Hello minecrafters! do you love dragons ? so here mod for you! This is a dragon riding mod that allows you to use dragon eggs as compact flying mounts. Simply place and right-click a dragon egg to “summon” your ridable Ender Dragon, then equip it with a saddle for full control. Holding a saddle while using the egg will also launch you into the air for an instant flight.

You can control the dragon with normal keyboard controls on ground and with both the mouse and keyboard in air. Right-clicking the dragon while flying transforms it back into an egg, safely floating you towards the ground, ready to be used yet again. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this Dragon Mounts Mod ? just see my post below

Dragon Mounts Mod Usage

  • To summon a dragon on ground, right-click a placed dragon egg. To launch the egg and yourself into the air, right-click it while holding a saddle (the dragon will automatically be saddled).
  • Right-click a summoned dragon to transform it back into an egg. When the dragon is flying while doing this, you’ll slowly hover with the egg down to the ground.
  • Feed the dragon with a glistering melon for a temporary terrain destruction aura that lasts five seconds.
  • Feed the dragon with blaze powder to enable its fire breath for five seconds. (temporarily disabled)
  • To heal injured dragons, feed it with raw fish, chicken, beef or porkchop (four hearts) or with rotten flesh (two hearts).

Dragon Mounts Mod Changelogs

  • Fixed dragons sometimes cycling midair.
  • Fixed initial waypoint of manually spawned dragons.
  • Fixed weird following behavior on flat ground.
  • Fixed dragon health bar obscuring the armor and air meters.
  • Possibly fixed invisible dragons, invisible legs and missing walking animations.
  • Pressing left control key while flying now enables free look.
  • The health bar caption now tells if a dragon is “sitting” or not.
  • Dragons can now be mounted midair.
  • Dragons can no longer be tamed/saddled shortly after being attacked.
  • Increased following distance.

Dragon Mounts Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8

Big thank and credit must go to BarracudaATA as developers this awesome Dragon Mounts Mod. We really appreciate and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, i hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Dragon Mounts Mod.

Dragon Mounts Mod Installations for Minecraft

  1. Click the links to support the creator in the development of this mod mods
  2. Move the Zip file in the “mods” directory inside your .minecraft directory.
  3. Minecraft Forge is required for this mod! You need to install it first.
  4. Don’t forget to remove the old installation when updating

Download Dragon Mounts 1.9.4 Mod for Minecraft 1.9.4

Download Dragon Mounts 1.10.2 Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2

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  1. The download link is not working for me

  2. How are you meant to fire things like fire out of his mouth?
    If you can.
    I like the mod, it’s really fun.
    Great effort.


  3. Ok im 11 i dont get how to download this

    • Freindlyfreind

      its ok i didnt get it at first either and im 11 to just download rorde modloader minecraft magic launcher and this mod the open magic launcher press setup the add the put in fordge and the mod hope i helped :>

  4. @Suri
    Noob. Everyone knows how to install mods. My five year-old brother knows how to.

  5. ce mode a l’air monstre cool

  6. I’m using a mac. Can’t seem to figure out how to saddle the dragon though I think I know how to use the “right click.”


    • lol im so idiot… i forgot to tame it XD

      um but when i feed the dragon with blaze powder or gold melon it just gets me off the dragon

  8. What time of the (Minecraft) day do I have to hatch it??

  9. man wtf i can spawn the dragons, but i cant ride them, cant put a saddle on them, cant feed them, nothin. :/ please help

  10. I can spawn them however I am unable to put a saddle on them. I desperately need help, please.

  11. Everytime i right click the egg, all it says is “its not warm enough to hatch a dragon egg here” WTF DO I DO

    • all you do is take a klint and steel and some netherack light the netherrack and place the egg beside it and it hatches

  12. look how i feed him

  13. whenever i try to get on the dragon or make the egg hatch it says,
    not warm enough
    and i have the spawn eggs for dragons but it won’t let me do anything

  14. it doesn’t work, can’t feed the dragon, can’t put saddle on the dragon, can’t have sex with the dragon, it doesn’t work.

  15. Please make one for 1.4.2

  16. Fed him raw fish, like taming a cat… that’s all.. Just feed him enought to make hearts appear and ride it with a saddle.. 🙂

  17. how to get the egg lol not working >.<

    • [email protected]

      put the cheats on and then put give then you nickname on minecraft then the number 122 and put 64 then check your inventory or if you dont have anything on bottom toolbar in minecraft it well go there after that put the egg and then put a neatherack next to it and put fire on the neatherack then get the saddle and some raw fish and your read once you tame the dragon you can do what ever you want with him

  18. Where is the link?

  19. it just jumps when i right click it

  20. Im cant to make him fire beath help me what the control

  21. its a fun mod and its working fine but i would like to be able to have the dragon sit so it wont follow me everywhere i go

  22. xXJacktheripperXx

    first you must tame the dragon with a raw fish, hearts will appear on the dragon and a bar should appear at the top of your screen. it should say you enderdragon and it should show its health. after you have fed the dragon raw fish, get a saddle and right click the dragon while the saddle is in you hand to place the saddle. after that you have a rideable ender dragon. i believe the glistning melon and the blaze powder no longer work on the dragon and are temporalily disabled until further notice. to download this mod, you must click on the link, the link is blue. the link should take you to a website called adfly. in the right top corner, it will say wait 5 seconds, wait for it to say skip. this box should appear on bottom screen. click it and it will open the folder. (there should be 3 folders) hold the left mouse button and select all the files in that folder, right click and click copy, and paste the folders in your files, i suggest making a file folder named mods so that you dont lose it. then go to the to the folder you pasted you folders in, ther should be a file saying dragonmounts installer. click it. it will open a box saying support mod and install mod. click install mod. it will also open up another box asking if you want to backup your minecraft, personally i dont back up my minecraft.after a minute or so, a box will apeare saying the mod was installed. open up your minecraft. make sure you do NOT update. just enter the game. i hope this has helped many of you, please reply to me if you have any problems. 🙂

  23. xXJacktheripperXx

    also you can make a dragon sit by giving it a bone, just like a wolf. 🙂

  24. Whene will it be for 1.5/1.5.1

  25. bob the potato

    When i right click the dragon egg, all it does is hops. I tried right clicking with a saddle too but it does the same thing…help please? :<

  26. How do I get this with magic launcher?

  27. I cant hatch the egg 😐 Someone said “all you do is take a flint and steel and some netherrack, light the netherrack and place the egg beside it and it hatches” that’s not working, when I right click the egg while holding the saddle the egg disappear and appear in another place close to where it was 😐 can some one help please

  28. cant get it to even work right using the aether mod and magic launcher also wheres the other dragon mounts mod the one that never had colors come out before or did it not sure what version came out with colors?

    • i need help for some reason health bar not showing and it wont let me control it unless i use a corroton a sticlk wich i do not want to use i like using wsad and space

  29. please fix these bugs

    1. need to be able to stair dragon with wsad keys and dismount using right click button

    2. theres no health bar

    3. wont let me tame them keeps saying you do not own this dragon when im the only one on the server even when its adult form

    • forgot 1 more problem when i hit the space bar button nothing happens its supposed to make my dragon fly please fix thx

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