Dokucraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4

By | Oct 26, 2013

Dokucraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 – Download Dokucraft The Saga Continues Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.2. Hello minecraft fans! after Doku has stopped update his pack, some people at forums making update for this texture pack! one of my favorite DokuCraft after the original pack is DokuCraft, The Saga Continues Texture Pack. This texture pack brings you Doku’s work and continuation from a very talented group of fans that have been fatefully working on keeping the pack alive and as close as possible to how Doku would have done it. This pack brings you the 3 themes that made it famous and what made this one of the top texture packs out there: Light, Dark and High. Want to download and install this Dokucraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 ? see my post below

DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 Mods Support

  • Aether
  • Airship
  • BabyAnimals
  • Better Than Wolves
  • ClaySoldier
  • CTM
  • Elemental Arrows
  • Fishy
  • IndustrialCraft
  • Master Ore
  • Millénaire
  • Mo’ Creatures
  • MoreHealth
  • Mystic
  • Randomobs
  • SteamCraft
  • Tale of Kingdoms
  • WildGrass
  • YogBox
  • Zipline

Minecraft Texture Pack DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2

Big thank and credit must go to Doku as the original maker of DokuCraft Texture Pack and to Hickerydickery as update this DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 Texture Pack. We really enjoy playing minecraft with this texture Pack, i hope you can make another popular texture pack like Dokucraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 Texture Pack.

DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 Installations

  1. Download and Choose your pack
    – Open and drag the in your texturepacks folder.
    – Open and drag the in your texturepacks folder.
    – Open and drag the in your texturepacks folder.
  2. Download the latest HD Patcher MCPatcher HD ( This is required for the texture pack to function correctly )
  3. Run the patcher ( do this before installing any mods )
  4. Click “Patch”
  5. Run minecraft
  6. Select the texture pack in game and play!

Download DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4





Last paragraph at the end of post, given to you for share for experiences using this DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 Texture Pack, tips, trick or even tutorial might be great, or you might be want to add for latest features and update details, please feel free. That’s it, see you on next post with another texture pack category and thank you for visiting my post about DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2

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38 thoughts on “Dokucraft, The Saga Continues 1.7.2 Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4

    1. man

      well dont download texture packs higher than 16 x 16 then

      1. hello boby

        well im trying to find out how to patch this texture pack

    2. supakoopa2011

      just install the optifine mod, it helps with fps and you can use hd texture packs

  1. me

    ….i fail to see why you all hate the mcpatcher its no big deal

    1. bob

      can you give me the right link to mcpatccher i cant find it anywhere

  2. most pissed person ever

    ive got an idea, how about they make it possible to DOWNLOAD the texture pack, so then we could actually play it. hows that for thninking, huh?

    1. Dakota

      they do you’ve just gotta click on which one you want you gotta scroll down to where you see doku light,high, and dark and you click on the one you want and it brings you to mediafire to download it.

  3. gabe

    How about just showing the texture pack actually make it so it will dounload

  4. lolwut

    :( So many buttons called “download” which download random crap.. and nothing that actually downloads the texture pack.

    I hate this page so much – it’s everything that’s wrong with the Internet.

    1. Troller

      Well, you have to press the TEXT that is blue which says Download DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.2.5 for Minecraft 1.2.5 <.<''

      1. Me

        Did you notice that once you click the link, on the new page, it then says for 1.2.4, not for 1.2.5?

  5. BiteMyPixels

    U guys are so dumb.. just read thru and the download link is at the bottom in a blue bold font.. dumbasses

  6. Cory

    Why does it say it supports elemental arrows and clay soldiers when I open my inventory and look at the elemental arrows and clay soldiers and I see nothing different?

  7. Brrrrtrrr

    Which dam button downloads the texture pack!!!!!

  8. BP

    if u guys cant figure out how to download it, then u need to get help from a person that has half a brain.

    1. L3GiT_Ac1D

      Sir/Ma’am We do not need you or anyone elses rude/mean behavior. Some people wouldn’t even notice it because their eyes dont focus on small words and focus on the original/Old big Download Button. So please, do not use Rude/Mean Behavior.

  9. Ro

    everytime i patch the texture packs the water and lava dont load and on the original dokucraft wooden planks wont load and this only happens for doku craft

  10. taco

    this is retarted im trying to download the texture pack and it made me download some retarted video downloader! someone please tell me how to ACTUALLY download this. thanks

    1. Jacky

      you have to click the blue download button that says Download DokuCraft, The Saga Continues 1.2.5 for Minecraft 1.2.5

    2. qwertyuiopoiuhgfdfghjkl.kmhjgfdc

      click the blue link then on media fire click the green download button

  11. cookie monster

    arrrg! ive got writing all over the surface of water and lava. Ive got the patcher, how to i get rid of it?

  12. uniksander

    how do i get minecraft to work after running the patch wen i open it and log in it turns into a black screen

  13. Marry

    thank you for making 1 i CAN actually download its my favorite texture pack

  14. Homage

    it seems like the link is broken. if it is or isnt can some one tell me where i can go to get a working link for the lates download or let me know what im doing wrong with this link

  15. Rainbowmann

    Can you please work on adding mod support for the Twighlight Forest mod :)


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