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DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack Minecraft 1.7.4

Oct 29, 2013 BY 28 Comments

DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack – Download DokuCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.4. I’m so excited that now that Minecraft 1.7.4 full versions is now out! I’m sure all of you would be excited like me too! As you have seen, Right now lets focus on this texture pack. Dokucraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack is one of the most popular pack in the forums, that is why I choose to do it. It has 3 kinds of texture, dark, high, and light. So guys ready to download and install DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack ? see my post below

DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack Colours

  • Light: is a plain, original kind of pack, has many color detailed.
  • Dark: Sad, forlorn feeling, demonic kind of pack.
  • High: Unlike the others, it looks like heavily decorated

DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack Features

  • Doku the legend’s old work
  • New stuffs that people made in dokucraft
  • featuring the “best” texture pack living in the forums

Minecraft DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack

DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack, with this texture pack you can wild grass, items textures, increase resolutions, rain and snow, and much more. With Dokucraft, you can enjoy your Minecraft more than you ever enjoyed.

Big thank to Doku as original maker of this pack and HickeryDickey for continues develops this DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack. So thank you to Doku as the original makers for this mod. The developer has a good forum page which helps resolve any issues you may have, and it is obvious he is putting a lot of effort into this pack.

Dokucraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack Installations for Minecraft 1.7.4

  1. DokuCraft is a 32×32 pack, so it requires MCPatcher HD Fix
  2. Download and Patch MCPatcher HD.
  3. Go in the link below this content, then you will approach to a website.
  4. Read the contents and then scroll down you will see a list of things! That can be customize!
  5. When you are finished with customizing, just press download under the customize bar.
  6. Drag the zip file you downloaded into your texturepacks folder.
  7. Texturepacks folder can be found >start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>texturepacks.
  8. Or just run Minecraft and Press Mods and Texture Packs, then press open texturepacks folder.
  9. Play!

Download Dokucraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.4





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28 thoughts on “DokuCraft 1.7.4 Texture Pack Minecraft 1.7.4”

hello. i downloaded dokucraft light version and hight version. i downloaded the mcpatcher i clicked patch. it worked. except something things still arent patched (armor chests other blocks) can someone help me i dont know what to do

see what version of mcpatcher it is look up “mcpatcher for minecraft 1.1″then do what you did you should have everything right if you do that =)

Endstone and Cauldrons dont show up for me, and probably other items i havent checked. i have MCpacther for 1.1 so thats not the problem

I can’t either!
When I pressed download. It had a website with FREE EMOTICONS???
Where is the ACTUAL download button!!!

I am the owner of a small server and i really like this texture pack but want to edit some of the block for creative purposes. Is there any chance of allowing me to advertise my edited version of dokucraft for people on my server to download but still tell them who made it and what texture pack it is? I understand if this is not possible as you have made the pack and it is not for me to distribute, but i just thought I’d ask anyway.


iiANderson could you send me the server stuff so I can get connected and play with you and by the way my minecraft username is phantom11

which download do i click lol thiers so many but most of them take me to shit websites can sum 1 reply which one it is please

I downloaded this but water, pumpkins, end stone, obsidian, and lava were really weird, for instance, water was solid gray that had ‘noob’ written on it.

Is it possible to take only the armor and combine it with another texture pack? The armor is the only thing out of this that I want. I want to replace the armor in a texture pack called “Isabella” with some of the armor from this texture pack.

I downloaded the pack, and downloaded MC Patcher, and I went into minecraft, and when I went into texture packs, it didn’t let me select the dokucraft texture pack. Please help!

I download this texture pack and Patcher and i did everything good but spider texture is normal and melons looks like a grey block…

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