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Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map Minecraft 1.0.0

Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 – Download Desert Oasis Survival Map for Minecraft 1.0.0. This is map for single-player or multi player map at which you are stuck on a tropical oasis in the middle of the desert where you must survive! You start out with one tree at which you must replant, and survive before nighttime comes. Sugar Cane can also be found in a secret alcove in the lake at the oasis. You must try this Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 map.

Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map

This Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map looks better and it’s something different from all those island surv ones. Oh and about the bed rock walls you could take those out and just take out a giant chuck around the desert maybe, and if you try to get out of the map you fall into the void?(Off the map) Looks great can’t wait till friday! You might want to think about a couple of objectives too, like find 5 diamonds or a dungeon or somthing like that?(or a farm!!!)

Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map Rules

  • You are not allowed to go into the void surrounding the desert.
  • No hax0ring

Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map Challenges

  • Make a two-story house with a basement
  • Make a wheat farm
  • Make a sugar-cane farm
  • Make an automated cacti farm
  • Make twenty bookshelves
  • Find the dungeon
  • Make a diamond block
  • Make a gold block
  • Make an iron block
  • Make five TNT
  • Go to the nether
  • and Many more, you can see at Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map Forums

Minecraft Map Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0

Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map Installations

  1. Download Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map
  2. Search %appdata%
  3. Open .minecraft / saves
  4. Drag the world save into /saves
  5. Close the windows and open Minecraft!

Download Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map

Now, minecrafters here we are at the end of this post Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0 Map. Is there anything else should we know about this map? You guys, whose already playing on this map can share for your experiences, tips, trick or tutorial perhaps by comment below to complete the post. Until next time with another minecraft map post category. Thank you for visiting my post about Desert Oasis Survival 1.0.0

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  1. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Love this map 5/5 stars man great

  2. does it work for 1.2.5

  3. file has been removed from the dwn site.please fix

  4. just wondering if this is only for the pc or is it also for the xbox360 version

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