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Crossbow 2 Mod 1.10.2/1.8/1.7.10

Crossbow 2 Mod – Download Crossbows Mod for Minecraft. Hello minecrafters! once again beeing popular mod called Crossbows Mod. Crossbows fire a greater distance than bows and some bolts do more damage than arrows. The order the bolts fire in is; Obsidian, Diamond, Glass, Blaze, TNT, Iron, Stone, Gold, Wooden. Blaze bolts light mobs on fire. Lava Bolts (Created by the Lava Crossbow) light everything on fire. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this Crossbow 2 Mod ? just see my post below

Crossbow 2 Mod Recipes

  • All the crossbows have a higher velocity than the bow
  • Bolt damage is in comparison to the arrows
  • Wooden Crossbow
  • Iron Crossbow
  • Gold Crossbow – 192 durability but higher velocity
  • Diamond Crossbow – 1536 durability
  • Large Crossbow – 768 durability, slower load time, 2nd highest velocity, double the change of a crit.
  • Crossbow Repeater – 384 durability, faster load time (almost instant) (Can’t fire obsidian, iron, or stone bolts)
  • Lava Crossbow – 1600 durability, creates lava bolts, lava bolts light everything on fire
  • Ice Crossbow – 1600 durability, creates ice bolts, ice bolts slow down mobs
  • Lightning Crossbow – 1600 durability, creates thunder bolts, thunder bolts make lightning strike where they hit
  • Poison Crossbow – 1690 durability, creates poison bolts, poison bolts poison mobs
  • Ultimate Crossbow – Infinite durability, randomly uses one of the elemental bolts, highest velocity
  • Wooden Bolt – Same as the arrow
  • Iron – 2x damage
  • Gold – 1.5x damage
  • Diamond – 4x damage
  • Blaze Bolt – 3x damage lights mobs on fire
  • Stone Bolt – 1.5x damage
  • Glass Bolt – 4.3x damage breaks on impact
  • Obsidian Bolt – 5x damage
  • TNT Bolt – explodes on contact
  • Mechanism (used to craft crossbow repeater)

Crossbow 2 Mod 1.10.2/1.8/1.7.10

Crossbow 2 Mod Changelogs

  • *NEW* 148 customizable combinations – Create the crossbow of your dreams!
  • Updated to 1.6.4, Changed Lava crossbow recipe, fixed a few bugs
  • Added Ice Crossbow, Lightning Crossbow, Poison Crossbow, and Ultimate Crossbow Removed Obsidian Bolt Bug
  • Added Large Crossbow, Crossbow Repeater, Lava Crossbow, and TNT Bolts
  • Added Multiplayer Support!
  • Added 4 new bolt types and an extra secret.
  • *NEW* Update checker – Always have the newest features!

Big thank and credit must go to Princeofmar5 for makes this awesome Crossbow 2 Mod. We really appreciate your mod and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod. I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Crossbow 2 Mod.

Crossbow 2 Mod Installations for Minecraft


  1. Place Minecraft Forge into the minecraft.jar file
  2. Place the files from the “place in jar file” folder into minecraft.jar
  4. Play!


  1. Put Minecraft Forge in your minecraft_server.jar file
  2. Place the files from this mod in there.
  3. Run it!

What about Crossbow 2 Mod latest features and other details? you guys whose already using this Crossbow 2 Mod can help to share your experiences by comment below. Ok guys, we are already at the end of post. Until next time and have good time with. See you soon on another minecraft mod category especially about Crossbow 2 Mod

Download Crossbow 2 Mod 1.7.10

Download Crossbow 2 Mod 1.10.2

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  1. Hey when I load it it gets stuck on mojang screen help!!

    I have these mods:
    Mod Loader
    Ultimate Fist
    RedPower 2
    PullCart Mod
    Clay Soldiers Mod
    Furniture Mod
    Rei MiniMap
    Audio Mod
    RC Mod
    Zombes Mod Pack

    • ModLoaderMP and TooManyItems don’t like each other, so the game crashes D:

      I tried many times, when i install ModLoader + ModloaderMP + crossbow, it works, when i add TMI it crashes…
      After some different tries, it appeared that MLMP & TMI weren’t compatible.

    • when you have more of 12 mods, its your minecraft crash

      • Thats not true, tekkiti has more than 12, combine buildcraft, industrialcraft and redpower 2 and you have almost 12 + forge

      • try boost java ore minecraft allocated memory im running with 18 mods and my minecraft is running great java have a boost os 1024 mb and minecraft allocated memory have 2048 and is running great with no lag


  3. hey man it’s possible to craft one of this crossbow in survival?

  4. i got TMI Modloadermp Modloader and this and it works! =D

  5. I’m not sure if this is where I should post this, but I found that this mod and a mod by the name of “Obsidian Ingots” are incompatible. I know nothing about creating mods, however it “seems” that both this mod and the other share data values. Looking at a recipe book in game shows that when items are arranged so that they should create a crossbow, armor from the other mod is the result. For example, if you try to create a wooden crossbow, you get a redstone helmet. I tested it, and that is what I got when trying to make a crossbow. I think they are both using the data value of 3256, and I guess, for me at least, the other mod “trumped” yours and got to use the value.

    This may just be an issue that only I am experiencing, but I thought I would at least try to bring it to the attention of the creator of this mod in case you could provide a solution.

  6. I have the crossbows, but when i shot them, everything froze.

  7. how do you make it

  8. I got mod loader, wireless redstone, forgemod, clay soldiers and boss craft and mine is stuck on loading screen where it says building terrain

  9. Causes a 10 second pause before opening inventory…

  10. I don’t know whats the big deal because I have Tale of Kingdoms, Too many Items, More Player Models and this and it’s working perfectly for me with no problems

  11. The Download Won’t Work For Me! Does Anyone Have Another?

  12. Does thiS mod have attachments like the crossbows2 mod for 1.3.2? Because I’m going to be jawing this for a doom themed adventure map

  13. i was wondering if can we request something… i got 3 new object in my mind…

    1. Turntable: Based on piston, but instead of retracting, it rotates in place…

    2. Spring Loaded Piston: Yeah a better piston. Instead of its hydraulic retracted piston, its Spring loaded which means you can retract the piston longer up 5 blocks…

    3. Conveyor belts: A modification to rails. it should be just half slab and its moving…

  14. Do you get Forge Api or Just regular Forge becuase theres no multiplayer download button

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