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Better Dungeons Mod 1.6.4

Better Dungeons Mod – Download Better Dungeons Mod for Minecraft. Well guys the popular mod has update again and now compatible with the latest minecraft, yes with this mod you can helps solve the problem of boring dungeons by adding 7 new dungeons to the game. These dungeons feature new mobs and bosses with valuable loot. Sound interesting right ? if you want to install and download this Better Dungeons Mod, just see my post below

Better Dungeons Mod Features

Below some features at Better Dungeons Mod :

  • Healing scroll will obviously heal you, at a cost of 2 hearts/3 steaks.
  • Hunger scroll will restore you hunger bar overtime, consuming 1/2 heart for each steak restored
  • Teleport scroll: jealous about the endermen? Now you can teleport too
  • Vamp scroll: like necromancer spell, will heal you depending on the damage done
  • Carcaj: stack arrows in a carcaj, can be crafted into 9 arrows, or craft it with 9 arrows.
  • Long bow: fires arrows faster than the normal bow, has a cool charge bar and can fire arrows directly from a carcaj.
  • Arrow transformer: transform items in your inventory
  • Walker scroll: Right click to activate ir, wile activated gives you a speed and jump boss
  • Feathers: Right click to activate it, while activated you can fly
  • Mining scroll: Press R to toogle its function
  • Magic orb: While activated gives you different pottion effects, press R to toogle the effect

Minecraft Better Dungeons Mod 1.6.4

Better Dungeons Mod Changelogs

  • Changed pig zombie archer despawn, now archers from cities won’t despawn.
  • Added “monster eggs” to spawn almost all the creatures on the mod, creatures spawned on this way will not despawn until dead
  • Also added a bonus item called Madness(just for fun), you can get it with the new Items gui, it causes madness around when used
  • Many changes too horses, on basic stats, now each horse focus on a feature(health, step height, speed, or sprint time)
  • Added pollos, they are like giant chickens, you can saddle them and ride them, like horses yhey focus on a feature depending on the color
  • Now you change animals state interacting with them while sneaking, they have 2 states free move and waiting.
  • Added dogs, they act like wolves with some special features
  • Breeding animals, acts like vanilla breeding for all the animals, give them wheat, if they aren’t at max health this will heal them,
  • Some new textures and a castle by Kanokarob


Big thank and credit must go to Chocolatin for makes this awesome Better Dungeons Mod, we really appreciate your mod and enjoy playing minecraft. I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Better Dungeons Mod

Better Dungeons 1.5.2 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.5.2

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Better Dungeons Mod
  3. opy the content of the folder in the downloaded zip into your .minecraft folder
  4. delete the old config file to reset it
  5. backup it if you have edited it.
  6. Run Minecraft and have fun!

Download Better Dungeons 1.6.4 (Chocolate Quest)


Dungeons config: most of the dungeons have a config file in the .minecraft/Chocolate/DungeonConfig folder. There you can set the chance and the biomes for each dungeon. The options are explained on each dungeon file.

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  1. this mod is so awesomee

    • InTheLittleWood

      I’ve installed Better Dungeons for minecraft 1.O.O and in my WORLD i haven’t any dungeons but on new worlds i have.What should i do to have dungeons on My OLD SAVE (played 3 mounts)

      • i hate it when people act like they are famous people

        • Yep…wrong attitude. The proper way would have been (and I’m asking you nice folks myself 😛 ) : do you know how and when are they generated ? At world generation I assume. And in old saves they would be generated in places you’ve never been before, right ? (as that part of your world was not generated yet). Are my assumptions correct ? Please share your knowledge on this matter. Thanks! 🙂

      • You need to go to an unexplored part of the map, in other words, where chunks haven’t loaded. There you should find the dungeons.

  2. when is this asom mod gonna by mp ?

  3. the sownload link dosen’t work 🙁

  4. I really wish this would work in Tekkit…

  5. The link isnt working for me.

  6. Not work, crash…

  7. Cool, Hope to see good things in the dungeons XD

    will this work with Spider Queen mod?

  8. Big issue, when packed with ExtraBiomes XL i cant hit blocks without it crashing.

  9. i want to now how to get the mode horse!!!!

  10. is work with mo creatures

  11. ok, so i downloaded this for the 1.2.5. minecraft and yet i havent found a single dungeon so far after hours of searching, including the nether. is there any trick or way of finding these?

  12. the link i click doesn’t work this comes up for me

    Network Error (tcp_error)

    A communication error occurred: “Operation timed out”
    The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

  13. so i just installed this mod and for some reason i only found ships O_O
    went out for decades and havent found a single dungeon is there anything wrong? i followed the instructions and havent found any dungeons yet unlike others who have found them almost instantly

    • Here’s my dungeon log:
      Day one: Found Pirate Ship (Had one GOLD ARMORED Steve and one DIAMOND ARCHER Steve)

      Day Three: Claimed Pirate Ship and got the Pickaxe of the Core (I use YogBox which has ThaumCraft in it)

      Day 10-20: Found a mysterious underwater swamp area. Filled with Ghast Noises. Scary…

      Day 30: Found underwater swamp area CLOSER TO MY HOUSE but it is buired underground. Noticed from unusual air pockets generated into the water.

      Day 31: Today… Venturing out into the Wilderness in search for Dungeons… Found some ThaumCraft Totem Pole that seems to have tainted lightning going into it. Details UNKNOWN. Seems to possess Magical Powers. Found LOTS of enemy entities detected on Rei’s Minimap. Possibility of Dungeon. No unusual noises (Constant, Loud Ghast Sounds; etc.). Found at the EXTREME HILLS Biome.

      Day 32: Have not survived to Day 32 yet… Still at Day 31… Wish me luck as I may die from the possible dungeon I found.

  14. When i tried to spawn the Better than dungeons wolf it dies qutomatically, why is it like this?!

  15. Failed to load mod from “mod_BetterDungeons.class”

    Then it crashes.

  16. best mod EVER

  17. Hi I have prolem, I installed better dungeons corectly, I stared new world… I saw let say 4 mobs from this mod, but I explored almost 2000 blocks from the spawn all sides but there isnt any dungeon, what should I do ? help me … also mod_betterDungeons file is empty … is it that provlem? thanks for answers

  18. Confused person

    I downloaded it, but all the items you listed are not in my game, I don’t have those items! how do I fix this?

  19. do you really have to delete some kind of file? what does that file do?

  20. i installed it but no dungeons spawn (on my new world)
    should have installed it correctly (i use over 30 mods and installed them over and over again when updated)
    is there some conflict or did i miss somthing?

  21. I’ve got the arrow transformer, but I don’t know how to use it. The Recipe book(I also use the yogbox) says I can craft 9 of them into a Magic Carcaj but sadly I only have one. So how in Notch do I use it?

  22. i have two problems,the one is wolf dies when they spawn, the two is the pyramid boss can’t spawn.why is that,someone can help me?

  23. What the heck!? I can hardly find any dungeons and the mobs are not spawning. Version 1.2.3 was better than this 🙁

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