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Assassin’s Creep Map Parkour 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

Assassin’s Creep Map – Download Assassin’s Creep Map Parkour for Minecraft. Assassins Creep is an open Parkour map in Assassin’s Creed style. The objective of the map is too find all 9 Diamonds. To obtain diamonds you’ll have to complete objectives. Above each objective is a floating block, To mark the place on the map. Sound interesting right? want to download and install Assassin’s Creep Map ? just see my post below

Assassin’s Creep Map Rules

  • Play on Peaceful
  • Dont break any blocks
  • Dont place any blocks
  • No mods(You can use singleplayer commands to change time to day)
  • Use the texture pack (recommended use Assassin Craft)

Assassin’s Creep Map Update

  • Replaced the diamonds at the end of the dungeons with woolblocks, so you know which dugeons are already done
  • Added a new bonus mission: An Assassination
  • Minecraft 1.0 compatibility

Assassin's Creep Map Parkour 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9

The map is also great fun in multiplayer,you can either play tag or you can finish the dungeons in co-op, Many thank and credit must go to selib as developers this Map. We really enjoy playing your map, and i hope you can make another popular maps in the future

Now, minecrafters here we are at the end of this post about Assassin’s Creep Map. Is there anything else should we know about this Assassin’s Creep Map? You guys, whose already playing on this map can share for your experiences, tips, trick or tutorial perhaps by comment below to complete the post. Until next time with another minecraft map post category. Thank you for visiting and have fun guys with Assassin’s Creep Map.

Download Assassin’s Creep Map

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  1. Hey. Where can I find the assassin’s craft texture pack? I know 1.0 is outdated but it still looks good.

  2. project minecraft

    this is epic im gonna do an adventure map season this is gonna be the first one

  3. where do i download>

  4. me cant download ){

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