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AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod Minecraft 1.5.2

AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod – Download AMCO Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2. Well hello minecrafters! this mod is Dozens of the best mods out there, all tested and working together in one download (on Arrrg’s system at least). With this mod you can get Higher resolution graphics, new art, new minerals, new tools, better landscapes, new plants, more arrows, lots of bug fixes, and tons more. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod ? see my post below

AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod Including

    • ChickenCodeCore
    • ModLoader MP
    • Mod Loader
    • Audio Mod
  • Minecraft Forge
  • Castle Defenders
  • Shelf
  • Armor Stand
  • Light Sensor
  • Flood Gate.
  • Portal Gun
  • Equivalent Exchange
  • More Stackables
  • More Paintings
  • More Fuel
  • Starting Inventory
  • In Game Info.
  • Timber
  • Crafting Guide
  • Recipie Book
  • Crystal Wing.
  • Tale of Kingdoms
  • Invasion.
  • 32×32 Ore textures
  • other textures
  • Steampunk Textures
  • Ender Chest
  • Not Enough Items
  • PanoramaKit
  • Elemental Arrows.
  • Sign Tags
  • Death Chest
  • Spawner GUI.
  • Somnia.
  • Convenient Inventory
  • Zeppelin.
  • Better Dungeons
  • BuildCraft
  • Floating Ruins
  • Millénaire
  • Fossils and Archeology

Minecraft AMCO Arrrg's MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod

Big thank and credit must go to Arrrg for makes this possible AMCO Arrrg’s Minecraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod. We really appreciate your mods and very very enjoy playing minecraft with this mod. I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like AMCO Arrrg’s Minecraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod

AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod Installations

below we have put the video how to install this AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod

How to Install :

1) Backup Everything!Type %appdata% at the top of any explorer window to find the .minecraft folder.
Backup the entire folder by renaming it ‘minecraft_old’ (note the lack of ‘.’ at front).

2) AMCO requires a fresh copy of the game!
There are several dozen mods in AMCO, so it is likely to conflict with anything but a fresh install of Minecraft.
Log on to

3) After getting a vanilla copy of minecraft 1.5.2
Download AMCO 145 Rev 1 for MulitMC users here: AMCO 145 Rev1_MMC
Download AMCO 145 Rev 1 for Manual Install here: AMCO 145 Rev1_Manual

MultiMC Users: Extract the contents into the instances folder and then relaunch MultiMC. You will need to run the created instance once to download the minecraft files. Once it has loaded, quit the game and restart it. This will install the necessary files to the jar file.

(If you don’t have MultiMC and want to try it, you can find it here).

Manual Install:

4) Extract the contents of “Put in .minecraft FOLDER” to the new .minecraft folder.

5) Extract the contents of “Put in minecraft.jar FILE” to the new .minecraft folder.
The minecraft.jar file is inside the bin folder, which is inside the .minecraft folder.
Deleting the META-INF folder is best, but AMCO should still work even if people forget.

6) Done. Start the game and enjoy a whole new aspect of Minecraft! Posted Image
Hint: ‘Recpie Book’ and ‘Crafting Guide’ are very useful. They show how to make everything.
Press to bring up the ‘Crafting Guide’ menu.

7) Optional, but highly reccomended.You’ll have to install these yourself.
Install ‘Optifine’. Use either the “HD” or “HD-S” version.
Then, you can start using the “AMCO in HD” texture pack (or load your own high resolution one).

6) Optional: Don’t like one of the mods? Disable it.
Go to the .minecraft/mods folder and delete it.

Download AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod Rev1

Download AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod Rev2 Manual

Do you know More AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod changelogs? if you do, then feel free to share by comment below to make this post complete, or maybe you want to add more about latest features and updates details to this mod, please don’t be hesitate. Ok, guys have fun until next post and see you soon like AMCO Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul 1.5.2 Mod

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  1. ok, I have the AMCO Installer.rar, and I extracted it to a folder. Now it won’t let me ‘Open with -> Java’ Can someone help?

    • Well i had the same problem so here’s what you do. unrar the first one to your desktop right click the other rar and select open with > Java binary. It should work from there

    • Try archive utility if you have a mac

  2. lbf dont extract amco installer dubbelclick on it

  3. Top mods including buildcraft, EE, Millinaire… but no industrialcraft? Y U DO THIS?


  5. THIS IS AWSOME!!! YOU ARE GOD!!! i love mod packs we need more of em, but this has all my super faves from zeppelin to millenaire plus a crap-ton more thanks everyone who made this possible…..

  6. and for all those having issues with install you may need to click open with and locate java program itself looks something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe ; or C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe pending on what your running,if open with doesn’t work find this folder and drag what you’ve extracted onto the java application it will open it with it…. I also had an issue because winrar kept defaulting itself to open it…make sure to run as admin too!! hope this help best of luck to you all and enjoy crafting!

  7. Bailey is Awesome

    oops i meant to say bailey is awesome

  8. I downloaded the AMCO and it crashed.What should I do?

  9. Hey hate to break it to you but half the mods in here are buggy and broken in 1.2.3, As a start, Tale of kingdoms always freezes, friendlies disappear, and the main quest cannot be finished, next Convenient inventory is actually quite inconvenient as Shift click now send all items into the craft box and when shift clicking in EE or in a craftbox the items jump to the main inventory instead of the status bar, and in EE the items dont stack when shift clicking instead they each take up a single space in your inventory when you do it, Next Not enough items doesnt list all the items as its supposed to, and when using TMI to swap to creative in game the game starts to lag massivly… and thats just from the few i actually USED, thats not listing the mods i didnt use.

    Also once insalled you cant install any other mod, i tried to install mice workers, IC2, and minions and each time the game crashed after install.

    If your going to make a modpack please make sure you make one that actually works properly.

    • Dont be Dumb but it says its for 1.2.5 not 1.2.3 so listen to instructions that he gives you and what version it is >.<

  10. could u add pokemobs,carmod toomanyitems,and more creeps and wierdos with
    single player commands

  11. Where is Crafting Table II??

  12. Things to think about unless you are familiar with all of these mods you now have to go and individually download each one so you can read all the read me files and documentation that come with them because they are not included with this. Also you now have several big mods all running at the same time so if you have a low end machine you might take a big hit to your FPS.

  13. Installed fine and seems to work well in 1.2.5 but many of the items that show in the extended inventory report back ‘no such item number’. Any idea what is wrong? Considering how simplistic the install is I’m not sure I could have messed up anything.. :/

  14. Mr, Peopleperson


    Your true gift her is getting all of the mods to work together,

  15. Would it be possible to make it SMP? Pleeze?
    If so, i am SO going to use it on my server!

  16. black screened. -.- what did I do wrong?

  17. help my one will just come up with a black screen

  18. it wont let me go to the end with this installed. Know why?

  19. my friend made tis mod pack

  20. Please help me! I downloaded this on my Mac and followed every step exactly and even used a clean Minecraft but all that happens is it says AMCO then pops up with a list of all the mods and at the botttom says Minecraft has crashed. Please help me

  21. If you dont delete META-INF your minecraft will crash.

  22. guys i instalit butt when i go to minecraft 10 of the 20 mods doenst work plz replay ( srry i am not igelish )

  23. it cannot find the main class when i open the installer

  24. hey is there 1.3.1 amco mod yet ? I WANT IT NOW

  25. Cheetosrevenge

    I simply installed TMI myself. You can`t count on this amazing person to do ALL the work.

  26. I am running into a few problems but I have a feeling they all stem from this first issue: When extracting, I get this error: The follwoing file already exists mods\required\Core Mods and Settings\jar\aux.class. Would you like to replace this file (0 bytes) with this file (467 bytes).

    At this point, if I choose yes, I get this error: mods\required\Core Mods and Settings\jar\aux.class The system cannot find the file specified.

    If I choose no, I do not get the above error, however, in both instances, when I then go to “open with Java” to run the installer, it does run, but I get this error:

    Unpacking minecraft.jar
    !!!Error installing mods!!!Deleting temporary files

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    • I have the same problem

    • me too , its really frustating

    • What is the fix for this problem? It seems that the fix below from Daniel may not be a fix? Suggestions?

      Daniels Suggested Fix

      I had problems with the installer to this mod, so i would like to post the Manual install method i used to make this work =)

      Manual Install:
      1) Open AMCO’s .zip file and browse to /mods/required/Core Mods and Settings/
      2) Extract the content of the “jar” folder into your .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar file.
      3) Change rename aux_class_ to aux.class
      4) Delete the META_INF folder
      5) Extract the content of the “resources” folder into your .minecraft folder.
      6) Done. Have fun.

  27. I used the AMCO installer. All was going on, but at starting a new game, it crashes.
    Are you sure it’s for minecraft 1.3.2 ?

  28. the shelf and armor stand doesn’t work , after i place them I can’t open them by the right click.
    any one help the whole mod work perfect with no crashes or anything
    I even add more modes to it and still work perfect like Obsidian Ingots I just like this mod so much. big thanks to Arrrg and any one help in this mod

  29. the shelf and armor stand doesn’t work anyone help

  30. I had problems with the installer to this mod, so i would like to post the Manual install method i used to make this work =)

    Manual Install:
    1) Open AMCO’s .zip file and browse to /mods/required/Core Mods and Settings/
    2) Extract the content of the “jar” folder into your .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar file.
    3) Change rename aux_class_ to aux.class
    4) Delete the META_INF folder
    5) Extract the content of the “resources” folder into your .minecraft folder.
    6) Done. Have fun.

  31. thatdoes not work !

    Dude It still does not work oK!? GOD! HELP US!!!

  32. to much headache

    to much problems since the launcher is useless….every mob is invisible…..even useing the texturepack provided to much headache….not worth the time

  33. just insall manualy

  34. FistikipRulesMC

    tree copitator doesnt work.(coremods) i put out all the mods and it had a problem installation .

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