Friday , 29 April 2016

Escape the PuzzleMaster Map 1.9.3/1.9/1.8

Minecraft Escape the PuzzleMaster 1.0.0 Map

Escape the PuzzleMaster Map – Download Escape the Puzzle Master Map for Minecraft. Well guys the popular maps has been update to Escape the PuzzleMaster and now available with latest minecraft. You’ve been kidnapped by the Puzzlemaster! The Evil Puzzlemaster sends you through a multitude of tests and puzzles.Will you solve the puzzles and defeat the Puzzlemaster? Or will you ... Read More »

SkyBlock Survival Map 1.9.3/1.9/1.8

SkyBlock Survival Map 1.7.9/1.7.2

SkyBlock Survival Map – Download SkyBlock Map for Minecraft. Well guys! one of most popular map “SkyBlock” have been update and working fine with minecraft. You will gain this rank from staying on our server for a long period of time you will also earn this rank from joining our teamspeak and helping us get too know you better!Being this ... Read More »

Pokemobs Map 1.9.3/1.9/1.8

Pokemobs Map 1.7.9/1.7.2

Pokemobs Map – Download Pokemobs Map for Minecraft. Do you love pokemob ? and have this Mod ? so here map for you, this is custom map that resembles regions that you would find in Pokemon games. I think some people very loves a pokemon games, you can play this game at minecraft world. mod that puts the original Pokemon ... Read More »

SkyGrid Survival Map 1.9.3/1.9/1.8

SkyGrid Survival Map 1.7.9/1.7.2

SkyGrid Survival Map – Download SkyGrid Survival Map for Minecraft. Well hello minecraft fans, now i will post about the popular map called SkyGrid Survival Map. SkyGrid is a challenging survival map for Minecraft in the style of SkyBlock. It’s formed out of a grid of random environmental blocks, with a gridlength of 4 meters. There are no rules, make ... Read More »

Puzzlemania Map 1.9.3/1.9/1.8

Puzzlemania Map 1.8.2/1.8.1/1.8

Puzzlemania map put from Puzzlemania series, that was engineered all the means back in Minecraft V.1.2. While the map will have some attention-grabbing uses with command blocks and redstone, I wished the theme of the map to mirror back to the recent days of Minecraft, thus do not expect some trendy prime quality puzzles you’d fine in alternative maps. Updates ... Read More »